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From another place to a new place(Travel to Magnolia)

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Default on Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:53 am

It was yet again time to go to another place, Waylon seemed to wonder why he keeps traveling all this time. I mean then again he did get to do a lot more things so that was one of the reasons. He just wondered when he would be exhausted from it or felt like it was becoming pointless.

He would at least be meeting up with some one again. it would be to do more things just what all it was he had no idea he was just doing work it seems and he had been clueless that he was doing it. Maybe it was good he was clueless to it. It lead it to be easier for him to actually work.

Or that since he was working with some one or doing favors for them it did not bother him, Being around his closest friend while working made him feel like he was of use and just not sitting there wasting away. Then again Waylon also tend to over think sometimes and now really think how valuable of a person he can be sometimes he is just there often times.

Maybe, one of these days Waylon should stop just roaming around and actually settle into a job and do something with his life, but he has yet to find his calling for it. After all he still does not have the money for the dream of a tea shop or anything else but he would find a way some how. It would be a small list of things to get done but he would.

Packing up everything he needed too Waylon would set out again this time to a new place . One he had yet to been too last he remembered or he forgot both are possible, Next stop Magnolia.

{Exit to Magnolia.}


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