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Housing Curiosities [Waylon]

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Housing Curiosities [Waylon] Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:36 pm

Today is slowly started to snow as she entered Orchidia. The powders of white softly placed on her nose giving her a small glimpse of chill. The chill went down her spine as she was curious. ''What is this?'' she wondered to herself quietly. She looked around to see if anyone was around, but no one was. She was wearing a dress that was well not for the cold. Slowly she jogged towards the nearest building which happened to be a store of winter clothes. Her hair would wind back as she ran and her eyes watered. She was from the islands so this powder stuff never exists (it's snow). She had to find a place to stay, but for now she would shop first and then go towards the living quarters. She truly wanted to see how living was here or so she thought it was for everyone.

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Housing Curiosities [Waylon] Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 12:54 pm

Waylon's travels weren't as long as he thought he still had a few things from his travel. only difference from the backpack on his back, and how different was Waylon had some snow that had built upon the top of his head.

Letting out a stretch and a yawn Waylon walked towards the living are of people. For now he was walking around to get a feel for that area it was not bad of an area in his eyes. If Waylon considered living away from his mother and father this might be the area.

Walking upon the cold winter feel, Waylon smiled for seeing his breath and he held his hand out to allow some snow to pile upon his hand.

Waylon seemed to feel at home in winter. Was it because he was an ice mage? Or because he did could see beauty in winter?

While walking upon he saw the woman he had dinner with last before he traveled again. Realizing how the winter time was fitting for her just in a simple dress.

He would remove his back pack, on the ground by his foot, Waylon took off his coat. Even with it being covered with snow it would be better for Areissa then him, he had a dark blue t-shirt under the long white coat.

He would put his backpack back on him, walking over to Areissa and put it over her shoulders , she was still in a dress and most likely suited for the weather, saying to her "A dress like that, beautiful but ill-fitting for the snow friend. Have my coat." Waylon said with a friendly smile as normal of him. Waylon had not seem to be any different still pale white even with out his coat just with out it his dark blue t-shirt was noticeable.

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She looked towards the building close to her in which was a clothes store. As she was walking towards it in a fast manner she would hear some foot steps. 'Who?' she wondered as she turned to see Waylon. It was much of a surprise to see him a third time. He seemed to oddly be in every town she was in. Why was this? Fate? Or was it something much much...darker...? She would watch him take off his coat and gave it to her, taking it. Slowly she would put it on and walk towards him. Happily she would smile as she twirled with the coat. ''This coat feels very nice...'' she spoke softly and chirpy. Her eyes then looked at his as she wondered, ''So what are you doing here?'' she wondered and tilted her head.

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Housing Curiosities [Waylon] Empty on Sun Dec 18, 2016 2:05 pm

"If I do not have any reason to stick around an area, I often pack up and travel." Waylon mentioned to her while she seemed to smile. "So after our last meeting I packed up and left that area just to traveled here." Waylon said while he brushed the snow off of his hair so it was back to it's normal dark blue.

"The city capital was nice, but a small town person as myself is not hugely use to it."
Waylon admitted right away to Areissa while they had stood there for the moment, he smiled at least in happiness with her while she twirled.

"So yes I am here for that reason, mainly to see and learn new areas? How about yourself? aside from freezing in a dress." Waylon asked not really seemed to be effected by the cold much.

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