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Orchidia - Train With Me

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on Mon 21 Nov - 11:30



Quest: Train With Me

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Seheda Linas: Being a mercenary isn't an easy job, at least, not for Seheda. It's been two years since she's been doing this line of work, assisting mages and other people with their mission as a guard is very taxing on her state of mind. She's been trying to improve her skills in combat but has failed the test to be submitted to the combat academy for the third time in a row.

Summary: Seheda Linas suffers from quite a bit of insecurity: Three times being rejected from combat academy does not do wonders for anyone's self esteem. However, though her skill might be a bit lacking, her dedication isnít. She has a dream to succeed in her career path, and failure isn't going to deter her! This time, she has decided that to improve herself she will train with a mage of similar skill level to her. That would be you. She has hired you to run through some exercises with her, as an accountability partner.

Enemies: None

Objective: Train with Seheda.

Extra Rewards:

  • +1 Speed


  • Create a topic in the Orchida Forest Outskirts.
  • There Seheda will be waiting for you, and will greet you.
  • After explaining her situation, she will begin the training.
  • The two of you will dash through the forest, avoiding various obstacles along the way. As you do, she will talk about how being a mercenary means a lot to her, and how she really wants to succeed this time.
  • After talking to you, she'll trip over a log, and face plant. Help her up, and embarrassed, she'll end the exercise, giving you your reward.

#2Rym Oto 

on Thu 1 Dec - 7:32

I would like to take this quest


on Sun 4 Dec - 8:51

I'd like to take this as well

#4Rowan Vincent 

on Tue 6 Dec - 11:07

Assama has started this quest.

Rym Oto has started this quest.


on Wed 7 Dec - 10:32

Taking this Quest please


on Fri 9 Dec - 10:22

Salem has started this quest.


on Fri 9 Dec - 10:34


#8Rowan Vincent 

on Fri 9 Dec - 13:12

Salem has completed this quest.


on Wed 11 Jan - 16:17

Taking this plz c:

#10Atlas Prime 

on Wed 11 Jan - 17:38

Arisa has started this quest.


on Thu 12 Jan - 4:49


#12Selena Maelstrom 

on Thu 12 Jan - 4:59

Arisa has completed this quest.

#13Selena Maelstrom 

on Sat 14 Jan - 9:33

Taking with Atlus Please


on Sat 14 Jan - 9:56

Selena and Atlas have started this quest.

#15Rym Oto 

on Sat 14 Jan - 17:59



on Sat 14 Jan - 21:00

Rym Oto has completed this quest.

#17Atlas Prime 

on Mon 16 Jan - 8:38



on Mon 16 Jan - 9:55

Selena and Altas have completed this quest.


on Tue 17 Jan - 11:33


#20Atlas Prime 

on Tue 17 Jan - 11:57

Assama has completed this quest.


on Sun 29 Jan - 5:48

I'll be taking this.


on Sun 29 Jan - 15:32

Waltz have started this quest.


on Mon 30 Jan - 5:21


#24Selena Maelstrom 

on Mon 30 Jan - 5:33

Waltz has completed this quest.

#25Lacie Eventide 

on Thu 9 Feb - 9:52

Taking this one please.

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