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Placing your bets [Salem]

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#1Konstantin Sokolov 

on Tue Nov 22, 2016 7:54 am

Konstantin had never been one for arena based fighting that was done for an audience where the participants quite literally would sometimes be putting their life on the line. Ignoring his dislike towards the sport, following the advice of Barta, the bartender whom he had dealings with multiple times in the past, he went to Domus Flau with his companion, Sparky following after him, occasionally sniffing at something before chasing back to Konstantin's side. The advice in question was regarding the entry fee and the overall cost of food and beverages offered to the audience. Whilst Konstantin had assumed that as a Rune knight he'd receive those bonuses without question, he was told he would have to ask specifically. So once he got to the entrance of the Arena, Konstantin pulled out his identification as well as informing the guards that he was here to oversee the tournament for today.

Unfortunately one of the guards grew suspicious about his motives as there was already a team looking over it, Konstantin thinking quickly on his toes told the guard. "I'm a part of the team that's already there, I got side-tracked with my companion here." Wielding his staff, he shook it before continuing. "My vision is a bit poor, so I have Sparky here, and this trust staff to help me." Feeling guilty about faking a disability he swallowed as his stomach burned. Letting him through, the guard almost tried to give him an aid to go to the group, though he managed to persuade them not to.

Now inside the large Arena, he would easily blend into the rest of the audience and be hidden from the guards in case they called the team about him. Ignoring the risks, he moves to a stall offering food, which he used a series of coupons to purchase his food and drink at a quarter of the price before he made his way to the seating for the tournament audience where he could also have Sparky be near him without hindering others. As the tournament was beginning several bookies came around looking for people to place bets on various fighters.

Unaccustomed to the process and having a few thousand jewels left over from his purchases, he betted on apparently one of the most recognizable fighters in Fiore against another bloke. Though he knew who neither were nor truly cared.


on Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:19 am

Salem casually strolled down the street as he made his way to go watch some Arena fights. This being one of his more favorite past times to do in the city of Crocus. As it was never no telling what was to happen at the arena. Not only between the fighters inside of the Arena but between the watchers as they tended to get a little rowdy when it came down to the fights. As most of the spectators only came to watch the fights in hopes of winning big on the bets. This being one of the more easy ways to gain money in Crocus fast. Fast enough that even Salem was considering placing a bet or two so that he could increase his savings. As he was hoping to get his hands on some really good spell books and a few good bets might just help get him closer to that.

Reaching the Domus Flau arena Salem would be greeted by the guards who were quite familiar with the young Mage. Thanks to not only his dead father being a Rune Knight, but also his Adoptive father Oda, who was still a active Captain in the Knights still. Meaning Salem was known by most of his fellow upper knights and guards of the city. But none the less he was still a nobody to the world, this just allowed for him to walk inside of the arena without actually having to pay. Something he had got fond off. It made Salem feel as though he was not so much of an outsider as he was made to seem growing up going to school in North Fiore. As now he could casually walk the streets and not be shunned for his magic use.

After entering the Arena Salem would proceed to walk around taking notice of a few of the vendors selling food, as well as some merchandise like shirts and things promoting some of the more famed fighters of the arena. Salem would proceed to approach one of his more favorite food stalls, as he knew that he would get free food just for being a Rune Knight. Once at the food stall Salem would proceed to show his Rune Knight tattoo that was located on his left shoulder. With food in hand Salem would then proceed make his way to look for a seat as he was sure that the first fight was soon to be starting, and he did not want to miss any of the action. And had no intention of betting on the first two fighters as this was more or less one of the preview matches that were used to pump up the crowd before they brought out the real fighters.

Creeping threw the stands Salem would finally come to find himself a decent spot, though he wished that he could get one in a less crowded area. Due to Salem not being much of a people person having been shunned by his own peers as a child. But as luck would have It, the seat to Salem’s left side would be empty giving him some breathing room. Even though a seemingly tall pale skinned male with spiky blond hair was sitting on his right.

