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Potion Prepper [Waylon+Arisa:Mission]

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Potion Prepper [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:41 pm

Her eyes laid upon the soft grass within the forest of Magnolia as she laid against her sides on that very same grass. It was rather light colored compared to the grass in Crocus. It was warmer here too though as the sun shined nicely. The clouds were away as the winds caressed her lovingly. Oh so much she loved the nature around her, her soul. It felt alive – her soul as she was around this. Without nature she felt as if she couldn’t really live. Her heart would beat somewhat slowly till she would meet up with Waylon. After she saw him come up to her she would make a bright loving smile, pushing herself up and stood straight. ‘’Alright Waylon, we have stuff to collect.’’ She would say nicely and sweetly. Her smile was rather loving as she would then stretch and yawn.

She felt like she could honestly fall asleep, but she didn’t wish to since she had stuff to do. Arisa would walk forward deeper into the forest as her lioness brown eyes would wander. ‘’It’s so nice here, don’t you think? Reminds me of when we were kids…’’ she would say softly with a more simple smile. Her heart felt calmer as her eyes looked around. Where were these ferns that were curly? Were they close? Were they further away from her grasp? She would hum softly till she then looked by some tree that had some. ‘’Here are some Ferns, Waylon.~’’ she would say nicely and peacefully as she walked towards it.

Her shoes of black that were for dress pants would mush within the dirt underneath her feet as the grass would tickle her ankles. Her hair would tickle against the side of her neck as she would walk towards the very curly ferns that she needed. Slowly she would kneel half way to reach forward for a bunch of them. She wasn’t told how many the old guy needed, the man named Khalash Saton. He was an old man that didn’t enjoy going out, but wanted herbs to be collected. Supposedly he pays people to collect herbs and other kinds of ingredients to make things like potions.

Quickly she stood up and turned to look at Waylon. ‘’Alright we have our curly ferns.~’’ she spoke in a chirpy girly tone, waving the ferns. Her smile was bright which then disappeared within moments. Her hands and arms dangled against her side as she walked beside her best friend, Waylon. ‘’Alright…’’ she started to say as her head looked and turned around. ‘’We have what I believe are called blue lichens.’’ She spoke questioning on what the hell they were. She would start walking as she wondered where they could be, but then she remembered something about old logs. Slowly she would then really look at every log, but there weren't any real old ones. ''We gotta look for some old logs I guess...'' she would speak as if she was talking to herself...even though Waylon was right there next to her.


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Potion Prepper [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:16 pm

It was an interesting trip. A different pace for a change, It was outdoors and open air more of Waylon's way of doing stuff. It was more of his nature to be dealing with nature and plants sometimes rather then inside with hot metal and such.

With being slightly tanned from the last thing they worked on together Waylon seemed as he always was. In his own mind humming away a tune Waylon's mother use to sing to the both of them after Arisa was taken in. It helped calm the nervous Waylon down when he was restless.

He was not too far behind Arisa following, When he heard the mention of Ferns he remembered why he was here to pick up plants for an old man that was rather shut in and hermit like. Reminded Waylon of stories of his grandpa.

When he was at the patch of fern plants Waylon seemed to kneel down and inspect them closely like he wanted to be sure himself it was good enough. Then again he could just be considered picky, taking some himself.

It was one of the list of three. With Fern out of the way Waylon would try to remember what the next one the list looked like. Just remembering Blue, Waylon went off a few feet away trying to find them and be at least some what safe as well

Realizing he was not talking back when he normally would Waylon then said. "Yes it was as it was....so long a go." IT was back even when his whole family was around, his older brother and sister. Then again Waylon's sister really did not like Arisa and made sure people knew she didn't.

"Well old logs are not too far, Give or take about...10 feet." Waylon mentioned he walked over to the logs over there and started looking around and upon them to look for the plant at hand he was trying his hardest too maybe Waylon was trying his best you could tell but he wasn't just finding everything right away.

His mind is always as slow as ever for all he knew Arisa could have found everything by now and he wouldn't know. It would all be the matter of time until he caught up to what was going around him currently. "I think this is it!" Waylon mention when he russled a few logs over but he wasn't sure.

Slowly but surely Waylon then realized that Arisa was far ahead of him and had found everything. Just letting out a sigh he just said to himself. "Well I guess i am always behind as always." But Waylon was use to it. He did not mind it. It allowed him to be himself in a way just doing as he did freely.

So catching up slowly to whatever else was going on Waylon just hummed a marry song like he always did being the follow behind the leader.

Word count: 501

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Potion Prepper [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 2:17 pm

She continued to look around for those Blue Lichens that she had a somewhat hard time with. Was the next item going to be more difficult or a little bit easier for her? Honestly if she wanted to she could use her magic for this shit as in to make/create the herb, but she couldn’t. Arisa didn’t have the right spells at this time to do any of that even if she had random flowers growing upon every step behind her. Right now she had it all under control though as she had nothing growing behind her.

