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Orchidia - Welcoming Committee

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on Mon 21 Nov - 6:55



Quest: Welcoming Committee

Rank: D

Type: Good

Requirements: None

Dacol Lubex: Dacol is a known figure among in Orchidia, he usually hangs out near the entrance gates where most new people wander in. He portrays a very friendly character and has an easy time showing you around Orchidia. He knows all the best places you could go to, whom to trust and where to sleep.

Summary: Dacol does his best to ensure that those who visit Orchida have a great experience. In a town as dirty as Orchida, this is hard, but Dacol believes that with enough effort the city can be cleaned up. In order to help newcomers, he will do his best to show them around, but such a personalized experience is tricky for just one man, so he is enlisting your help: Whenever he is missing from the entrance, it will be your job to hand out fliers to those visiting, which include a map, places to visit, and places to avoid.

Enemies: None

Objective: Distribute fliers to incoming visitors.

Extra Rewards: None


  • Create a topic in Orchida Streets.
  • Dacol will greet you as you approach the entrance to the city, and hands you a stack of fliers.
  • He stands with you until the first traveller approaches, and he asks if he can lead them around town. The person accepts the offer, and you are left to fend for yourself as you await more people.
  • Not too many people arrive, about 5 people pass through before Dacol gets back, most of them accepting the fliers, with a few being pretty rude about the idea of needing them.
  • When Dacol gets back he will wait until another visitor arrives, and takes them on a tour, and then the process repeats itself. This will repeat a couple more times, until the day ends. Dacol will take back the fliers, and thank you for the work you put in with his reward.

#2Rowan Vincent 

on Tue 6 Dec - 6:42

I would like to take this quest please.

#3Luna Nightshade 

on Wed 7 Dec - 7:19

I would like to take this quest on.

#4Rowan Vincent 

on Wed 7 Dec - 8:53

Luna Nightshade has started this quest.

#5Luna Nightshade 

on Thu 8 Dec - 2:48


#6Rowan Vincent 

on Wed 21 Dec - 23:49

Luna Nightshade has completed this quest.

#7Hikaru Nakamura 

on Wed 28 Dec - 11:10

Rowan Vincent has started this quest.

#8Atlas Prime 

on Fri 30 Dec - 6:28

Miyu and I will be taking this quest

#9Miyu Kento 

on Fri 30 Dec - 12:38

I will start the quest with Atlas


on Sun 1 Jan - 13:38

Atlas Prime and Miyu Kento have started this quest.

#11Rowan Vincent 

on Wed 11 Jan - 7:23


#12Atlas Prime 

on Wed 11 Jan - 10:55

Rowan Vincent has completed this quest.

#13Miyu Kento 

on Thu 12 Jan - 5:13



on Thu 12 Jan - 5:24

Atlas Prime and Miyu Kento have completed this quest.

#15Rym Oto 

on Sat 14 Jan - 23:24

I would like to start this quest

#16Selena Maelstrom 

on Mon 16 Jan - 4:10

Me and Arisa would like to take this!


on Mon 16 Jan - 5:28

Selena and Arisa have started this quest.

#18Selena Maelstrom 

on Mon 16 Jan - 5:35



on Mon 16 Jan - 5:37

Selena and Arisa have completed this quest.


on Mon 30 Jan - 1:20

Taking this one!


on Mon 30 Jan - 9:11

Waltz has started this quest.


on Thu 2 Feb - 18:34

Alek and I will be taking this request

#23Atlas Prime 

on Sun 5 Feb - 12:45

Konstantin Sokolov and Aleksandr Sokolov have started this quest.

#24Lacie Eventide 

on Tue 7 Feb - 16:40

Taking please


on Tue 7 Feb - 17:11

Lacie has started this quest.

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