#3Konstantin Sokolov 

on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:47 am

A loud gong fell out across the Arena from above the podium, the tournament had begun. The contestants were all brought out into the dirt covered ground in a line seemingly in no order. they seemed to come from all backgrounds some wizards from guilds, others freelancers and even a few home staged fighters whom were hired by the Arena to promotion themselves. As another gong played out, Kon ate a large chunk out of a hotdog that he had purchased munched on it for a bit as he began to watch the first fight. The initial fight was a man donning full plated armor and wielding a war hammer, which was an odd combination considering his opponent was a teenage girl who looked little more than 16 years old from this distance. His thoughts on why the armor might be more of a hindrance stemmed from the girls light and agile attire and physique.

Another gong played out to signify the start of the fight. Numerous other weapons were lying around that were apparently free for the contestants to use, however the two seemed interest in using their own methods with the armored man simply trying to smash her with his hammer or otherwise just beat her with the sheer weight of his gear. The girl on the other day seemed to be almost kiting him so she could attack once the man grew tired enough. Occasionally a swing would just barely touch the girl though never dealing any damage, with the audience lapping up every moment of it.

Annoyed by the behavior of the fight, Konstantin gave the remainder of his hot dog to Sparky, rose to his feet and berated the girl just as many of the other audience members were. It took him a bit longer than it should have that his behavior was unbecoming and instead sat back down instead of continuing his insults. Wanting to apologize to the person next to him, he turned to him, yelling over the crowd of people and stretching out his right hand to shake the man's. "Hey there, the name's Konstantin Sokolov, sorry for that, I've never been here before this is all new to me, the arena fighting I mean."


on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:28 pm

Almost as soon as Salem took his seat in the arena, they would sound the gong. This would be the start of the event that was to soon take place here. As with the sound of the Gong all of the different contestants that would be competing in today’s fights would make their way out of the arena gate forming two separate lines with a big opening in the middle. This would be to allow the fighters some form of recognition as not all the man and women who stood in the line up would be of big names. Most of who actually weren’t known at all. But looking down at the arena Salem was able to spot out a few of the bigger name fighters that he himself knew. A few even on the personal level for having spent so much time at and around the arena with Oda. Since Oda’s squad of Knights tended to be the Rune Knight group that was selected to be present during the Arena. Salem spent a lot of his youth when he lived in Crocus at the Arena.

Out of about the twenty fighters standing in the center of the arena still in their two lines, Salem would only care for about three out of the bunch. One of them being a young mage, a girl that Salem had only seen a few times around the capital at various book stores and what not learning magic in the same fashion as him. So he could not even begin to grasp why this girl was now standing in the center of the Arena about to enter combat that could possibly end her life. Unless she had managed to learn some form of magic that she was sure to be capable of allowing her to hold her own against a more combative foe.

Soon enough a second gong would sound ringing threw the arena as the crowd started screaming and cheering as two fighters walked out of the bottom gates of the arena back on to the field. One being a rising fighter that Salem had watched a few times going by the name of Iron Bear, the other the young girl that he recognized from earlier who would be announced as the Scarlet witch. Almost as soon as the two contestants made eye contact the battle would begin. Though the girl would obviously be taking the defensive route using her speed to avoid all of the ongoing attacks made by Iron bear. Who simply had no chance of being able to attack the girl with the current way that the fight was going. As he was just simply to slow do to the plated armor and giant heavy battle hammer that he used.

But the girls agile figure and repetitive dodging of the attacks from Iron Bear, would cause the crowd to roar some going crazy at the outcome of how this was fight was becoming a one way fight in the favor of the Scarlet witch a new comer to the arena. Instead of Iron Bear who was a upcoming soon to be House Name if he kept on his current path In the Arena. This being the only logical reason that Salem could come to as he wondered why the arena was full of voices berating the girl for her non aggressive style of combat. This rage would take over a majority of the arena, even managing to consume the blonde haired dude sitting next to him. But the man would soon calm himself, apologizing to Salem for his actions. As well as introducing himself to Salem and explaining to him that this was his first time at the Arena.

