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Conman Coward [Mission]

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on Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:22 pm

Arisa walked through the streets as she would look around. Her eyes of lioness brown would shine like the sun above her. Some clouds were on about, but not enough to cover the blinding light. Her heart was beating regularly as her arms dangled alongside her. Her brown medium hair would bounce upon each movement as with her chest – you couldn’t tell because of her armor get up she was wearing. Her facial expression was rather really calm as she would look around for something, something specific. What was the specific thing? She was supposedly looking for a man with stupid looking hair and a shitty face. His face expression was described as some shit-stone faced kind of thing.

It truly confused her, but she would be somewhat amused probably just looking at it. The guy she was doing this for was some bar guy as the dude that owned the inn. He seems pretty nice and happy which kind of made her feel pissed about this whole situation. Arisa knew that if someone tried to con her, she’d Ana their ass. Softly she took a breather as her eyes looked over to see some fruit stand not that far away from where she was.

‘I might as well get something to eat while I look for this asshole.’ She thought and glared towards the right corner of her eyes. She’d see a shadow, but for now she would ignore it not really thinking it was him. Honestly the food sounded amazing so she went to some shop with pretty designs. The smell of fresh bread, cheese and meat – sandwiches. Truly sandwiches were amazing with prepped right as she learned this the hard way while surviving on her own with her friend. Her heart was beating nervously as she remembered those times or surviving. Her hand went down a little to grip the metal handle tightly, opening it forward to then walk in. Her eyes looked at the keeper and smiled nicely and innocent. ‘’What can I get ya, young lady?’’ he asked as he would then clean a glass. ‘’A blt with some turkey yet funnily no tomatoes.’’ She would say with a smile. He would chuckle a little as he nodded. ‘’Alrighty.’’ He would say while opening up a case.

He would put on some latex gloves without the powder on them. Next he would reach for the freshly made bread, cuts it in the middle and in half. After that he would grab for some turkey, bacon and cheese. He putted them together to make a simply BLT (Bacon Lettuce Turkey). She would smile as she took this sandwich and looked at it. ‘’Can I have some pepper with this?’’ she wondered. ‘’Ya sure.’’ He would say as he took the sandwich with love and care. Slowly he opened it and took some pepper- shaking it everywhere. She felt happy that she was getting this sandwich as she then finally took it. ‘’Thanks.~’’ she spoke happily as she then turned away to walk out the door.



on Wed Jan 11, 2017 3:32 pm

She’d walk out of the sub sandwich shop as she would take a single bite. As she was going to take it something rammed right into her, dropping that poor sandwich as if butter slipped out of her hands. The dude passed her without saying anything as the sandwich slow motionally died. Her eyes shot towards the man who had some afro hair. ‘’Hey!’’ she spoke and waved at him with a rather angered look. She would touch his shoulder and then he turned swiftly. ‘’Yo yo hey now. I –‘’ he was about to say till he saw her in armor. ‘’Wait, are you the one I’m supposed to give this money to? Here.’’ He would say as she was handed the money. ‘I’ll be back for you…’ she thought darkly as she turned away to walk towards where the person was.

Slowly she would walk and look around as she looked for this bar inn place. Gladly she didn’t have to as Batra was right there. ‘’Hey.~ I have your money.’’ She spoke happily with a sweet smile as she walked towards him. As she was about three feet from him she would give him the money. ‘’Sweet!’’ he spoke as he counted. It was all dandy till she saw his facial expression. ‘’What’s up?’’ she wondered and tilted her head a little. ‘’Urm well… He conned us again.’’ He simply speaks rather coldly. An inner hate started to boil up as her eye twitched. ‘That bastard.’ She thought and turned away to walk towards where she saw him last. Of course he wouldn’t be here, but she would then walk more.

‘Where could he be?’ she thought as she felt somewhat heated up in rather raged manner. Her fists would clench as her eyes then spot him walking into a dark alley. Slowly she would turn to see him slouching against the wall. Her arms crossed against where her chest would be. ‘’Nice to see you again…’’ she would say coldly as her eyes were shadowed. ‘’W-wait..I..’’ he was about to say and then turned to run off. ‘’Get back here!’’ she yelled as Arisa would run after him. After so long she would see him clench his bat. ‘When the fuck did he get that?’ Arisa wondered as she charged for him. Swiftly he would then turn as he was by the forest.

‘’Alright. Wanna go?!’’ he yelled and charged straight for her as he was ten feet away. Quickly she tried to twirl and let out a leg for him to trip over – dropping the bat.  ‘’SHIT my knee!’’ he yelled as the bat was away from him. Her eyes became cold as she walked towards the bat, picking it up. ‘’You like conning people you little shit?’’ she question with a disgusted look from her eyes yet a smirk from her soft lips. Gripping the bat she would smack him in the head with it. He was knocked out, but to make sure he wouldn’t run she would slam the bat against his legs to break them hearing a cry from him. ‘’Guess you won’t be conning anymore.’’ She spoke darkly and just picks him up by his afro and walked to Batra. ‘’Here.’’ He spoke as she walked into the door. Quickly she threw him in the room and took her reward to then ditch the place. As she left her eyes became somewhat lighter.

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