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The Quill of Time \1:2\

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The Quill of Time \1:2\ Empty on Fri Dec 23, 2016 8:09 pm


Logbook X784/12-?
'Time Will Get Us Too'

A quill rested on the left side of an old journey. The tip was clad in ink, the table which the journey laid upon was worn out. The frames barely held together; it had been an old desk. Since the tall figure returned, or rather was - welcomed - back into town; most of his time was hogged by his offspring, if not for his required help at the private practice - he would like to cultivate his creativity and time into his writing, and now he had found that time. Since his long absence of the Lamia Scale - his goal had been to witness those who had joined after his sudden disappearance to Crocus.

Maarschalk, within the guild, is described as an enigmatic person. His objectives and goals were never quite clear to those who only saw the surface of what he really is. There wasn't a single soul that understood the dark, and edgy emotion that roared within. If any soul knew him at all. Upon his entry to the guild, a foreign nick name greeted him. A nickname given those who considered themselves as his peers; whilst they were far off with that observation. His nickname was quite ominous to those outside the guild. It had become an inside joke to some.

'You need a shave, old man.'

The tall figure didn't consider talking to oneself as a mental issue. Thinking aloud wasn't very socially accepted to many. His reflection didn't distress him, even though he hadn't taken care of himself properly. At least he had the ability to channel his inner peace within the chambers of his room to gather the motivation to groom himself.

Between splashing his face with hot water, and using a double-edged knife to shave he wasn't sure whether today would be the day that he should end his life; or perhaps end the life of another. Unfortunately, he had been alone the entire time from the point of his entrance of the guild, to him standing in front of his mirror, changing into his proper dressing. And should someone interrupt his actions, his reactions would be appropriately placed based on those actions. The face of the morning was lazy; the dust in the corner of ones eye was still a sight for Maarschalk to behold. He certainly wasn't as much as a slob as other people, but he had his ways.

After leaving his room, he entered the guild hall- - trying to look around for a familiar face. Where was the guild master anyway? Maarschalks shadow met the shadow behind him. His garb didn't really classify under normal civilian clothes, his garb was mostly painted black. Some parts were made of leather, whilst others were elastic and made it easy for agile and flexible movement. In fact, some of it was highlighting his third leg. After descending from the central stairs, Maarschalk had noticed an absence of noise, perhaps he had been with his children for far too long. His focus was fixed on the main doors of Lamia Scale. Being fidgety certainly wasn't something that Maarschalk could be described as, but he was alert enough to notice anyone enter were they not cloaking their movement. His squinted eyes gazed over the bridge, since the doors were wide open... for whatever reason...

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The Quill of Time \1:2\ Empty on Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:19 pm

Arisa yawned as her head was against her soft pillow. Decorated with frills of red as the base was black, silky as ever. The frills were made of thin cotton which made a rougher feel against her soft pale cheek. Her cheeks were flushed pink as thought of some daydreams that typical females would think of, but she knew it would obviously stay as a dream. Her soft lips would make a small smile while her arms hugged her pillow closer to her face, nuzzling into it. Her brown medium hair was in a mess like a mop with strands in every direction. She knew she had to get up soon, but she didn't feel like it to be quite fair. Recently Arisa has received this Manor due to her mother's money and all that came with it, small responsibility. With that noted she let her arms rest on each side and turned so her back was against the sheet.

'Maybe I'll meet the guild here. It'd be wise. Would it not?' she questioned within her thoughts as she would then corner her brown-lioness eyes towards the window. The light would shine and glisten towards her to lighten up her eyes. Her complexion was smooth, cream colored and shiny with the lights gleam. Swiftly she would stretch her legs forward and her arms out forward towards the ceiling. Arisa shifted towards the right to then use her right hand to lift herself up. After that her feet would press against the hard light-colored oak floors as they were waxed and clean. ''Time to get up then...'' She spoke to herself and wiped her eyes softly so no eyelashes would fall off. Slowly she’d walk to her closet to grab some clothes.

Randomly she would pick to then drag them to her bathroom to get changed and ready. She’d slam the clothes on the counter made out of white and black lined marble. After that Arisa grabbed for her red squared brush to brush down her brown medium hair. Slowly she’d spray some simple conditioner to make it more silk-feeling and then put that down. Finally the nightgown would slip off and then she would put on her clothes. Her eyes would look towards the door that would be her exit which she then walked to it to turn the knob and walked out. Quickly she jogged down the stairs of the manor and out the door. She didn’t really want to waste much more time as she wanted to see the guild, hoping that the guild doors were open.