Accepting the apology of the spike blond haired man, Salem would proceed to introduce himself as it was just good manors. "I am Salem Pendragon Paige of the Rune Knights, and the arena can be overwhelming especially on your first visit. But don’t pay it to much mind unless you’re here betting as the loan sharks here in the capital can get pretty aggressive”.

#5Konstantin Sokolov 

on Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:16 pm

Shaking the fellow Rune Knight's hand, Konstantin would reveal his allegiance as well. Rubbing the back of his head, he grinned and spoke. "Rune Knights, hmm?, Interesting I'm one as well, Page too, I'm surprised you don't know my brother, Alek Sokolov, he's a Seated knight." To be honest, he really didn't want to rely on his brother to bolster his own name, but there was no harm in it at the moment. Returning his focus back into the fight that was still going on down below. Konstantin could see that the fully armoured man was gradually getting tired having not paced himself properly, meanwhile the girl had been able to get a few strikes him using a combination of both her colourful magic as well as a small dagger that shone a beautiful green as it was swing. The dagger had been concealed in the pockets of her attire. The magic just seemed to be distracting him, though he had noticed the swings that he was throwing seemed to have less weight behind them.
As the fight drew on, the girl's skilful use of the dagger led to the man being disarmed as well as having his armour littered with deep cuts. Kon was surprised by the strength of the dagger though this was a magical arena and anything goes. Eventually, the man dropped to his knees and the judges called the fight off, proclaiming the female fighter as the victory, with varying groans or cheers being heard throughout the arena. As he hadn't placed any bets on his fight, the outcome didn't really matter, though he was surprised by the result.

Curious about Salem's thought on the fight, Kon returned his focus to him as the man was taken from the field and it was being cleared haphazardly by some men wielding brooms, with most of the blood cleaned up two men entered the arena. "So Salem, what did you think of that fight, surprised that the girl won or did you realize that the man was just outplayed?"


on Wed Nov 23, 2016 3:13 am

The fight would soon start to change for the better or the worse depending on the way that you bet. As soon the Scarlet Witch would start to take her move towards victory over the Iron Bear. As the man was completely out of his league against this young girl who soon would reveal the special green dagger blade that she had been hiding this whole time in here cloak. But the most shocking part of the fight going on right now in the arena to Salem was the strange colorful magic that was being used by the young girl dubbed the Scarlet Witch. The magic to most would just seem to be a distraction, but to someone like Salem who completely aimed to understand all things magic, knew better then to fall for the simply display of the magic. As this girl just like him aimed to learn all about magic, and as it would seem had managed to learn some strange form of magic that she was not utilizing to defeat an opponent who should have had the upper hand.

But that was the beauty of the arena, as it was not un common for the underdogs to come out on top in a fight. This being what was going on now against the house favorite to win the match Iron bear. As he was drastically losing energy as the fight prolonged, not being able to keep up with the daring moves of the girl dubbed the Scarlet Witch. Something Salem was sure had to do with the weird colorful magic that was being utilized by the girl. Allowing for her to make several drastic slashes with the small green dagger at the body of the Iron bear. Each slash seeming to take more and more for them man as he continued to try and push himself in the arena in hopes of honor and glory. The true reason that most warriors found themselves here at Domus Flau.

In the midst of the battle, the strange blond haired man that just moments ago lost himself to the rage of the arena crowd would also proceed to tell Salem that he also was a Paige Rune Knight. This being a little shocking to him as he figured that he would of recognized a fellow Paige of the Rune Knights, especially one with blond hair and a strange attire like this one. Mainly still trying to figure out why the man had a strange forehead protector on, but none the less who was Salem to be talking. As he himself also tended to stray away from the traditional attire of the Rune Knight Paige’s.

