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Potion Prepper [Request][Kon]

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Konstantin Sokolov
Having arrived in Magnolia town only just yesterday, Konstantin was still slightly tired especially having worked just getting there. He was unconcerned as he wouldn’t be dealing with anything that would require too much thinking, for he had accepted a request, by a gentleman named Khalash Saton, the owner of the Mag Drug Magic Shop. He had accepted the request as he had found the man to be quite knowledgeable when it came to acquiring things that would benefit him in someway.

Today the merchant wanted Kon to collect some herbs for him, instead of going to the hermit who supplied him with a bundle for some food just yesterday. He was after several herbs for his latest potion a curly fern, a Blue Lichen and a Red leafed vine. Each of the herbs he gave vague descriptions of as well as where Kon would find them commenting how. “The Curly Fern is a hardy plant found practically anywhere just not here.” with a wink or how the Blue Lichen was a different species altogether and would have Kon looking in through rotting logs, much to his annoyance.

The merchant continued to elaborate on the finer details of the red leafed vine however after he was done talking to him he made his way back inside the store and closed the door. Recognising that he would be paid upon completion of his task, he began his task to find the plants starting off with the easiest, the curly fern. He managed to find some in between a bed of flowers and a lamp post, Plucking it out roots as well he pull placed it inside one of the Sparky’s saddle pockets. His companion, Sparky was, of course there with him watching his back, carrying his things even now he was holding onto his staff so Kon could use both of his hands. Having acquired the only plant that he could get in town he made his way towards the next plant on his list, the Blue Lichen.

The Blue Lichen as it turned out was fair harder to get, more so than the merchant led on, the trip to the closest rotten logs he used was regular road from Magnolia to Crocus which was normally clean and organised, but today chaotic and almost unusable with it being blocked up from a fallen tree and a line of caravans blocking most of walkable trail. Because of this he was forced to go through the forest along with his companion withdrawing his staff from the staddle using it as a walking stick.

Walking through the thick forest the sky darkened, the air grew colder and humid shivering not expecting the change in weather, he began to look for the rotten logs that were suppose to yield the next crop. As his search began snow started to fall from the sky, whilst beautiful it did detract from his job. Soon he found a large piece of rotten wood that seemed to have been left there after someone chopped it down but didn’t use it for anything. Examining it further he noticed that the lichen was fixed to the log, wasting no time he grabbed his staff with two hands and gave it a mighty swing at the log, sending timber everywhere.

With his pumpkin staff covered in rotten wood and small pieces of blue lichen he wiped it on the ground before putting it on the ground. The bashing of the wood had been to remove the largest piece of the lichen from where it had been, the lichen now accessible he reached for it and placed it in another pouch in Sparky’s staddle. Happy that he found the second ingredient he took a quick break to look at the snow that was beginning to cluster around him as well as have lunch and allow Blitzle to graze for a while.
Once the pair had eaten their fill, Kon set off to the next ingredient, the red leafed vine, that would have him go even further into the forest, where the trees were far larger and more spread out, the snow had barely started to reach the ground the further he went in. Eventually he came to the trees that the vines grew on, much to his annoyance the size of the trees that had them was greatly understated by his employer with him stating they were significantly smaller than they were. Sighing knowing this was all part of the job, Konstantin made his way towards one of the trees temporarily slinging the staff behind his back before climbing on top of it.

He had never been a fan of climbing even as a young boy, because of this he was hesitant in going too far up instead choosing to go to the closest limb that could support his body weight and grab some vine there. Pulling and pulling at the nearest vine he took a huge piece off where it had attached itself, it had required so much force that he almost fell off the tree entirely fortunately that hadn’t been the case but he quickly made his way back down the tree just to be safe.

Completing his second job for the potions merchant, Kon would return to him with a grin assuming he could get out of the forest though, luckily the noise of civilization led him back into town where he manage to get back to Khalash's shop. Providing Khalash with the herbs that he gathered from Sparky’s staddle, the merchant start to prepare them along with the herbs he acquired yesterday, before throwing them into a bubbling cauldron that had been sitting outside prior to Konstantin’s arrival, and after stirring it up a little, he poured a bit into a vial and gave it to Kon to drink.

Recognising that the herb he ate yesterday gave him a small amount of energy and these plants were similar, he could alone assume it would have the same effect. So as he drank it, with it burning as went down, he felt a slight jolt of power that coursed from his core to his peripherals. Coughing a few times, he pardoned himself. Khalash on the other hand was taking notes on how well it worked. Since their last encounter, the merchant had decided not to try and sleaze his way out of paying Kon instead simply providing him with his reward and sending him on his way as the snow continued to fall down upon them.



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