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Comman Coward [Shin]

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#1Shin Sekai 

on Mon Jan 09, 2017 6:21 pm

Shin brushed his hair as he was just about to leave his room “Well time to see I can do for Mr. Bald cap.” He said closing the door to his room and locking it. He stopped to eat at one of the cafes before heading over to the inn so he could start the quest when he realized that he had some extra time before he went to the Inn Maybe I can get some practice in? he thought as he sipped his tea. Shin went by the Garden to try and remember what he try out that wouldn’t leave too much of a mess when he fell asleep near a bed of Lotuses. By the time Shin woke up it had just became afternoon Oh crap I need to hurry he told himself as he rushed to The Inn at top speed to get started on the quest.

He made his way into Batra’s Inn to see what his quest for today was “Hi Boss man I’m here to help ya out with ya quest.” He said very cheerful as Batra walked over to him to give him more detail about the quest, “I see I can do that it shouldn’t take long at all.” Shin said “Just make sure that you don’t fall for any of his tricks.” Batra replied as Shin made his way to the door. Shin took some time to get all his facts in order I should bring him back then again maybe he’s nice and will willingly give it back he thought as he began his search for this so called Con Artist, Shin looked in all the back ally streets but no luck I have to get into the mind of a con man if I want to find him he thought as he sat in the middle of the street getting into the mindset of a Con-man.  

He looked in all the places that he thought this Con-man would be until he say a kid crying abut something “Whats wrong kid?” he asked “A man took my bat!” the child replied Well this got a lot easier for me Shin thought having the kid tell him which way the man went. Shin stopped at a flower shop to smell some of the Lilies and Sunflowers that they had on display Man I love Corcus but I need to get back on task, he told himself as the smell of candy and fresh tea went past his nose. When Shin found him he greeted the man with a smile “I understand that you have caused some problems for Batra.” He said keeping up the smile as the man returned the money “Oh ay sorry about that here.” Kyle said handing him the money he took.  Shin made his way back to the Inn to bring back to Batra “I should get a snack before heading back.” He said aloud  as he rushed over to the Café and ordered a chocolate cake to go with a small green tea. He drank the tea as he walked back to the Inn.

Shin walk in with a huge smile on his face as he see’s Batra and gives him the money he got back “This is fake money Shin you must not have much experience with this?” Batra said questioning if Shin could handle this, “Okay I messed up but I just bring him to ya with all the  the money.” Shin replied  slightly anger with himself I can’t believe I let some street trash get the best of me!. he thought rushing out the door to look for Kyle once more Maybe he’s still in the same spot? he thought turning down the dark ally he saw him in last. When Shin found him again Kyle seemed to be running towards the city exit. Shin chased after him as fast as he could “GET BACK HERE YOU JERK!!.” Shin exclaimed as he throw anything that he could grab as he ran after him. Shin would get close enough tackle Kyle to the ground “I really thought you were a nice guy!” he yelled as he stood up breathing heavily Man He can run fast he thought.  

“Yes I final got you!” Shin yelled as he Kyle pulled out his bat and swung at Shin, I don’t need this right now he thought as he backed up 4 feet and grabbed a chair swung it at him after he swung his bat at him and missed. The two looked at each other as if it was their last stand which in a way it was as if Shin did n't bring him back he would have failed his quest and Kyle would have gotten away with a rather large amount of money. As the two waited for the other to make their move some people took notice of and watched from afar "Look all you had to do was give back the money that's all Kyle." Shin said "Ya ya tell it to someone that cares kidd." Kyle replied as he went for another swing that Shin moved out the way of putting in Kyles blind spot giving him the chance to hit him with a right and left hooks right to Kyles liver knocking him out "Yes Now to bring him to Batra." He said moving his hair out of his eyes. Shin brings him back to Batra who gave him a look of death Oh man Batra looks really mad Shin thought as he pushed Kyle to him and,  “I will take him away Shin nice job kid.” Batra says  as he hands Shin his reward I never want to see that side of him ever again. He thought running out the Inn as fast as he could with his heart pounding in his chest as he ran away. Shin ran all the way back to the hotel and locked his door and cover his windows.


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