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Hammer Time [Mission: Waylon+Arisa]

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:01 am

Yawning softly she would walk in the black anvil with her sandwich. Eating it slowly she would taste the lettuce, pepper jack cheese, forest ham and some onions upon each bite. It was rather delicious as it was moist and fresh. Her lioness eyes looked forward as the wind was closing in. Weirdly it was getting quite fiercer than before, but why? Her memories went down the lane, but as lately they were getting worse. Why was that? She wasn’t quite sure about all of this as in the reason for the memories to suddenly smack her in the face.

Her medium hair looked a little short as the ends curled and had a little wave upon each strand of hair. It shined as if it was oily and silky. It was soft like prickled feathers with no sharp ends. Her face was shining like pale snow that was mixed with light cream. Her lips were full and soft as they shined as if they were glossed. She was supposed to wait there with someone, but she wasn’t truly told on who she was supposed to do this with. It would be fun to do a mission or quest with someone else for once as the last person was Waylon. Truly it felt awhile as she would finally then enter the place to see Barras busy. Her eyes watched him hammer away. Sparks flew of left over metal and flames of death. It was as if he was creating Zeus’s lightning bolts for the almighty, but she knew better that he wasn’t. As obvious Arisa would now wait for the person that was suppose to do this with her. Who was it? She really honestly didn't know. She hoped it wasn't someone too difficult.



on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:28 am

Shortly have his arrival Waylon remember why he traveled to start with. It was more work really and to meet up with some one. who was not named on what was given to him to go off of but work was work so Waylon would go do it for some money.

When showing up were he was told too Waylon looked at what he was in. A smith place with the sound of some one hammering away and sparks everywhere Waylon couldn't help but stare in a small state of wonder about it, walking and looking around about how nice and warm and busy everyone was, It made him remember that his older bother wanted to work at a job like this before he went off on his own just no one in his home town did smithing as a job so he had been out of luck during that time

"This is all really interesting." Waylon said while he was walking around. "This is were my job is but were is the person i am working with?" Waylon wondered while he walked around. He assumed the person had yet showed up after all that is just how he was, always the early type.

Well he assumed  he was early he could be wrong, It was how Waylon was being the relax kind of person.

This shop made him think wonders while he roamed about it, everything was nicely made and wonderfully done, even with the floor being messy with tool everywhere.

Waylon looked over realizing his best friend was where. "Oh hi Arisa." Waylon mentioned while he waved to her.

But Waylon as relaxed as he was also tended to get himself in trouble as well, he was not looking were he was walking. Hearing his foot hit something Waylon started falling forward, He had no idea what he tripped on just now he was falling forward most likely on his face in front of his best friend, wouldn't be the first the time.

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on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:29 am

She was waiting for whoever she was doing this with. She leaned against a large iron bar that was holding the building in a sturdy way. Her arms were crossed against her chest as she took deep quiet breaths. She thought of how Waylon would be. He’d trip, be his clumsy self and much more. He was a doofus, but he was also her childhood best friend. Her lioness eyes would be half open as she would look at the ground. So dirty it was as it was filled with musk of dust bunnies and dirt. Not only that, it was having the smell of sweat and hard work – the way weapons and armor should be made.

A small smile went across her lips as she would think of it. It was her turn now though to do this with whomever it may be. As she was thinking this she would then hear some tripping going on making her shoot a look over towards the entrance. Her eyes widened a little in surprise with a small smile that went wider. ‘Well well… if it isn’t Waylon himself.’ She would think softly and motioned her body up to stand up straight.

‘’Nice to see you here, Waylon.’’ She would say softly – more than usual. She would find it hard to talk cold towards him, unless of course there were other people around. Even though the client was around he didn’t truly matter in this case. Her hand went out to shake his hands as she would then do so if he did take it. If he did take it she would pull him into a hug and a childhood bright smile on her face. Her eyes would light up as she would then let him go. ‘’I have news, but I guess that may be for the next visit we see each other.’’ She would report and turned around to look at the client.



on Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:51 am

Waylon after getting up and dusting himself off Waylon just let out a sigh. "Why do i do such things to myself?" Waylon asked looking at his dirty clothing he dusted himself off as best as he could.

Afterward stretching out and checking himself out to see if he was hurt in anyway. So far it was just his pride and nothing else after falling. Stating again just  because he could. "Yes...hi Arisa."

