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Magnolia - Hot In Here

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on Sun 20 Nov - 11:10



Quest: Hot In Here

Rank: D

Type: Good


  • Hammer Time completed

Barras Berend: Barras is a smith who sells all sorts weapons and armors. He is a kind guy with a lot good in him. His skills even caught the eye of the lord, which got him the task of supplying equipment for the guards and knights of Magnolia. Even thought this alone grants him a pretty stable income, he still loves to produce for other customers as well.

Summary: Barras is an incredibly accomplished smith, his wares distributed everywhere. While this prestige is great for business, the demand for his wares is often more than he can reasonably produce. In order to make up for this, he has decided to ask for some outside help in the basic aspects of metalworking. Ideally he would prefer a stunningly talented metal mage, but he knows that the supply of those is very low. Anyone is fine for the job, so long as they can put in the work.

Enemies: None

Objective: Help Barras in the forge again.

Extra Rewards:

  • Endurance +1


  • Create a topic in the Black Anvil.
  • In the forge you'll find Barras busy, hammering away at some metal.
  • He greets you, and gives you a briefing on what you are going to be doing.
  • Barras needs you to help out his assistant again. Since the assistant's arm has healed, Barras feels that he needs to get some practice by only focusing on hammering the metal for a day.
  • Your task is to place metal in the forge, take it out with tongs and place it on the anvil for the assistant to hammer it out straight. Each time the metal cools down, you must put it in the forge again. This will happen a couple of times before it is straightened.
  • When the day is finished, Barras will give you your reward.


on Fri 13 Jan - 6:54

Taking this with Waylon 8D

#3Selena Maelstrom 

on Fri 13 Jan - 6:57

Arisa and Waylon have started this quest.


on Fri 13 Jan - 8:19


#5Selena Maelstrom 

on Fri 13 Jan - 8:26

Arisa and Waylon have completed this quest.

#6Houren Vanadis 

on Sun 15 Jan - 23:45

I want to take this one.

#7Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun 15 Jan - 23:50

Houren Vanadis has started this quest.

#8Houren Vanadis 

on Mon 16 Jan - 0:33


#9Selena Maelstrom 

on Mon 16 Jan - 1:15

Houren Vanadis has completed this quest.

#10Shin Sekai 

on Fri 14 Apr - 14:39

I would like to this

#11Konstantin Sokolov 

on Fri 14 Apr - 14:53

Shin has started this quest.

#12Shin Sekai 

on Sat 15 Apr - 10:58


#13Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sat 15 Apr - 13:58

Shin Sekai has completed this quest.

#14Aadrian Wolfe 

on Mon 17 Apr - 4:05

I wish to begin this Quest!

#15Konstantin Sokolov 

on Mon 17 Apr - 14:09

Aadrian has started this quest.

#16Aadrian Wolfe 

on Tue 18 Apr - 12:18


#17Konstantin Sokolov 

on Thu 20 Apr - 20:09

Aadrian has completed this quest.

#18Tori Lancaster 

on Sun 23 Apr - 23:01

Taking this mission

#19Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun 23 Apr - 23:02

Tori has started this quest.

#20Tori Lancaster 

on Sun 23 Apr - 23:02


#21Konstantin Sokolov 

on Sun 23 Apr - 23:02

Tori has completed this quest.

#22Locust Paars 

on Tue 2 May - 15:58

Taking this quest.

#23Konstantin Sokolov 

on Tue 2 May - 21:06

Locust has started this quest.

#24Locust Paars 

on Wed 3 May - 3:23


#25Leyaria Venerak 

on Wed 3 May - 4:21

Locust has completed this quest.

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