The blonde haired man would proceed to tell Salem of his brother who was also a Rune Knight of the seated level, being surprised that Salem had no actual clue who his older brother was. But then again Salem was sure that he could say his adopted father was Rune Knight Captain Oda and the boy probably wouldn’t even know who Oda was. That being something considering the rank and stature of Oda. Soon the fight bellow the two paiges would come to an end as the loud thud of Iron bears body could be hitting the ground as the young girl finished her final attack to secure her victory in her first arena battle. The crowd would proceed to chant and scream all types of different responses to the outcome of the fight. Some being happy that the girl had managed to upset the Iron bear, while a couple others groaned and cussed due to the fact that they now had just lost whatever money they placed on the fight.

As soon as the fight was over the young girl would exit the arena leaving for drained foe Iron bear on the arena floor. Where he would remain until the cleaning crew managed to help him out as the prepared for the next fight. This one of two men that Salem had no idea who were, probably more rookie fighters like the young girl trying to make a name for themselves inside of the arena. As the next fight begin to proceed the blonde haired boy would proceed to ask Salem what he thought. Mainly wondering if Salem was as shocked as he was that the girl had just managed to win a fight that she walked in looking to completely lose.

With his eyes still on the Arena as he prepared to see what the Arena had to offer next, Salem would proceed to answer the boys question. In tone that probably made him seem more of a un interested know-it-all. “It wasn’t that the man was out played, it was the strange magic that the young girl used. From the looks of which was draining the energy of the man that it was used on. So honestly he stood no chance from the beginning he was out maged as one would say. But that’s the beauty of the Arena as one should never underestimate any fighter once they stepped on arena floor. As im sure his over confidence of a victory was what truly led to his defeat today". Finishing his statement Salem would proceed to take a sip of the drink that he had gotten earlier from one of the food stalls.

#7Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 23, 2016 4:59 am

Rubbing the neck of his companion as he listened to his fellow rune knight member, Konstantin thought he might have perhaps worded his statement incorrectly. Not wanting to interrupt the man, he continued to listen. For the most part, he agreed with the black haired man as he too noticed the woman's use of magic. Once he had finished responding to his comment, Konstantin agreed with him. "Yeah I do see your point, the moment she used her magic he could evidently be seen getting weaker. To be honest the fight didn't seem all that fair in my eyes, considering the drastic difference in power between the two. Though I guess it comes with the whole concept of having an Arena."

With the grounds prepped two new competitors entered the field. One was a robe covered figure wielding numerous unusual staffs as well as a heavy looking backpack that was full of bits and bobs which he couldn't make out fully from the distance. The man was a nearly naked muscular man with who looked like the type of person that would speak in 3rd person, nonetheless he would not want to fight him as he was twice his size. Soon one of the judges came out again and announced the fighters, before starting the fight between the two.


on Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:58 am

Still in the stands at the Domus Flau Arena Salem could only wonder if this was all his day was going to consist off. As it was what one could easily consider a beautiful day. One that should not be wasted even on a glorious event such as this one of watching the arena fights. Even though Salem was enjoying the live action, he did not see much magical knowledge coming from it. Since the strange magic that the scarlet witch had just used was probably going to be the only unique magic that Salem would get a chance to witness today. But then again anything was possible inside of the Arena, something that Salem had come to see many times in his many visits to watch a countless number of fights. Usually accompanied by his foster father Oda.