Her soul felt confused as of the actions of others and the people. She didn’t know much yet sadly as she was both naďve and didn’t go out much to know these actions. All Arisa knew for now was to help this old lazy guy get some herbs to make something. She knew that as a Rune knight it was her job to protect and help those in need. She would carry on and stood tall as she walked amongst these woods that were rather new to her. Truly though she wasn’t afraid as the woods, trees… nature were her soul or at least half of her soul as the other was locked far away.

Finally she saw the blue lichens that were kind of tucked under some old logs. ‘’Found them!~’’ she would cheer quietly yet happily as she jogged towards there with the ferns still in her hands. She’d bend down a little to reach for some, bunched them and stood up. Swiftly she’d turn around to look at Waylon. ‘’Alrighty then. Next one!~ Red leafed Vine is the next one.~’’ she would say sweetly and started to roam forward. She wasn’t sure where this would be, but she roamed deeper into the forest than she already was. ‘I can feel it…’ she thought as her heart was acting like some kind of compass.

Arisa continued on in the path her heart has chosen as it lead towards the bigger trees. After an hour or so she would then see some red leafs of a vine – a few of them to be exact. ‘’Alright I guess we just grab these and go.~’’ she would say softly and grabbed a few. Slowly she would turn around as she would make a small smile at Waylon. ‘’Shouldn’t take too long now.’’ She would guess as she would walk forward towards the way the old guy described. He told her how to look for his place, the signs and the symbols. It was quite nice for him to be that detailed at least, but if he wasn’t then he wouldn’t get his stuff.

After not that long she would then be in front of a cottage type store which she decided to walk in. ‘’We got them.~’’ she would say in a chirp-tone. She saw the old man turn with a smile. ‘’Good good…’’ he would say. ‘’Now this way.’’ He would instruct as she walked over to him to then grab the incrediants. He’d wince, mix and stir as the stuff bubbled. ‘’Excellent.’’ He would praise himself as he would then grab a spoon to pour some in two vials. ‘’Here, try it.’’ He would say with a smile of assurance that nothing will go wrong. ‘Here we go… Can’t say no.’ she would think as she would grab the vial and took a sip. Out of nowhere an electrical line went throughout her body as if energy charged her all up. ‘’Oh and here are your rewards. Farewell. Busy now.’’ He would say with a sway of his hand. She would sigh and walk out with what felt like pure energy. What the hell happened? She would wonder as such, but for now she left with her friend Waylon – out of this place.



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Potion Prepper [Waylon+Arisa:Mission] Empty on Thu Jan 12, 2017 3:10 pm

And as he assumed when his brain caught up to everything Arisa had figured everything out and went on her merry way. But then again it made Waylon at least happy. He tried to help he shouldn't really out due some one with nature magic with nature. So Waylon would continue to follow.

He had to also remember what else was on the list while he was following behind Waylon knew it was something red at least. Then again Waylon figured as he went to figure out and pick it Arisa had found it and moved on.

Sometimes people asked if he found it annoying for Arisa being that way and just finishing and doing this with Waylon and finishing them with out him not needing to do anything. His sister yell at him and told Waylon she was not a partner that way. But Waylon always just mentioned that it was more for the company then the work.

They yelled at each other but Waylon made sure it was never around his friend for sake of fearing what his sister might do, Even to this day with his sister just out right disappearing Waylon worried about what might happen after all his sister was really hard to read and tell what would happen.

Walking to the old man's hut...house....living space whatever you would call it, He was at least not too far behind to see the plants being handed into the old man.

Watching over the man saying something, he was not listening because his mind was spaced out but it was something along the line of something positive. So he knew the job was done. Then again with Arisa he had a feeling the job would be done right even with out him really.

Only things left were to watch the potion being made and try it. Waylon found the shop and him making potions interesting. It was like watching his mother pick fresh tea leaves to brew a cup of tea, It just captured his attention quite well like he was studying and learning it for he interest and wanting too really badly.

The shop too was fully of so many things, It was the thought of this being maybe a place to consider coming back too after all potions were useful and so was what had happen here, all of it was useful.

After waiting for a small amount of time Waylon heard/ "Try it." and just as Arisa did so did Waylon It was oddly making Waylon feel full of energy and a bit more hyper active if anything something he did not expect to happen.

"Here is your rewards, Busy." Followed in place, With this feeling Waylon left with Arisa while walking out quietly he could not help but wonder. With all of these jobs they have been doing, what news did she mean to tell him? It had been on his mind since she mentioned it and nothing was spoken to him still.

word count: 504 + 501= 1005

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