Her brown hair would wave back as she walked with her black boots. Her socks were white and thigh high as her black short-skirt was mid-way of her thigh close to her knees. Her shirt on the other hand was maroon colored with black designs on her short sleeves and a buckle of black where her bellybutton was. The length of the shirt was to her pelvic bone as to cover her body, but showed her curves. She didn’t really wear any hair ornaments nor any other jewelry besides a simply bracelet of a moonflower. Arisa wasn’t really huge on jewelry unless of course it was a special occasion.  Her eyes would look straight as she would walk towards the guildhall of Lamia Scale, curious of the place. She had a hidden smile though as she saw that the doors and gates were open, widely. Slowly she would walk in the guildhall and looked around. She noticed that she wasn’t the only one, but how many of these guys were really from Lamia Scale and how many were just ‘visitors’?

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Cloak of Feathers.

Open day? No, that wasn't it. The crowd had begun to see the faces of many new comers. Most of them who weren't aware of what they were getting into. Maarschalk felt like being one of those wise old men, that you see crouched over - near some statue or something of significance. Thus, he sat down on some steps, far away from the entrance but nonetheless still audible. The words he spoke weren't filled with venom, and hatred - but rather convinced those who turned their ears towards Maarschalk to think of him as a crazy person. Unless they were listening with the intent to figure out what he was saying. His words had a very philosophical meaning; only those who had knowledge in true arts knew what he referenced to. And those were the ones who he intended to interest.


Creeps in this petty pace, from day to day.
And all of our yesterdays...
have lighted...
The way to dusty DEATH.
Brief candle...
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player.
That struts and frets his hour upon the sage.
And then...
It is a tale told by an...
Full of SOUND and FURY.
... signifying... NOTHING!

After the figure was done talking, he moved his arms to his back - to put his hood back on. Looking down at the stone-cold cobble, which reflected most of what he could see in front. His legs weren't crossed, his elbows were resting on the top of his knees, with his fingers interlocked in front of his torso; near his chest. His teal eyes were very clear - almost like they were transparent. Rarely has it been the case for Maarschalk to meet someone with the same clearness in their eyes. His gaze averted upwards, curious to see if there had been anyone standing in front of him. Whilst averting his gaze, his hand reached for his chest; reaching for a pack of cigarettes in his breast pocket. This combined with his off-putting Macbeth speech and the cross around his neck would give anyone strong vibes of religious nutjob.

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Her medium hair would bounce a little upon each step she took forward. Her brown lioness eyes would gaze around the area as if she was to find something specific yet there was nothing. Her heart was beating rather fast due to being nervous. Even though that was true her facial expression stayed calm as if she had no worries. Each foot would go ahead of the other as she walked as if she was walking upon a cat-walk. Her head would turn the left - nothing, to the right - nothing, but when she looked straight she would see a rather lonely figure. Words were being spoken that seemed to be out of the blue, but beautiful as if it had some meaning - more than what the words spoke.

Her hips swayed, arms dangled as Arisa would walk towards the man. ''Macbeth, Shakespeare. Rather beautiful and rich in arts of its own kind.'' she spoke like sleet, soft feeling yet soothing and cold. She didn't know the guy so she wasn't quite sure on how to approach. She stood away about four feet away, but was prepared for anything. This guy couldn't be too dangerous...could he? Her eyes studied him as they half-closed. Quite nervous she would cross her arms against her chest and wait to hear this man speak again. ''Are you from this guild?'' she wondered and spoke once more before she then went silent, patiently waiting.

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Two faced.

The clicking and clacking echoed through the chambers - the sound of thick heels hitting the ground. The tall figure was an audiophile of some sorts; this was a man that can recognize how far away a person was, how they'd look like and then form a thought of what kind of person they were. He had done this a few times before, the last time he pulled of a feat like this was in an asylum. Were heels emitting a shallow sound -- or a sharp one? They were quite shallow, without looking he could determine how this person walked to him. She was a bit light footed, quick on her feet? He began forming a psychological profile on her. Perhaps the reason she was light footed was because she was in an unknown environment; a stranger. These were the sounds that Maarschalk perceived, subjective to his bare ears. Since he had his hood up, the sounds weren't received as well as they could be. This deterred him from making further assumptions based on her physiology. Like her weight, height - basic things. The time she took between each step was indicative of how she walked; there was a little sway. This enhanced the sound of her heels clacking the ground.

