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Luna Nightshade
Luna got up bright and early from bed. She went into the bathroom of her apartment and took a quick shower. Once she got out, she dried herself off, and got dressed. Next she dried her hair. Then she put on her shoes. She then grabbed her messenger bag and a couple books to read while she was there.

She walked down the hallway, until she reached her destination. Once there, Luna knocked on the door. As soon as she did, the door swung inwards and a man, who looked hung over stood in the doorway. Luna was a bit surprised when the door swung open not even two seconds after her knock but, she shook it off.

"You must be the client, Mitya. I'm Luna Nightshade from the Lamia Scale guild. I'm here to watch your mother." Mitya eyed Luna from head to toe before motioning to her to enter the apartment. When she got inside, she was instructed to remove her shoes and put on a pair of guest slippers. Once Luna did that, she followed Mitya further inside.

The inside of the apartment was nicely decorated with many little knickknacks, as well as some glass cabinets filled with porcelain trinkets and figurines. The front room smelled of Lavender which Luna found to be quite pleasant.

In the front room, sitting in a rocking chair was a kind looking elderly woman. Mitya stood next to the woman, and looked at Luna who stopped in front of them.

"Ahem, mother, this is Miss Luna, she will be looking after you for the day, while I'm at work. Miss Luna, this is my mother, Rynah, please make sure to watch her well. Luna nodded.

"Of course, I will do my utmost best." With that, Mitya left for work, leaving Luna and Rynah alone together. "Hello Rynah, its very lovely to meet you, I'm Luna, and I'll be looking after you today." Rynah looked up at Luna and smiled warmly at her. "Why thank you dearie, you're such a good girl for looking after me."

Luna couldn't help but smile as well. "Is there anything I can get for you?" Rynah simply shook her head. "Oh no, I'm quite alright dearie. I just want to work on my knitting." Luna nodded and went to sit across from Rynah on the couch. She watched as the lady picking up her knitting stuff and started her work. Luna grabbed one of her two books from her bag to read. She opened it, and began reading it, all while remembering to look up at Rynah every so often. After all, she wasn't there just to read.

After awhile of reading, Luna started to get a bit thirsty and that gave her an idea. She looked over at Rynah who was still knitting."Would you like me to make us some tea seeing as its so cold out?" Rynah looked up at Luna when she suggested that and smiled joyfully. "that would be lovely, I would love some jasmine tea." Luna nodded then stood up, put her book down on the couch and headed into the kitchen.

Luna had to search around for the tea until she found it up in a cupboard above the stove. Luna filled the tea pot that was resting on the stove with water, and began to boil the water on high, so she could make the tea. While she waited for the water to boil, she looked for mugs or tea cups she could server the tea in. Luna found them in the cabinet above on the other side of the sink.

Just as she found the mugs, the tea pot whistled to let her know the water was ready. Luna turned the stove off to stop the water from boiling any further. She place a tea bag in each mug before pouring the water into each cup. While she waited for the tea to mix in with the water, Rynah came into the kitchen. "I thought I should make my special cookies, they are super delicious and go great with tea."

Rynah she whipped up the dough in record speed, and sprinkled blue sprinkles on top right before placing them in the oven which she had already preheated prior to making the dough. She closed the oven, and went back to sitting in her chair in the living room. Only now, she started to work on a crossword puzzle.

Once the tea was ready, Luna found a tray, put the mugs on it and carried it out of kitchen. She handed one to Rynah. "Here's your tea, I hope you like it." Rynah took the mug from Luna and smiled. "Thank you my dear, you're such a sweet young lady." Rynah then took a sip of the tea, letting out a pleasant sigh. Luna went back to sit on the couch with her cup of tea, sipping it while she continued to read her book.

Luna would occasionally look up at Rynah in between sipping her tea and reading a page of her book. At one point, Rynah looked up and said, "Ah.. this tea takes me back to my younger days when my friends and I would hold tea parties once a week for our book club. They were always so lovely. I miss those days." Luna smiled at her. "It certainly does sound lovely." Rynah looked Luna and smiled.

About 45 minutes passed since Rynah put the cookies in the oven. Luna decided to go check on them. Once in the kitchen, she went over to the oven, and opened it to check. Judging by the browned edges and the amazing fragrance they gave off, it seemed they were ready. Luna grabbed an oven mitt and took the cookie tray out of the oven setting it on the counter top and then turned off the oven. She then called Rynah into the kitchen, so she could check the cookies herself. Rynah did check them and they were indeed done.

"Go ahead and try one for yourself, I guarantee their taste." Since Luna wasn't one to turn down someone's kindness, she gladly took a cookie off the tray, and bit into it. The instant she did, Luna felt power surge through her body. "These cookies are amazing and very delicious." Rynah smiled, happy that Luna liked her cookies.

The rest of the day, went on uneventful, and before they knew it, evening came and Mitya came home from work. "Well, it looks like everything went well." Luna nodded to confirm his assessment. He thanked Luna for her hard work and gave her, her reward. Luna thanked Mitya and said her goodbyes to Rynah before leaving.

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