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Potion Parcel (Quest/Solo)

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#1Nastasya Crowe 

Default on Fri Jan 06, 2017 7:52 am

Lying on her stomach and looking outside the window Nastasya sighed. They have been in Oak for too long. The time on her enveloppe wasn't still passed by and she was done with waiting. Even though she didn't seem that way. Her acting got maybe a bit better. She really had to watch her mouth though and especially her drinking. Which she hadn't done anymore since she had met Ash. She was afraid that she would spill her guts out to someone else. Her eyes switched from looking to the white world outside to the white fox that lay on a pile of her clothing in the closet. The door was left open and she grinned a little bit at Victoire. She should again bring her clothing to the laundry but if Vic could enjoy it like that, why would she do difficult at this point she had enough clothing left. She should stop shopping out of boredom.

She stepped out of her bed and immediately the head of the fox got up. She ignored it, it was a weird story. She had found her alone while she was on a mission with Odin but she had been drunk right before that. They had found a manticore in the catacombs of the church and let it roam free in the forest thanks to Lucifer. She had found the fox, hurt and unconcious and brought it that morning to the vet. Now she didn't want to leave Nasty her side and she named it Victoire. It had been a wild animal that was still adapting to be a pet. But they were together for quite some time now and Vic was doing fine. Nastasya was now trying to find out what kind of fox she was,she seemed rather special and Nasty had seen enough artic foxes to know that.

She stepped out of her underwear underneath the shower and let the hot water drip on her body. She started to wash her long purple hair and her body. It didn't took that long, maximum of twenty minutes before she stepped out and started to dry herself off on the towel that was there. She put her hair into a towel on the top of her head and went to find clean underwear and put on a black tight t-shirt before she headed back to the bathroom to dry her hair with the hairdryer. All the time she could feel Victoire her tiny eyes looking at her.

That took longer than the showering all together, the getting dressed and fixing her hair and make-up. She put her hair in a high ponytail and with some difficulty put on foundation on the back of her neck to avoid people seeing the insignia. She had to be sure for it, even though she planned to wear a scarf. When she was done with her jeans, the vest that she wanted to wear over the t-shirt and her leather jacket with a red scarf, she headed downstairs with Victoire at her heels. She planned to eat at the hotel, since she was rich enough to afford her pay here at the luxury hotel and staying here already a month, she heard no complains about a pet. She even gave Victoire her sausages from the English Breakfast that she ordered.

She headed to the shop of Mabuz to pick up the ingredients that she needed. Mabuz apparently seemed to recognize her this time. After she gave him a piece of her mind the last time she saw him. Pretending not to know her, she had now done two request for him. Apparently he needed a third. She rolled her eyes and walked to the counter and got the details for the delivery and said she would do it. She placed her own ingredients on the counter and said she would be back for them. He bundled up the potion and gave her and she headed out together with Victoire.

She had to go to the Castle Phantasm, where she had worked as a constructor or whatever it was again. Her first job, which was ridiculous. She took long strides to get there quick in this cold weather, though it was not the weather that bothered her. It was the job, but she could use the money. When she arrived there were guards at the door, she was prepared for that as it was the same as last time. "Got a package delivery for Servas Phantasm. I was send by the shop owner." She was sure that the guards didn't need to know it was by Mabuz. "Fine. Your pet can't go in." It took a while before the guard finally answered, since they first had to check the package, however they didn't open it. She turned to look at Victoire and gave a small smile. "She will wait here." Nastasya walked passed the guards and turned one look back at Victoire before the doors closed behind her.

Now she had to find the office of this Servas Phantasm. They should have given out maps with directions at the front door, that would make everything much easier. She simply started to walk around, hurrying to get out. Unfortunately today nothing seemed to be easy. She only had wanted to buy ingredients! "Hold up. What are you doing here?" She turned around to see the guy that she had done the first request for. "Package delivery." she said with a snide remark and simply showed the package in her hands. "From the shopkeeper, who's too busy for Servas Phantasm. Guards told me to leave it at his office.", "You can't go there. Give it to me." She raised her eyebrow and started to laugh. "Oh hell no. This is my job." He continued that she couldn't go there and that he would pay the fees. She still taunted him a little before he got the package out of her hands and gave her the money. "Always pleasure doing business." With that she walked away because this castle contained crazy people and she didn't want to stay a minute longer.

She headed back to the front door to collect Victoire and back to Mabuz to collect her ingredients and the money for this stupid delivery.


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