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Javier's Bargain Warehouse

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on Tue 8 Nov - 12:20

Hey this is where you can get graphics.

We got:
~Other Things?

You order it we provide it, just give your:

Character Name:
Face Claim:
What you want:
And any particular details you might want:

this simple template is provided below


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Face Claim:[/b]
[b]What I Want:[/b]
[b]Any Particular Details I Might Want:[/b]

Here are some examples of previous works done

Siggys (sorry if a little is cut off to the side but I don't want to not spoiler these):

#2Konstantin Sokolov 

on Tue 8 Nov - 15:31

Character Name: Konstantin Sokolov
Face Claim: Minato Namikaze
What I Want: Ava and Sig :D
Any Particular Details I Might Want: I don't know, maybe include something with the undead for the sig to match up with the necromancer magic, i guess...

#3Shin Katari 

on Tue 8 Nov - 17:16

Character Name: Shin Katari
Face Claim: Mikoto Suoh (Red King) - K Project
What I Want: Avatar and Siggy
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Nothing in particular; whatever you think looks good.

#4LeeAnn Nakamura 

on Tue 8 Nov - 17:24

Character Name: LeeAnn Nakamura
Face Claim: Kushina from Naruto
What I Want: Signature
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Nope nothing really just wow me, but have some mysterious or dark about it.if possible


on Tue 8 Nov - 17:37

Character Name:Caius
Face Claim:Goku Black
What I Want:Avi
Any Particular Details I Might Want:Use your imagination

#6Florence Haddock 

on Tue 8 Nov - 18:13

Character Name: Florence Haddock
Face Claim: Raidou Kuzunoha (Shin Megami Tensei)
What I Want: Avatar and Signature
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Black and blue as the main colors for the signature, with something of an "urban night city" or jazz vibe to it. Preferably, with the name "Haddock" somewhere on it.

As for avatar, a similar black and blue theme with the Rune Knight symbol somewhere on it.

Uh, sorry for being so specific. But I appreciate it, and thanks in advance!

#7Aleksandr Sokolov 

on Fri 11 Nov - 21:30

Character Name: Aleksandr Sokolov
Face Claim: Gilgamesh - Fate
What I Want: Avatar & Signature.
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Just throw in the Rune Knights logo in there somewhere and I also wanna know what fonts you used in: LeeAnn's Signature, Tiffany's Signature and Anthony's Signature ^_^


on Sun 13 Nov - 2:38



For Konstantintin


on Sun 13 Nov - 4:27




For Shin K

#10Jeremiah Ali 

on Sun 13 Nov - 4:35

Character Name: Jeremiah Ali
Face Claim: Ookurikara
What I Want: Avatarz
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Do as you wish, friend.


on Sun 13 Nov - 4:56



For LeeAnn


on Sun 13 Nov - 6:24



Wasn't sure which one would fit what you want better so I made both of them, here's hoping you like one of them!


on Sun 13 Nov - 7:24




For Florence


on Sun 13 Nov - 7:57




The font I used the fonts I used were Ostrich Sans and Bebas Nue. Ostrich Sans is the one I used on this one, and Bebas Nue is the one I used on Tiff's.


on Sun 13 Nov - 8:15



For Jeremiah

#16Selena Maelstrom 

on Sun 13 Nov - 8:50

Character Name: Selena Maelstrom
Face Claim: Aqua Kingdom Hearts
What I Want: Avatar & Signature
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Rune Knight logo in there pls :D Everything else I shall leave up to you! Thanks in advance :3

#17Jeremiah Ali 

on Sun 13 Nov - 12:25

It says the avatar is too large or corrupt, buddy :(


on Sun 13 Nov - 13:55

Talk to Zane about it he can fix you up

#19Florence Haddock 

on Sun 13 Nov - 19:39

Ah, looks great! Thanks so much.

#20Hikaru Nakamura 

on Mon 14 Nov - 0:40

Character Name: Hikaru Nakamura
Face Claim: Gilthunder
What I Want: Signature
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Impress me! Most importantly, match my avatar scheme pls.

#21Nastasya Crowe 

on Mon 14 Nov - 1:55

Character Name: Nastasya Crowe
Face Claim: Minene Uryuu
What I Want: Signature
Any Particular Details I Might Want: Please make her not look crazy/insane? :)


on Tue 15 Nov - 2:36


Character Name: Malacanth Yagami
Face Claim: Light Yagami-Death Note
What I Want: sig
Any Particular Details I Might Want: whatever you feel like making, trust you man.


on Wed 16 Nov - 9:28

Character Name: Tristan
Face Claim: Todoroki Raichi
What I Want: An intense picture if possible.
Any Particular Details I Might Want: pls make it epix


on Wed 16 Nov - 10:09



I forgot I needed to post this as I was able to give the other two the signatures over Discord >.<


on Thu 17 Nov - 2:46

Mala you shouldn't a trusted me...


(will be making you a real one I promise)

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