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Hot in Here [Waylon+Arisa:Mission]

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:59 am

Softly she would smile as she was once again close by the Anvil. It wasn’t that long ago as if it was yesterday – being literally yesterday since she was last here. She helped Barras with some metal work since his actual assistant was kind of broken in some ways, not being able to do his job. Her short curled and waved hair would wind and tickle along against her neck. Her lioness eyes would be normally wide open as she wore a warm gentle smile. She was happy that she was going to do another mission with her best friend, Waylon.

Was he going to run into her again with a clumsy trip like usual? It made her laugh and amused when it did that, but sometimes she did feel bad that he’d sometimes get hurt doing so. Her mind felt confused on what was right and what was wrong, but she felt right when caring for all. Arisa had to wait for Waylon and while she did she would nom on this sandwich that she had. It was a Colby cheese and turkey sandwich with jalapenos. It was really good and it was healthy compared to a lot of snacks or meals in some cases.

Yawning softly after eating she would lift up her hand to cover her mouth. Truly she wasn’t know what to expect of this time. Was it going to be the same thing or something a little bit more work? Truly it didn’t matter as she would do it. For some reason she developed a care to help people in need unless they betray her of course, but who would do that? Her somewhat unexperienced made her think of such as to believe that no one would betray her like her past did – a past that was locked in her memory. Did Waylon know more than he told her about?

Arisa wasn’t truly sure as she would then look at the sky, leaning against the metal iron bar that she did last time. Her eyes closed as her hears would listen to the sounds around her. The simple smack of the hammer against pure metal. The fizzle of the flames and the metal combining their components. The nature outside of the place could be heard as well, but did they truly matter? In a way they did as the nature was in her heart, her soul and other things that are yet to be known.



on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:26 pm

It was back to the last place he worked with Arisa again. What we're they doing now? were more people hurt? Did Waylon have to clueless attempt to run a black smithing forge with his best friend?

Waylon highly doubted that but he would figure out what was going to be done anyway since it was more work and rewards. It was worth the time. Plus being around Arisa always made him happy they seemed to work well together maybe it was just that or Waylon just trying hard to do his best and Arisa finishing up the work.

He had left his long sleeve coat at were he was staying this time, Waylon came prepared this time. Looking more ready for the job. He was in his dark blue t-shirt. Odd for him since Waylon never really was seen with out his coat on.

So his pale skin was even more noticeable. "I don't feel like sweating to death today." Waylon said. Smiling as he came in. Waylon seemed to be in a normal peaceful delighted mood.

Waving to Arisa while he walked in. Not paying attention he stubbed his toe on one of the anvils you could he the the tap as his foot hit it.

He was hiding the fact he was in pain from it, he did not think it was too important too anyone that he just hurt himself so he kept it to himself. His eyes did turn slightly watery from it and he seemed like he would tear up a bit but he played it off well enough that he did not express much pain.

Afterwords Before heading to his work station Waylon had a glass of water in his hand he seemed to be taking a few drinks from, and just one single apple. He had forget to get more food on his trip and was low but this single apple would do him good.

It wouldn't take him long to eat the apple either. Looking around to make sure no one was looking Waylon threw the core of it into to watch what would happen because he was interested, as simple minded as he was acting like he did nothing while he watched what happen to the apple cord just burning away as quickly as it did. It made Waylon think how heat was not to be messed with.

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:37 pm

She waited for him, closing her eyes, listening to the sounds around her and wondered a couple of things. Truly she wasn’t sure that this would be the right time to really tell him that she joined the Rune Knights either. She would half smile as she would hear him walking close on by, stubbing his toe though making her wince at the thought. ‘’It seems you always appear holding your clumsy mark, Waylon.’’ She would speak calmly yet sweet with a giggle. Her eyes would open all the way to then turn swiftly with a single hop. Her hands behind her back and turned a tiny bit left and right all cutesy. Her head tilted a little as she looked at him. She wore her simple outfit of red and black as it was a regular T-shirt and her black pants. Her shoes were light brown with old fashion looking laces of brown.

She was looking like a typical tomboy which really didn’t bother her much. It was true that she had her girly moments, but most of the time it was ‘tomboy’ like. ‘’We should start then.’’ She spoke softly as she would turn away to go towards Barras. ‘’Alright, we’re ready.’’ She reported and still had her hands behind her back. Her heart was beating calmly as she would see him look at her. His assistant would be behind him with a smile and simple wave. ‘’Hey guys! My arm is better. Ready to start working and help out?’’ he questioned all cheesy-like which was honestly fine.