Though strangely on this day Salem would manage to make a new acquaintance. A fellow Paige Rune Knight by the name of Konstantin Sokolov. A name that Salem considered a mouth full and had no intention of completely saying. Deciding that he would refer to this new acquaintance as Kon for short. This thought process would take place as Salem somewhat listened to what, Kon had to say on Salem’s response to his recent question about the first fight that had just ended. Stating that he saw where Salem was coming from in what he had to say about the girl and her magic being the reason for the way the fight went today. Though Kon felt the match was won because of the difference in power level. Something be absurd to Salem, as he knew that it had nothing to actually do with skill but the fact that the man known as Iron Bear had no idea as to what he was up against. And one cant defend against something that they have no idea off. As honestly the Scarlett Witch was no more powerful then even Kon or Salem in the terms of magic ability.

She just happen to luck up and have the advantage of the unknown on her side, allowing for her to come out on top as the victor of her fight. But none the less Salem figured he would let Kon think what he wanted of the scene that they just watched, due to Salem feeling that he had no honest reason to need start a possible argument with his fellow Rune Knight. Crashing threw the stands the sound of the gong could be heard probably threw most of the capital. But none the less it was the signal that now the second fight was underway. Looking down at the Arena floor Salem would being to scope out the two new fighters, one of which who possessed several staffs that Salem were sure of magic organ. The other being a gigantic shirtless muscle man, that kind of creped Salem out a little due to the more then needed muscles that the man had, as he even managed to have muscles on his Eyebrows.

With the second fight underway Salem could only wonder what the outcome was to be of the two fighters. Even turning to Kon to make a slight wager. “What do you say Kon? Lets make a friendly little wager on this fight here as to who you think will win. Loser has to do all the others chores around the castle for a week.” Finishing his little statement Salem would proceed to take another sip of his drank as he watched the fight and considered joining in on the chant that the crowd of the arena was singing showing the love that they had for their country and king.

#9Konstantin Sokolov 

on Wed Nov 23, 2016 10:46 am

"hmm, betting for doing jobs instead of Jewels, an interesting idea." Kon thought to himself, looking at Sparky brief before returning to Salem. With some hesitance he would accept, though he had been looking forward to having less basic duties to do considering he was on his way to the next rank as part of the Rune Knights. For now he'd try and form the bond between the two more strongly by replying. "Yeah sure, what do you have to do as part of your duties, mine are becoming far more significant interest of the typical cleaning and fetching things that us, Pages normally deal with?, Additionally who did you have in mind picking, I was looking at the bloke in the cloak, he had a sense of mystery about him." As he ended his response, Konstantin too drank from his cup, a fairly large one as the weather seems to have gotten extremely all of a sudden that seemed to be emitting from the center of the Arena obvious by one of them but it was so strong it wasn't identifiable as to which one.

Amused by the change of pace that they'd be looking at as well as the evident discomfort that most of the audience had, he looked carefully as the Judge started to announce the start of the fight just as the bookie did their final sweep. Interesting this was the fight which he had placed the bet on, shrugging to himself either way he'd be winning something at least.


on Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:16 pm

Still looking at the arena floor Salem would be analyzing the two fighters that had entered the arena only moments ago. Since Salem was still not sure exactly who he wanted to put his theoretical money on. Due to him having made a bet with his new Rune Knight Paige acquaintance only moments ago. Using the normal Paige chores they were tasked with on the daily instead of actual money. Kon easily agreeing to the bet and stating to Salem that his chores were starting to become more significant that the regular everyday chores of cleaning and fetching things that most Paige’s were tasked with on the daily. Something Salem hadn’t done in a while, as his duties were in the capital library as he spent most of his times doing things for the higher ranked Rune Knights around their. Something that he hoped Kon would have no issue doing just on the slight chance that he did manage to lose this.

“ I was honestly interested in the cloaked guy myself, as im sure those staffs will be very interesting to see in combat”. But if you want to choose him that’s fine by me, this is just a little friendly wager so it shall be no hard feelings towards whatever the outcome is”. Speaking in a calm tone Salem would then proceed to turn his attention back to the fight as he waited for Kon to decide if he was going to stay with the cloaked man or decide to choose the human muscle as his fighter neither of which mattered to Salem. The crashing sound of the gong could be herd threw the Arena once again as it signaled the start of the second fight of the day. One that Salem was sure to be very interesting by the looks of it. Since as soon as the gong finished ringing, the naked muscle man would cover his body in a complete yellow energy.