Reaching over to shake her hand like it seemed, Waylon found it odd that it was just a hand shake. Then again the hug that followed was not of what he expected. In fact he could be seen slightly blushing because it was unexpected and so quick to have happen.

but he responded but just quietly hugging her while she did. It was a nice peaceful moment that brought back thought of long a go how the hugs were then, even with how his mother use to hug him as well.

"So...I guess it must be interesting news!"
Waylon said happily about it. "Oddly enough i am here on a job, With some one just do not know who yet." Waylon just so clueless as always. "but its here where my job is." Waylon said casually, wondering what else he could do after this, maybe something with his friend hopefully.



on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:13 am

Arisa would look at Waylon and after the introduction she would then look towards Barras who was looking at them. ‘’Well then. Name is Barras as you know. We’re going to be flattening some weapons and other types of metal creations today. My assistant kind of hurt his arm so I’m glad to have an extra two to help out.’’ He would introduce and laughed all fatherly. She would look at him and laugh though as in Waylon after hearing him say that he was clueless on who he was doing this with. ‘’You’re a dork. You’re doing this mission with me. Let’s start.’’ Arisa spoke softly and simple as she would walk towards the anvil.

She would grab the hammer tightly in her hands as her grasp clench tighter than ever. Her eyes of lioness would look at how the assistant who would put down a piece of metal straight on the forge anvil for her. Softly she would sigh as her eyes would glisten towards it as if she was feeling the flames. Her hand slammed down the hammer of creation as sparks flew around and about – away from her. Her heart would beat upon each hammer time while she shapped this piece of earth. Truly Arisa wouldn’t pay attention to what Waylon was doing as she was in her own world in her head.

She remembered when she grasped that bad not that many days ago and used it to crash into that con guy. He ruined her sandwich, but he wouldn’t be doing it anymore she was assure of that. Once more she would crash the hammer against the metal and flattened that piece. ‘’More, again.’’ She would hear as she would hammer pieces of metal down and straight as if she was slaved. This reminded her of somethings as she would then shake her head out of that trance. ‘No… I can’t remember… Not now. I…’ she would hear a soft girly voice within the back of her head as she continued to slam the hammer on metal. She lost the track of time as Barras would chuckle. ‘’Hey now. We’re done. Nice job though.’’ He would say and patted Arisa on the back as he would then look at Waylon, guessing he was doing the same as she was – creating with the hammer and metal, flattening them. After they were given the rewards she would say goodbye and leave – till next time.




on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:42 am

Looking around the area Waylon just went "Yeah....I...I totally knew that." He was trying to hide it, He knew he was bad at hiding it but he would do his best to play it off.

Mostly because he did not want to look like a fool in front of the person he was working with, It would make him feel better that way, and for that time it did make him feel better about it even if people did not fall for it.

So listening and understanding the best he could Waylon got the slightest idea of which he would be doing.

hearing also that his person's partner is out of commission Waylon understood why he was here. In his simple mind would think just make flatten metal.

Quickly did Waylon learn that to him it was not as easy as he first thought in fact Waylon seemed to have problems not hitting the thing hard enough. But he did find his work pace and got it right.

While working away. Waylon went back to thoughts of a one day having a tea shop in his hands. how much less dirty it was to make and serve tea and how simple it was to make people happy by doing so.

He also seemed to look over to see how Arisa was doing as well, Not wanting to be a problem Waylon then went back to being quiet and working.

Unzipping his coat and putting it some were safe Waylon got back to working on the pieces of metal, working away the best he could continuing to think. His thoughts got onto that nightmare he had while he was out walking and had passed out in that field.

Trying to figure out if it meant something. Like why in that dream was the shadowy figure feeling like some one he knew? But couldn't put his figure on it but he knew them.

Trying to think about it intensely while working away at his pieces of metal. Looking slowly into the image of the shadow's face he pieced together that it was in fact female and their eye's were not red but something different color if he could feel like it was the eyes of some one he was comfortable with.

He remembered long hair too, He at first thought it was his mother, But realized it was not for different reason, his mother was too peaceful and did not use shadow based magic last he remembered.

When his mind snapped back into reality and not his thoughts. They were done hearing the good job Waylon got his coat and reward and left.


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