Her eyes would then look at Barras with a nervous smile, itching the back of his head and laughed. ‘’Well I guess let us get started.’’ He would speak fatherly like as he turned away to get to work. Her eyes looked at the assistant and went closer by him – three feet away. ‘’Arlighty then…’’ was all she’d say as she turned to grab the thick brown gloves that were ‘immune’ to the flames. She’d put them on and turned to grab some metal. Her eyes would look at the flames as she would set in the metal, grabbed the tongs and grabbed the metal out. After that Arisa would then place it on the anvil for the assistant to hammer it down straight.

Arisa would watch him do what she did last time, hamming down, slamming it straight. Her heart beat would match the slams of each one as they’d repeat this process.

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 12:57 pm

Waylon just let out a sigh with the pain of his toe going away. "Yeah I know I am...." He said sounding disappointed in himself. You could tell Waylon was trying pretty hard not to make a fool of himself, One of the hardest attempts mostly because Waylon wanted to show he was not a fool or so clumsy all of the time.

But Waylon would have to try another time, for the moment Waylon just got himself ready go to and work. He would over heard people stating they should start.

Waylon agreed, more work done was always a good thing to him. So Waylon was ready the task was different so it was not as annoying.

Making sure the gloves fit his hands, He was paranoid and did not want to burn himself. The new task was simple move burning metal on to the anvil maybe, just maybe he wouldn't hit his toe off of it this time.

Then realized he also got a tool to help him move it and he just smiled a bit to himself. He seemed to be having joyful thoughts for once in his time here and nothing about feeling pain in his feet form hitting something.

The pounding of the metal almost give Waylon the feeling that he was listening to the sound of a drum, while his heart beat when along with it too. It kept him at a working pace still which was good.

"Hmm...thinking about it now, maybe if I am clumsy as I am currently my dream job might not be the best idea..." He mention as a form of conversation to Arisa while working.

"I mean sure making tea is easy, but it seems i hurt myself the most simple of ways, maybe owning and running a tea shop might not be best idea." He still had faith in hope with that dream but it was an idea in his mind about it

Even with that he would still try it one day maybe if he could. while going back to working he wondered when he would hear the new Arisa had for him. After all it seemed important to her and like she wanted to talk about it.

It was not the time or place for him to ask about it they were working and such and so when they were free next he would ask.

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:02 pm

She simply continued the whole thing with taking metal, putting it into the forge, out of the forge, onto the anvil and repeat. It was a long process, but in a way it was quite short. Her eyes more than anything would pay attention the the flames that devoured her soul. Why did it do this? No one really knew including herself. Her soul felt confused as she would mindlessly work this quest perfectly. She was doing this Waylon though, but her mind even ignored his existence. What was going on with her? The questions kept popping up as she gripped everything rather tightly as she started to let go of it all quite loosely.

Arisa would hum softly a tune that ever lasted throughout her mind. The darkening lost soul was even asleep at the sound of this tune, but no one knew that of course. The time was running though as the job was done. ''We done!'' Barras roared as he patted Arisa's back. It surprised her as it shocked her mind, jumping up. ''Uh...yea thanks.'' she would say softly as her eyes lowered. ''Here's your reward.'' he would say as he'd pay up front. After that she would awkwardly just go without saying much after.




on Thu Jan 12, 2017 1:19 pm

He working as hard as he did, Almost did not notice it was okay to stop and they were done. He was stupid sweaty because he was use to the cold more then anything, But he got thru it none the less and he was happy about it.

His father use to tell him that Waylon would not be fit for this kind of work because it would be too hard for him. Waylon kind of did this for two reasons.

See if he could actually do it and be around his best friend because he valued time with her as much as he could. Two very good reasons in his eyes. But none the less it was as well for experience of doing it too.

Everything was a lesson to Waylon. Every mistake was too. He kept it mind everything has a lesson to it he just needed to learn what it was.

This just was not something of his fancy he learned but Waylon still did it anyway. So it was kept in mind to keep it as a lesson learn today but he just wont blacksmith anymore. But that was all left.

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