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Potion Parcel [Quest | Solo]

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Job Requisite:



Quest: Potion Parcel

Rank: D

Type: Bad

Requirements: None

Dr. Stephan Mabuz: Dr. Stephan Mabuz runs a quaint little magic shop nestled in the streets of Oak. Though it doesn't receive much traffic, Stephan isn't worried; his real business comes from his underground dealings of illicit magical items. Poisons, hexes, and whatever else a dark mage might need, the good doctor has it - for a price.

Summary: Stephan Mabuz is a busy man, running an illicit business is no easy task, and whenever he can, he branches out to the cheap labor that are mages in order to do the deeds that he doesn’t have the time to deal with. Stephan wants you to deliver a potion to the Phantasms, no questions asked. The payment for the delivery will be handled by them, he promises.

Sirius Phantasm: Sirius is the oldest Phantasm child. He is a very cold, callous, and dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent, willing to harm both his comrades and enemies should they get in his way. His facial expression rarely changes, though he is almost always frowning.

Objective: Deliver the potion parcel.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Castle Phantasm.
  • You are approaching the Castle, the potion that you have to deliver bundled up in a parcel.
  • Talk to the guards at the door and they will let you in once you tell them you have a delivery.
  • Make your way to the office of Servas Phantasm, as you wander through the castle Sirius will stop you and ask what you are doing there.
  • Sirius will question why you are in the Phantasm Castle, and will collect the package once he knows what it is.
  • Exit the castle and the quest is over

Erebus felt a gentle wind roll onto his face, the sun was dimming, and twilight rising. The smell of bakery bread crept from the town below the hill. The prong of his bronze short sword against his belt as he moved his legs. Everything had a balance to it, never moving, nor changing in pace or speed.

A thumb flicked downwards on a lighter four times before flames protruded from the top. A cigarette nestled in his lips bent into the flames. The male grunted, and the flame disappeared with his thumb coming off the trigger. A cloud of nicotine shrouded the air around his face, and golden eyes, amber and yellow mixed, looked from left to right.

Erebus pursed his lips. Sucking the smoke down his pipes, before releasing again, this time from the pits of his nasals. He looked almost demonic in the fog of gas. But two feet pressed the adventurer forward. In a satchel around his waist were three magical potions. The boy had been sent by Dr. Stephan Mabuz, carrying magical items such as these were illegal. The scientist couldn't be caught with hem or else risking his security to the Rune Knights.

For that, a certain dark mage was to be the delivery boy. "Oii." That mage was the very teenager killing his lungs to fumes of smoke at this very instant, if Erebus could even be called a mage was a matter of debate though. Since he possessed no affinity for spell casting.  In fact, all he managed to excel in was mental intelligence and physical affinity. Even then, others could ascend him with buffs. This world was not for the equal, and never would be.

The cobblestone walkway to the great Castle Phantasm was an easy tread. But it took more than just a walk to get into the castle lying atop this hill. He had to talk to the guards too. He'd deal with them when got there though. For now, his mind was trained on his vengeance. His hate, he couldn't get that bastard out of his head. He bled for anger, and sooner, rather than later, he would get it. He knew it to be true. He hoped it to be true.

The boy finished his cigarette-- moving the roach of it from his hand onto the concrete. Just as anticipated he was not far from the castle doorways when two knight-like men stopped him on their cavalry-horses. He instructed them of his dark job, and solemnly, s if they were distraught nodded. Allowing him passage into their building. It was handcrafted from centuries past, renovated by magicians, and appeared to be a might fortress if it were even used for such things anymore.

The walls decorated themselves with paintings larger than automobile vehicles, each painting a scene which sen chills through Erebus. These nobles were a sketchy bunch. Indeed. But no matter, Erebus pressed forward anyways. The beat of his feet against the castles walls hummed like rocks chipping the sides of chasms as they fell into an abyss. The male pulled a canteen from his pocket, sipping some of the vodka as he skimmed the surroundings.

Corridors, stairwells, passageways, all of this was mighty intriguing. Erebus started to wonder what it might've been like, should he have been born into royalty or riches. Instead of the ghetto street life which plagued his childhood to the severest degree. The thought birthed interest in him, it made him question... "You just deal the hand that you're dealt I suppose. Men are not created equally." The boy scoffed to himself, as he walked into a man roughly his own size.

"Who are you, and why have you come to my castle? What are you carrying there around you? Answer wisely, I'm in no mood to be played with..."

"Relax fuckboy, I came here to drop off a package from Dr. Stephans. Judging by your hostility I'm assuming you're the guy. Could be wrong, but would your name happen to be Sirius?"

"What did you just call me? I could have you dead for that... Aye, that would be my name, I ordered the illegal potions... And that's my package, but you still haven't told me your name, I have to make sure you aren't a rune knight after all."

"I could tell you it, but then I'd have to kill you." 'E' spoke quite melodramatically. Showing no fear and prying honest to what he would attempt doing. The thing about being a magicless warrior in a dark guild, was that you could peep most people into being afraid of you merely from rumor alone. While in all actuality, Erebus was likely the weakest dark mage in Grimoire Heart currently. Judging by Sirius's hesitation though-- confidence told another story.

The man removed money from his pocket. Bills of Jewel, and the nervousness displayed was enough ti make Mr. Cassiel laugh out loud.He looked like he might shit himself any moment. "I was taking this to the Servas Office, but I suppose change at front works too. I need an extra tip though, so I don't turn you into the authorities. Heh heh..." The castle-goer made an angry scowl, throwing in extra. Erebus handed over the satchel and made exit for the building. He left. Job well done.



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