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Arisa's Sheet

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on Mon Dec 19, 2016 12:55 pm


Embracer of Light
☬ Arisa Rinmizukimi ☬

6'4Unknown Weight


Arisa generally has sparkling vibrant magenta hair and golden lioness eyes. Most people could compare her eyes to when the sun first come up every morning or the sun itself. Her skin is rather flawless and light colored as it may seem pale during a clear light day filled with sunlight. Her chest is about forty-six inches, height seventy-six inches, waist twenty-two inches and hips being about forty-three inches. Arisa weights about two-hundred if not more with majority of her weight back at her bust, thighs and assets. Her hair is as long as the length to her butt from her head.

She enjoys wearing about anything as long as it's comfortable for the day. She doesn't like wearing the same thing over and over again though nor does she like wearing the same thing as someone else. On occasions she can be seen wearing reading glasses and also a cloak. Her cloak is usually worn to hide her back in which hides her wings that are materialized into a tattoo of wings on her back that have two eyes looking forward - they appear to be male eyes.




Within the Country of Sin, Arisa was born from her mother, Kuriana. She had many siblings as Kuriana either invented with soul mutation or experimented on different people and DNA. She was never truly successful to get a child that appealed to her till Arisa finally came up. Her eyes were set when she saw the potential that Arisa had, a hidden light to her. Soon she would have a couple more children with the man she fell in love with, Arisa's sperm donor. Later in some years as Arisa turned about eight or so, she killed him by accident during a rampage. With her first magic (nature), she mutated a plant into a monster that ate her father.

Kuriana wasn't really the same after that as she really saw Arisa as her, more than anyone would be able to tell. She had to plan it long and hard as time was running out for her. Kuriana watched her children play along as she would then go to her friend, Judith and told her the plan in which she was about to sacrifice herself by letter.

It wasn't a normal sacrifice, no. Kuriana drugged her own daughter and carried her to the basement. After that she would place her i the middle of a symbolic circle, having it shine she would then put her own soul into Arisa to later control once her breakage point was broke.

Arisa woke up as she would then hear doors slam open, adults yell and children screaming. Alongside her was a boy who was being a coward in the corner that was so dark... Running up stairs she would see children being grabbed and taken to who-knows-where. A quick look and she booked it out the door. Out in the forest she would hide as she was small enough to hide into tree spaces. Sighing softly, Arisa thought she was safe, but then she blacked out.

Cries, screams and horrors she would hear. Her eyes were bandaged making it hard to see. Her legs were scratched as she felt the shallow cuts burn a little due to the air. Something was wrong, but she was quiet. Her eyes went wide though as she smelled something familiar. The smell of burning. ''We are here today to destroy these abominations of Kuriana's!'' shouted a man. Who was he and what did he mean? What was it that her mother did? Was she one of those abominations? ''PLEASE! HELP ME!'' cried one of the female girls as she couldn't tell who they were by just their voice. A sound of an iron door opening would be heard and then in an instant it closed shut, hard. Sniff sniff There was that smell again. Next a male could be heard crying out, but then it was no longer heard, instead something that dropped could be heard. After that she could hear a man chuckle, saying that he'd take the older one away to due some 'stuff' to her. All she could tell was that the girl was quite older than herself... Arisa wiggled a little as her heart was pounding. One by one she could hear different things happening, but she couldn't see to know what it was. The sound of walking got closer as she smelled dust from the dirt going towards her way with it. Small tears would drop yet the wrap covering her eyes soaked them up. She bit her lip is she hears a scoff from whoever was in front of her. ''This one is for the after-life.'' a man spoke as they then chanted. Instead of the smell of death, she could now smell scented lavender of some sort. Burning lavender?

They continued to chant, multiple people as she would then feel her blindfold wiggle off from her right side, peaking. Her beautiful golden brown eyes were wide as she would see blood on the ground, mixed together as if the earth was feeding off of their souls, blood and body. She was dragged in the middle of a large circle-like stone with symbols on it, incense smoke wandering around it. Was this it? 'No my child... I am here...' spoke an unknown voice of a caring woman. ''W-who's there?'' Arisa started to panic and freak. The people didn't know what was happening. ''She couldn't be...'' spoke someone. Arisa's blindfold came all the way off to see everyone's body covered by a blanket-like object. The boy not so far was decapitated, the girl who was taken behind that shed... she could see her arm just laying there, half-way out. Why were they killed? The ones she called siblings?! She cried as the nine year old would then black out again from being hit in the head with a shovel.

The people were killed by a stranger of the unknown as that stranger took her on a ship with a letter. The letter then spoke of directions and one for someone named Judith. Arisa woke up though, not remembering anything of her past as she lived on an island not so far from another Country people called Fiore...Judith took care of Arisa and she became friends with someone named Waylon.



