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A simple travel [Crocus -> Orchidia]

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Default on Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:34 am

Areissa looked above the sky as she exited out of the hotel. She felt that she had to go, somewhere. She was told the location of the guild of where Lamia was which she became curious about. She truly did want to know about all the guilds, but she wanted to start with Lamia. In all honesty she knew about Blue Pegasus because of her cousin, Alisa. She loved her dearly and due to that she wouldn't tell a soul of what Alisa spoke of. She would smile as she had her bag over her shoulders and started off to the place. She wanted to go with Raphael, but if he didn't come and join her, she'd just go without and hope to meet him there.

Slowly she'd walk towards the forest which was out of town. If he did go with her then they would either walk by each other or he would most likely walk ahead. If not either of those she would sometimes randomly jump ahead and twirl around happily as she would find something rather pretty due to nature loving. Her eyes would brighten as she would see all the animals on the way and as the time past, they'd be there. Her eyes looked around and saw the area, smiling.

As she got closer she looked about and saw some signs that this really was where the guild was located at. She would smile as she had some small hope. She truly wanted to get closer to him, but would this be the trick? Probably not, but she wanted to do what she could. Her eyes saddened, but her lips curved into a smile as she walked passed the woods. She could see the townies and all those that were around...making her feel somewhat awkward though.


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