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Catching the Conman [Quest/Private]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:09 pm

Alright. So the first task was for Jeremiah to actually find this con artist. Walking through the streets in crocus he was actually in no rush to find the man who ripped off Batra. Although Batra was considered one of his friends at this point, he knew that there was only so far the conman could have gone. Only having a T-shirt on drew much attention to him considering the temperature of the city was probably below 30. How was he even surviving? Simple. It was all thanks to the Phoenix who had been protecting him from the cold winds with heat energy. Although the spirit didn't speak for quite some time now, he knew that he was still there just from that simple gesture. After all, Jeremiah would not be able to live if the being was extracted from him or left his body not to mention that there was almost no way he could do that. The Phoenix was up to something though, that much he knew for sure but what could it have been? Right now the young mage didn't have time to think about that. He was hired by Batra to handle this specific task and he was going to get it done. The streets were clear, probably because it was way too cold for anybody to be outside but he didn't complain at all. The clear streets would make it much easier for him to find the person he needed to find. To be quite frank, he was done with this town all together. After his fight with that weird demon mage, he knew that he should see a professional asap. After that day, the Phoenix had been silent. All Jeremiah could remember was feeling that frozen flash shock his entire body, sending him temporarily into paralysis and causing him to take a blow to the face. The Phoenix didn't even speak after that day either, and he was sure it wasn't because he was displeased with the fight. They were clearly superior fighters... but something didn't sit well with him. Never in his entire life has he been unable to hear the Phoenix. Ignoring his personal problems, the brown skinned Fairy rushed down the streets of crocus.

Up ahead he could see a man with a large afro, walking calmly as if nothing was wrong. Remembering the description in which Batra gave, Jeremiah swiftly approached him. The firs thing the young man did was tap the accused victim, then once seeing his face he delivered a punch directly to his nose, whilst holding the collar of his shirt with his opposite hand. Glaring into his eyes, Jeremiah's facial expression stated nothing but death. The man seemed to know why Jeremiah attacked him and immediately gave up what seemed to be money he had in his left pocket. "H-here! Take it, it's all I have- please don't hurt me!" Releasing his hand from the shirt, Jeremiah watched as the conman ran away frantically.

Alright, time to go back to Batra, hopefully this was all the money, I should have knocked him out. Walking back towards the Inn, Ali was silent and took his time since he did think that everything was okay. He didn't suspect that when he reached the Inn, Batra would tell him that the money he received from the conman known as Kyle was fake. How could he have missed something like that? He couldn't help but to think if he would have still been fooled if the Phoenix was... awake? Frustrated, the savannian mage growled and exited the Inn once more, this time he was in a rush. Quickly the mage searched the blocks he passed for the person who put him through all this trouble. Who did this conman think he was? When Miah got ahold of him, he promised himself that he would show no mercy to the damn criminal. Today just wasn't a good day for him it seemed. Nothing was going right.

In the morning he woke up with a terrible headache, only to find out that the Phoenix wasn't speaking for some reason. Then, the cafeteria in Batras in didn't even have any bacon, now he finds out that the conman conned him! Jeremiah's jacket flapped in the wind making it evident that it was a cold day. The only reason he wasn't shivering was because of the Phoenix, so he knew that the beast was still inside of him. Picking up the pace, he asked the little bit of civilians outside in the harsh weather if they saw the man with the afro. Most said they hadn't, while few pointed in different directions to where they saw him go. After this whole thing was over, it was time to get back to business. He said the same thing when he fought that short haired man, then turned around and picked up a request, but this time he was seriously not joking.

Seeing the conman up ahead, it appeared that he was still running. Growling, Miah decided to run as well, but y now the Conman was tired from all the running he did, so he was in the safe in terms of catching up. Once catching up, he simply tackled the conman onto the ground, making him slam his face onto the floor. The Fairy Tail mage then stood up and turned his target onto his back. As to be expected, Kyle began to beg for mercy as his hands went up to protect himself, but Ali wasn't trying to hear it this time. Time was already being wasted, so without wasting anymore he delivered one blow to Kyle's face, knocking him out. Finally, Jeremiah brought him back to Batra who thanked and rewarded him for taking the time out to help him. All he needed was a little bit of money in his pockets since he wasn't planning on stayingin the town of crocus any longer. As stated before, there was something wrong with him and he needed to see a professional and fast.

~ Exit ~

Word Count: 1,009/1,000

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