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Visit The Hermit [Request][Kon]

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Konstantin Sokolov
Konstantin Sokolov entered the town through its gates with relative ease and then booked a room at an inn closest to the street adjacent to the inn, walked over to the room’s window and looked in the reflect with his face looking back at him. The hail pounded down from above accompanied by a thick fog that was slowly drawing down the rocky town. Konstantin had always hated the densely populated towns with their busy streets and restricting borders.

Ignoring the sentimentality of all of it, he looked out further into the distance spotting someone. It was the figure of Khalash Saton. Khalash was an eccentric individual. He was right there standing in the warm sunlight shielded only by a wooden stand, preaching to all that rushed past him to their homes. Konstantin sighed, He was not had heard rumors about the man, but they told him nothing in particular.

As Konstantin came closer, he could see the greedy glint in his eye. Khalash  had spent his entire life living and breathing selling magical herbs and potions, first raised as an nobleman’s child from a wealthy family he later grew up with little care for his future, until he began to travel and later bought a shop in Magnolia town after he grew fond of the place. For that, he admired that man, in that despite his upbringing he had managed to change so much. With his right arm drawn above him to shield his face from the bright sunlight, he finally reached the wooden, finely decorated stand and finally spoke to the man.

“Hello Khalash, great weather we’re having to match this fantastic town, eh?” He said sarcastically. Realising that Konstantin was actually standing right next to him he was slightly startled as he had become accustomed to the public who just seemed to have zoned his daily offerings of products for sale. “Woah, my boy doesn't sneak up on your elders, didn’t your parents tell you it’s rude?” Pausing to support himself on a nearby table stacked full of papers. “Now what can I do for you on this great day.” Scoffing slightly too in himself as he shook the hail from his hair. “It’s not what you can do for me, it’s more of a question of what do you need from me?, you asked for someone, I’m that someone.”

Clapping briefly in joy, Khalash  was pleased. Pondering for a moment to give Konstantin his job he reached out and then clasped his right shoulder and told him of the old hermit and the food he’d have to get to him. “See that my lad, I want you to give this food to a man who calls himself the old hermit.” Giving the task at a slow pace to make sure Kon understood evidently having dealt with fairy tail member whom from what he gathered after his first encounter weren't the smartest, handing the food afterwards. Wielding his staff with his right hand, Konstantin took the food in his left before putting it into one of the pouches that his blitzle companion, Sparky had on his new saddle that he had made for him recently.

Total word count: 539/1000

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Konstantin Sokolov
With food being busily pushed towards him and in turn Sparky he was a bit perplexed as to how he’d get there, he tried to question the salesman but he hurriedly pushing Kon out of the stand. Instead he was forced to walk aimlessly around the town, then the Blitzle seemed to be pushing him into a general direction into the woods, he wasn’t particularly fond of them but nonetheless he didn’t ignore him and when in that direction. After a long walk Kon reached the forest and came across a long trail. Following the trail he eventually made his way to a tall tree that was in fact a home, the residence of it were in fact the hermit. As it turned out he had found the tree hollowed out and he turned it into a home.

He was greeted by the hermit who was tending to his herb garden wearing a grin from ear to ear. He spent a number of hours there with him first giving the food to the hermit and having tea giving him information regarding the outside world which the hermit had left behind. Prior to leaving though the hermit provided him with some herbs assumingly to give to Khalash. Additionally also providing him a root, smelling remarkably similar to licorice and telling him eating it to make him stronger. Not wishing to offend the hermit, he ate it without too much difficulty, with it tasting surprisingly pleasant.

Having completed the task, Kon left the hermit’s house and he returned to Khalash, feeling fantastic from the root. Despite his high, he still wanted his reward. "I believe you owe me some jewels." looking back, hardly surprised and fingering the ribbed sandwich he had bought. "Konstantin, I’m but a humble man of god," he replied. Salesmen mumbled under his breath. "I don't have any money to give you, I thought you might do it out of the kindness of your heart." he lied. Konstantin glared, surprised by the dishonesty of the salesmen. "Man of God my arse" Unable to maintain the lie. “Fine then, here’s your reward." he admitted. He reached into his pockets of his pants grabbing a small nondescript pouch and handed it to him with the jewels he was owed inside. "Here's what I owe you."

Glad to have been paid in full and on time, Konstantin collected the jewels and placed it in a similarly styled pouch though a tad more defined before speaking to the salesmen for the final time that night. “Thank you, O’heavenly Father, for the jewels, just know it will be put to good use no whores, or other sinful activities.” He said mockingly. “But for now “Father” Khalash goodbye I hope we have dealings with each other soon.” Rather than replying to his comments, the salesmen merely waved the blond haired man away. Though he stopped the tired kon to take the herbs that the hermit had given him, with Kon just letting go of them so he would only have to be carrying around his staff.

Total word count: 1050/1000

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