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Conman Coward [Raphael, Areissa]

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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:09 am

Raphael stretched a little, yawning as he walked through the streets of Crocus, searching for the com-man Batra had told him and Areissa about. The guy was apparently a bit of a shrimp; with a strange looking haircut. He eyed the photograph they had been given once more, intrigued by how odd the man looked. He could understand why the guy was a con-man, with a face like that, he had thug written all over him. He probably would never end up being hired for any sort of respectable job; he would have felt sorry for the guy, if not for the fact he was currently their target. The man had scammed one too many person, and Batra was going to see to the fact that at the very least, one person got their money back. Shrugging the thought aside, Raphael turned to Areissa, his companion on this mission.

"So, do you see the guy yet?"


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:22 am

Slowly she would walk behind Raphael. Her hands were behind her back holding each other and upon each she would lift one leg up and then down. After that she would do the same thing with the other leg like some child. Her bright galaxy eyes would wander around for some punk that was causing some trouble. She was actually enjoying this as she was with Raph. Slowly her eyes cornered to look at him. He looked as confident and calm as usual, it made her smile within. For some reason Areissa felt somewhat warm when around him. Her hair of amethyst purple would wind behind her as strands would flail.

She wondered what the con guy exactly looked like as she heard he was a pretty shitty looking guy. His face looked like he was constipated and his hair looked like he took a sword to his afro...or that's what she heard. She hummed softly and then heard Raph speak to her. He asked if she found him yet. 'Oh man, you're alone with him yknow. It's your chance to ask stuff.' a dark voice spoke which made Areissa look away annoyed. 'We're doing a mission. Not some quality time.' she spoke within her thoughts all serious and pout-like. ''Nope! Not yet.'' she spoke and replied to Raph. Maybe this con guy was in some park under a tree or in the alley like some typical con-artist. ''Maybe he's in some alley or some park under a tree.'' she spoke softly and quietly, not wanting to be too loud.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:43 am

Raphael listened to Areissa's suggestions on where he might be; either under a tree in a park, or in some alley. Seeing as though they were wandering around in the streets, alleys were probably the best place to be looking for the guy.

"All right then, lets look around in some of these alleys then!"

Raphael wasn't particularly good at making conversation when he had a different goal in mind, so he wasn't saying much. He was much more focused on the prospect of catching this guy, and beginning to make a name for himself in Crocus. The two darted around, looking around in alleyways for the gross looking con-man, until they eventually ran into a familiarly ugly mug. Raphael wasted no time in getting to the point.

"Hey, are you Kyle? We've heard you've been up to no good, and have come to reclaim that money you scammed. Give it up quickly, or face the consequences."


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 11:50 am

She looked at Raphael and heard him agree with her. She was somewhat surprised that someone was taking her advice. Was it truly this easy or did he trust her? It was one of those, but why did it truly matter? She followed him as she didn't want to really be seperated on a mission and then something happens. Her facial expression was calm yet happy. She would have a smile on her face as she did look for this dude that owed money. While they went into some alley - there he was. She would looked at Raphael and then at the guy, listening.

The dude would look at him and then at her, smirking. He slowly tipped his head left and right as if he was stretching it and thinking. His eyes half-way closed and looked up at Raphael. ''Mm? Oh yea right. I was waiting for him to send someone.'' he started to speak in a rather high-pitched yet low voice. Slowly he would go into his pockets and took out some money, handing it to Raphael. ''There ya go.'' he would say. He looked at Areissa and then back at Raphael. 'That was easier than expected.' she thought for a moment. This felt weird like something was up, but she couldn't really think on why.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:03 pm

Raphael was also pretty surprised by the man's forwardness. After a brief pause, Raphael took the money from Kyle, obviously incredibly confused.

"Well... Thank you? I guess you can go about the rest of your day... Try to stay out of trouble?"

"Oh, no problem. I'll see what I can do. No promises though."

The man sneered, and began to saunter away. As Kyle disappeared off into the alley, Raphael turned to Areissa and shrugged.

"Welp, that's over with. I guess we were just too imposing for him to handle. Time to head back to the bar? Batra should be pleased."

And with that, the two of them wandered back to the bar, and handed Batra the money that they had been given. Batra looked it over briefly, at first a big smile on his face. However, as he flipped through the bills, the smile faded, and before the two knew it, he had thrown the bills onto the ground.

"Damn, Kyle's good. I almost didn't catch that. These are fake bills, he's conned us all! Go and get him, and make sure he gives you real money this time."


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:10 pm

Areissa looked at Raphael as he shrugged making her wonder. She shrugged as well as they started to walk to Batra. Her eyes looked around and then they went up to see him. She could see he was well satisfied which put her worries to rest. It wasn't even a second till that smile of satisfaction disappeared. The money appeared to be fake which made her turn and go out the door before Raphael. 'What a punk...' she thought and clenched her fist. Sure she knew she wouldn't really be able to do much due to not having much ability, but she'd figure out something.

