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Substitute Teacher [Arisa]

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Substitute Teacher [Arisa]    Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:17 pm

Skipping up towards jolly lane she was going towards the school to teach all the little boys and girls of math. She was wearing a medium skirt of black with long socks that covered her legs. Her shirt was a business type of shirt with a dress jacket, shirt and da tie. Her eyes were somewhat covered by her glasses as the brown beauty had her hair combed in place. Her shoes were dress shoes with simple small low heels as the click and clacked upon each step like some heels. Her heart was nervous as it was beating quickly.

Truly Arisa was nervous as she never tough kids before of math or anything for that matter. The last time she could honestly think of doing anything with children was that training exercise at Crocus. She remembered the kid’s facial expressions from when they first say her and the last time they’d see her. Of course they would never see her again most likely… She would have a small frown as she thought of people just simply disappearing from one’s life even from simple one time seeing someone. Why did it affect her? Was it just simple abandonment issues she has dealt with in the past?

The wind was feeling nice as she walked upon the side walk. The trees, nature and all that of mother earth would give more oxygen for her to breathe in. For her face and hair to feel the refreshment air was all things to the nature that she was able to create. Her arms would dangle against her sides as her hands would slide against her hips like a pair of moon crescent blades that would wind left and right yet her hands weren’t sharp. She was sad that Waylon wasn’t joining her on this one.

Her lioness eyes would shine and glisten like a cat’s eye being reflected by the sun. Her glossed lips were feel dry, making her lick them slowly to moisture them so and glossed. A small smile appeared on her lips as she saw the school not that far away. Was Waylon going to appear there out of nowhere like last time? To be there for her when she felt alone like the old days? Or was their friendship drifting away like everyone else did. Everyone started to drift away from her heart even though she barely knew anyone.

She remembered how her mother introduced her to Waylon and his family. They became best friends and even went to school together. Sure she was an outcast back in the day, but truly it was the best time out of her life when they were playing games and so on. The kids there would look at her as if she was only known because of her mother, family name even if she didn’t take her mother’s true last name, maiden name of Foster. Her eyes would roam up as she was closer to the school and hoped that this would go well.


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Substitute Teacher [Arisa]    Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:18 pm

Her arms continued to dangle against her side as well as her hands as she walked up the stairs and towards the door. She gripped onto the papers that she had and never really payed attention to. Sadly due to her logical sense she knew she had to look at them though as she wasn’t really math smart nor was it her forte. Her eyes would look and scan the paper, reading her notes after picking it up towards her face. She read how she was to teach the basics of math to the students within her room.
Thankfully it was only the basics making her feel somewhat more relief. Arisa wasn’t huge on stuff such as algebra and calculus type of math. With a more relaxed face she would lift her right hand to clench onto the handle to finally go into the school. ‘Well… all or nothing.’ She thought softly and nervously. ‘Where is the class though…? Which door?’ she wondered more to herself as her eyes wandered. Her eyes looked back at the paper and chuckled at herself feeling silly. ‘Shit… the paper says it. Haha.’ She thought and looked up at the door numbers to finally see it.
‘Found it…’ she thought and turned a swift right to open the door. The students were there quietly waiting already with innocent smiles as if they were up to something. Innocently Arisa looked at each and every one of them. ‘’Alright, we’re going to practice some, talk some over and then play a game. After lunch we’ll do multiplication and division.’’ She would say and walked slowly towards the board to pick up the chalk. Instantly she would hear some kid’s chuckle and giggle as Arisa would then grasp onto the paper she had, turned and slammed it onto her desk. ‘’Find something funny?’’ her eyes would slant a little as she was impatient. The kids kind of jumped at the surprise of Arisa’s actions. Quickly the children would shake their heads. ‘’Good now then…’’ she would say as she would write down some problems on the board as they would each have to write the answer down on a piece of paper. After so many questions she would then have them switch and see which one of them can correct the other if need so. If they both were right then it was a success – if not then they fail.
Arisa’s eyes watched every one of them to make sure they wouldn’t cheat. After so many hours they would go to eat. Softly she sighed as she sat at her desk to look at the window outside. The kids played for so long to then come back in. The students attended went and sat at their desk to then be prepared to do the rest. ‘’Alrighty then… let’s continue.’’ She would say softly and turned around to do the other problems. After so many minutes went on by she would then have them be turned in. She checked everyone and smiled. ‘’Alright you guys… You’re good to go.’’ She would say as they would run away. After they left she would then throw the work in the trash to then leave herself after the teacher came in to give Arisa the reward.



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