Before he knew it, the voice of the steps that he had been analyzing spoke. The voice knew what he referred to. This voice claimed to be knowing of what he spoke off. A mild scoff followed by the man,

'The mark of an educated man'

'Or should I say woman'

His head was still faced down, the dim lit Lamia Scale hid his face from the light; being an enigmatic person wasn't something he had quite in mind, but it was always something he passively was drawn to. His left hand was formed into a tight fist, in the palm of this hand was a coin. It was a double-sided coin, with tails on the back side, and tails on the front side.

He brought this hand to his other hand, that didn't have the coin and dropped the coin over his hand. The coin slipped through the creaks of his grip, and met his thumb with great strength; it was a coin toss. The metallic clang of the coin being pinged raised some attention, it fell on its flat side in front of the girls’ feet.

'Don't look at the coin!'

He had ignored the woman’s questioning, speaking instead, and interrupting her by doing so.

'Now you have a decision to make. Without looking at the coin, I want you to take a gamble.'

He explained, with his face still tilted down - there was no physical way for him to see what the side of the coin fell on. But he knew, since the coin was loaded.

'Without explaining you what you gamble on, I want you to guess which side the coin has landed on.'

Was she a cheat? A gambler? This had tested her psyche more than she could have guessed. Unless Maarschalk underestimated her.

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She listened to him, looked at him as her brown lioness eyes studied him. She couldn't see his face nor could she even think of what he may look like. Surely he was not young, yet not too old The tone of his voice said so at the least. Her eyes cornered to look around as she wondered if anyone else was around, but truly why did it matter? She felt like she was going to enjoy his company, but she couldn't quite judge just yet. It has only been a few minutes that felt like an hour. Her arms would cross against her chest as her hands were tucked in her armpit area as she was waiting. He started to speak, have something within his hand, but before she could look away where his face would be, she heard him to not look. She didn't as she listened and wondered why he threw a coin most like as it clanked on the floor. He questioned on what side it was on. Was this a trick question? A test of some other? How would she possibly know?

Her eyes would look at where his eyes would be and bit her lower lip. ''Mmm...You're not the one cheating now...are you?'' she questioned soothingly and calmly. Her head tilted a little to the right in question. ''Alright then...let's see.'' she would say thinking. Her eyes looked left and then right as her right hand went under her chin in thought. Her left hand would sweep her brown hair from over her should to the back. Her eyes would stare at him in quite thought. ''Alright...how about we make a deal. The winner has to do one command from the loser, call it a consolation prize or whatever'' she spoke seriously yet soft. She smiled sweetly as she hoped this would get out some kind of response.

In a good sense no one was really watching. The game between them she would hope to get some answers after this little time. If he was from this guild, it would be interesting. She could honestly learn somethings. She felt nervous as her arms wrapped around herself, crossed against her chest and bit her lower lip. 'If he does agree, hopefully it goes well...otherwise I'm fucked.' she thought. 'Truly you are. It'd be funny to see you fail.' the darker voice spoke out within her thoughts. Softly she would sigh as she tried to think of what he may do if he did win.

What would he do though? Was he some kind of sicko? A simple man? Was he even an actual man?! 'Tsktsk, we'll never know Arisa.' the dark voice of a woman spoke within her head. 'Get out of my thoughts.' she spoke within her head back at the other voice. Her eyes would move left and right as each voice in her head would speak. In all honesty she was curious on his answer than the actual winning though. If he was cheating in any way with the coin, he'd act funny, wouldn't he? Was he a cheater or an honest man? Within seconds of what she did say last time, she would look back at him. ''So interested?'' she questioned.

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He never answered as she stood there waiting. Was something wrong with him? Was he truly thinking long about the offer or did he just not give a shit? Arisa wasn't quite sure as she would get a glimpse at only him, still not looking at the coin. 'Well crap...no fun.' the darker voice spoke within her head as Arisa would stand there quietly. Sadly the time was running as she should be leaving as well. She wanted to know more about this guy, play the question game perhaps. Her head tilted a little as her medium hair tickled alongside her shoulder to then smile small-like. 'Perhaps next time...if there is one.' she would think and looked towards the exit for a second. After those seconds she would look back at him and sighed quietly. ''I should go...Better three hours too soon than three minutes too late.'' she would randomly say as she turned away waving goodbye to the strange man, disappearing.


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