Seraphim appear from a dimensional plane to watch over all life. Some are here to protect, some are here to destroy life to open way for new life. Innocence is their nature to a certain degree. Seraphim are guardian beings, loyal to their home and their power in the material plane are slightly limited but still quite powerful. Their origins are beyond basic knowledge making them a mystery of life.

Seraphim stand taller than the average man. Their hair can range in shades even though they tend to have lighter colors between white and light brown. Seraphim have blue and gold eyes of many shades from light to dark. Other than that, Seraphim have large white feathery wings which they can materialize that span equal to their height and can be white. Most Seraphim have two wings, but more rare ones can even have four or six wings.

They try not to interact with mankind as they are such fragile and innocent souls but few in the past have chosen to wander Earthland learning how the beings live. However, there are times when the world below requires the presence of a Seraphim to deal with a problem.

Sometimes a mortal receives Grace and ascends into becoming a Seraphim, however they lose that Grace partly or entirely. When a Seraphim acts in a manner that causes innocent souls to get hurt by those actions, their Grace will falter and fade away. When this happens, their wings become entirely black, along with their magic. They no longer seem to be able to pick up new spells as fast anymore either.

Most Seraphim have never seen Illumin, who is considered the Father of their realm. Still, they are incredibly loyal and carry out orders given to them through the hierarchy of their realm without questioning it. It is this intrinsic task to not harm innocent souls that cause most Seraphim to lose their Grace when they wander Earthland because they become too human and start to develop emotions.


Seraphim greatly adept with Light-type magic. Their natural alignment to this element comes with great benefits. Seraphim can cast Light-type moves faster than others, which results into a single post cooldown reduction on all Light-type spells from the user.
Besides being able to cast Light-type spells faster, they are also capable of using their mana more efficiently when utilizing Light-type spells. Seraphim receive a 20% mana cost reduction on all Light-type spells from the user.
Not only do Seraphim utilize Light-type magic greater than anyone else naturally by casting it faster and paying less mana, but it also because their Light-type spells are naturally stronger. Seraphim receive a single rank increase on all Light-type spells from the user whether it is Offensive or Defensive.
Seraphim are blessed with something called Grace, which is highly affected by their behavior. Seraphim receive a 20% discount on purchasing spells and 20% discount on training spells. Other than that, they're entirely immune to Light-type magic due to their Grace.
Seraphim are capable of materializing white feathered wings on their back. It costs 100 mana per turn and allows the user to soar up to 15 meters. Its cooldown is 3 posts after deactivation. When losing their Grace, these white feathered wings become entirely black.
Their natural alignment with Light comes with its drawbacks as well. The same way Light functions against Nature in battle, it affects them as well. As a result, Seraphim suffer extra damage from Nature-type moves, which is increased by two ranks in damage.
When a Seraphim acts in a way that causes innocent people to get hurt they lose their Grace perk. The color of their Light-type magic changes color and becomes pitch black. Other than that, the wings they'll materialize will become black as well indicating that they have fallen and lost their Grace.

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Magic & Spells

Angelic Light Magic

Magic Name: Light Magic
Element: Light
Description: It is a Magic in which the caster is able to manipulate and utilize light in various ways. Occasionally, a certain technique, usually involving the hands, is used to cast a Light spell. When used for offense, the Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the caster's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode. Light Magic can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense.

Self-Buff Strength

Weapons, Gear & Companion






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Events Completed:

Melee Tournament Event

D-rank Quests Needed to be Completed:

C-rank Quests Needed to be Completed:

B-rank Quests Needed to be Completed:

A-rank Quests Needed to be Completed:

S-rank Quests Needed to be Completed:

D-rank Quests Completed:

C-rank Quests Completed:

B-rank Quests Completed:

A-rank Quests Completed:

S-rank Quests Completed:

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Name: Maarschalk
Rank: ?-RANK
Association: Unknown - Romantic Interest
Magic: Darkness related Magic
Feelings Towards:
* Even though at first they were chaotic neutral towards each other and even had a silent first meet.
*Later they met out of coincidence and became close, closer in time to where they turned into lovers.
*Months later during a date she spoke too much, causing him to leave her behind and conflict in her eyes.


Name: Yasuki
Rank: D-RANK
Association: Sister
Magic: Wind
Feelings Towards: She feels good enough about her to where she'll protect her.

Name: Kon
Rank: ?-RANK
Association: Cousin
Magic: ?
Feelings Towards: She doesn't know much about him. Arisa feels neutral about him.


Name: Alice
Rank: ?-RANK
Association: Friend
Magic: ?
Feelings Towards: Every meeting they seem to be good friends or that's how she feels. Arisa is unsure on how Alice feels towards her, making it a neutral good friendship.


MAGIC: ???


MAGIC: ???

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