This causing the mouth of Salem to drop openly as he instantly recognized this magic being used as the ancient Heavenly Body magic. A magic that was considered to be lost to the people, with incredibly elegance the naked man would jump up in the air and proceed to hover In the sky. As he was now capable of flight thanks to the powers of the magic he was utilizing in the arena of this beautiful day. This showing Salem that truly anything was possible here in the capital arena, as today he had managed to not only see one great magic used in the first fight with the Scarlet Witch and Iron Bear. But now he was seeing another Magic that he considered to be of great power.

#11Konstantin Sokolov 

on Fri Nov 25, 2016 11:01 pm

Shrugging slightly, Kon replied with one simple word. "Okay." Whilst he could have continued talking he had become to involved with what was happening down below on the arena grounds, the Bare-chested man was now radiating a yellow glow that significant contrasted almost darkened section around the man in the cloak, now up in the air ready to attack or defend against the robed man, he waited. The cloaked man however jabbed the two staffs he was wield to either side of him and flung with robe off in one clean gesture, revealing a gnarly looking figure that was hideous to the eyes of the beholder with skin like that of a lizard with a sickly pale green shine to it, and oily patch white and gray hair. Now without his robe, this monstrous figure could be seen wearing clothes made out of a similar material as his skin though slightly darker. The clothes themselves consisted of a simple pair of trousers and a buttoned up shirt.

Once the Robe flew to the ground, there and then was the true start of the fight. The audience either in awe by the bare-chested man or lizard-creature, the two began to fight without any other distractions. Their fighting was fast-paced with the average man being only capable of seeing every third or fourth blow from either one. Either skills and overall strength was on par, though in different ways, the creature seemed to be relying more on his staffs casting things left, right and center, they were other creatures in fact merely visible, as the man would be blowing apart most of what the creature created. It was an unusual fight that was for sure, though it did give Konstantin some ideas on what he could do with his own magic, considering his summons were completely submissive and felt no pain.

#12Konstantin Sokolov 

on Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:22 am

Their fight wore on and on for what seemed like over an hour neither giving up, eventually however both begun to become fatigued to the point where neither could walk or even stand straight for that matter. Instead they were wobbling on their feet with crusted up yellowed saliva around their mouths, the two were truly equals. Surprised and disappointed by the result of the fight, he got up from his chair shook his head and proclaimed this a total waste of time, sure he had seen a couple of interesting techniques in relation to summoning, but neither had won the bet. Whilst it did mean he wouldn't be doing his fellow rune knight's duties it still meant that he'd have to do his own. Resigning to the fact that he would have to return to work eventually, he bid farewell to Salem.

His departure from the tournament was for another reason as well, the lie he had told the guard was bond to be discovered eventually and he sure as hell wasn't going to be sticking around for the outcome. Leaving the building was almost as challenging as entering it as he had to argue with the guards and lie to them again explaining that he had left something behind with them wanting to help him get it. Ignoring their offers for help, Kon left the area as quickly as possible just as the leader of the real supervising group reached the entrance of the tournament led by one of the guards.



on Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:28 pm

Once Kon would proceed to agree to the deal of the beat with Salem, they would both lose themselves in the fight. As it would truly become something special. Something that would end like no other, as the fight would proceed to drag out for what seemed like hours. Until both of the contestants would proceed to drop to he ground from exhaustion, thus bringing the fight as well as the bet of the two Rune Knights to a draw. Kon would proceed to leave, while Salem would proceed to stay and watch what else was to come in the Arena. As he was sure that something even more interesting of a fight could happen. And that would be what was soon to come. But Salem eventually would come to get bored of the Arena and proceed to make an exit as well. So that he could proceed on with the rest of his day.


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