Quickly she would power walk towards where he lastly was and didn't see him. Her head turned left and right as Areissa would walk out. Her eyes wandered for this guy and wasn't too highly sure where he'd end up. Not too long before she would see him. ''HEY!'' she'd yell and ran after him. His eyes widened and ran off deeper into the city and towards the exit. 'God damn it...What a time to not have really any spells...' she'd think and ran past the people that were in her way. Hopefully Raphael had some idea or spells..something to catch this guy. All she could do was try to catch up to him and keep an eye on him.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:29 pm

Raphael couldn't help but chuckle a little bit when they were told that the money was fake. That was such a classic con-man thing to do, he honestly should have seen it coming. Areissa dashed out the door pretty soon after they found out, and he was surprised by how upset she was. He waved to Batra as he speed-walked towards the door, and began to run to catch up to Areissa. He followed after her as she ran back to where they had cornered the man before, but he was obviously not there at all. He caught up to her as she snooped around, trying to scope out where the man was, and after a while, she managed to find him. She shouted out to him, and sprinted after him, alerting the man. Raphael couldn't help but smile; the easiest way to have apprehended the man would have been to just sneak up on him, but calling him out was much more flashy, he remembered when he had done that to one of the members of the dark guild he was combatting with here in Crocus. The three of them ran around through the city, getting closer and closer to the entrance of the city. The two of them were steadily progressing towards the man, they were almost upon him.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:35 pm

As she was running after the man she was hearing someone follow-up with her. Her eyes cornered for a split second to see that Raph was catching up. She felt like this was some game of cops and robbers or cat and mouse. Honestly she wasn't that mad as for some reason running with him felt nice. The wind was soothing her face as she watched the con man run for his life. Her heart pounded as they were slowly getting closer and then out of no where the man looked back to see where they were and tripped. Quickly he stopped up and turned around and glared. ''You're going to have to force me to pay back.'' he spat and spitted to the side. He rubbed the side of his face and glared at the two. Areissa stopped running of course as she would then corner her eyes to see Raphael then there. What can they do? Did Raphael have something up his sleeve?


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:45 pm

As soon as the man tripped, Raphael knew they had one. As the man stood back up and told them that he wasn't going to pay, Raphael had gotten close enough to act. Without any hesitation he leapt up, his forward momentum and the force of his jump bringing him forward as he tucked into a jump-kick. He struck Kyle squarely in the chest, knocking the man backwards, and causing him to have the wind knocked out of him. As Kyle staggered back, he grunted, pulling out a bat from somewhere.

"You... Think that's enough to take me down? I can hold my own against the likes of you."

Raphael was by now back on his feet, and once more dashed at Kyle, this time, kicking at the man's hand that held his bat. The man dropped it, and squealed in pain. Raphael snatched it up pretty quickly, weighing it up in his hand. He then swung it around a little, getting a feel for the weapon.

"Hmmm, feels pretty nice. I should get myself one of these."

He brandished it threateningly, and vaguely wondered what Areissa was doing in this situation.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 12:54 pm

Areissa looked at him and watched him do his work. He seemed to pretty much handle the situration on his own. Why should she join in? She'd just get in the way. In the way... She was thinking for a few moments and then her eyes looked at Raphael with the bat, swinging the bat a little playing with it. A flashback sort of hit as she saw someone bashing someone's face with some sort of pole. Blood started to splatter everywhere and painted the walls red. It was too dark to see both of the people in this scene. Quickly she shook her head and saw Raphael with the bat.

Her eyes looked and blinked around and then at the con guy. She'd storm forward with her arms dangling against her side and looked at him. ''What are you looking a-.'' he was about to say as her right leg kicked in a certain spot in the back of the head, knocking him out. ''Let's just go...'' she spoke softly and lowered her gaze. Slowly she would bend down and grabbed onto him by the collar of his shirt. Areissa would drag him where Batra was and be done.


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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:27 pm

Raphael watched as Areissa finished Kyle off with a well timed kick, and gave her a thumbs up. The two of them began to walk off back to Batra's, dragging Kyle behind them. They had done their job, and now they were going to claim their reward, as soon as they brought Kyle off to Batra. Once they had finally brought the man back to the bar, Batra gave them an approving look, and tossed them their reward.

"Nice job, both of you."

Raphael nodded his head, and began to exit the building, heading off, with Areissa tailing behind him. After they had exited, Raphael began to speak to her.

"Well, that was a success. Nice work Areissa, we should do some more of these!"



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on Sat Dec 03, 2016 1:31 pm

Areissa would drag him to Batra and as soon as she went into his building she dropped him in front of Batra. He has a smile as he was now truly satisfied. Something felt off with herself though as she thought about that flashback. What was that about? The guy would give them both their reward and they would leave the place. She would make a smile as soon as Raphael would speak to her saying that they should do more of these. Her head tilted a little bit with her smile that became softer. ''Yea. Sounds nice, Raphael.'' she would lastly say as they would go off and away from here.



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