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Social Activate!!! [Areissa +2 others]

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#1Shin Sekai 

on Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:44 pm

After getting the crap kicked out of him Shin made his way to the edge of town and laid in a grass patch I knew coming here was a mistake he thought to himself as he held his face. As he laid on the ground he started to feel really sleepy "My everything hurts wish I still had my candy.." he said as he tried to keep himself awake The ground is so soft...maybe I can nap for a bit he thought as he fell to sleep holding the strings to his bag.


on Sun Nov 06, 2016 11:01 am


Areissa had her hands behind her back against the lower part. Together they were holding as she walked through some random path. Where was this path going to take her? She wasn't so sure, but she did know one thing. It would be an adventure and most likely she would meet new people. Her galaxy colored eyes would wander and look upon the nature around her. The air was soothing and beautiful as it was cool and relaxing. Her eyes closed, tilted her head up a little to feel the amazing breeze upon her purple colored hair. Softly she would smile, open her eyes up a little bit and looked forward as she made her head tilted normal - straight.

Areissa would go back to walking and go off to lala land. She enjoyed to day dream about stuff as like love and happiness. She'd chuckle at her in self pity and then next thing she knew, she was on the ground. Her face landed in the dirt and her hands pressed against the somewhat dry grass and earth. Gripping onto the grass she would look back to see that she tripped over some guy. 'Wait, is that the guy from the Haunted house?' she wondered and then rolled so her butt was sitting on the ground. Her legs would wrap into a criss-cross and her arms laid upon her dress to cover her knees. ''This is rather a random place to nap, isn't it?'' she questioned softly, soothingly and tilts her head confused and cutely.

#3Nihil Justus 

on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:08 pm

Standing with his back at the branches of a nearby tree, Nihil enjoyed his moment of solitude and really wanted to stay like that, relaxing and chilling. But he wasn't heard by the god of fate himself, as the area started to gather some unexpected guests, being a red-haired boy the first of them. "Oh well, he is enjoying this place too." Said the dark mage, as the ginger young male suddenly felt to the ground in a sudden attempt to get some rest. Thinking it was only him and the another guy, he also started to get a little sleepy just like him and tried to close his eyes for a bit. Suddenly, Nihil heard the sound of grass being grabbed by human hands, and the sound of human skin bathing in the dirty soil. As the mage opened his eyes, he moved his head to the left side and watched the weird scene in front of him; a delicate young girl rolling around mud and grass, with her dress also getting very messy as she moved around, that until she noticed the auburn haired young man. When the girl sat on the ground and crossed her feet, Nihil was able to see her appearance as a whole; some frilly clothes, purple hair color and multi-colored eyes. Her eyes were quite beautiful, but yet terrifying; he could feel they are both empty of emotions and yet full of happiness, but the mage couldn't tell what was the true meaning of such weirdness. The more he tried to understand, he used his magical ability without knowing, and as the result, his hair suddenly changed from white to blue. He could feel his magic as the black miasma forming on his body were slowly disappearing, vanishing into the thin air. "I can't draw attention..." He thought while still looking at the duo.

#4Shin Sekai 

on Sun Nov 06, 2016 1:26 pm

Shin slowly opened his eyes and sat up holding his head "What is going on I was just about to win the girl?" he asked still half asleep. "How long have I been out here?" he asked as he opened his eye sfully to see a rather beautiful girl near him She's so perfect he thought as he blushed at the girl "Hi my...my name is Shin Sekai from Fair Mail nice to meet you." he says showing the girl his guild mark on his wrist What am I saying oh man I messed up big time, he thought to himself as he looked at the girl still blushing.


on Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:33 am

Her eyes looked upon the guy in question. Yea she met him once, at the haunted house. Who exactly was he though? Does it truly even matter? She questioned this as she put her pointing finger upon her lower lip in a thinking position. Someone was yet to arrive though as she heard some noises of the nature being stepped on. She would make a sweet smile, put her hands on the ground an push herself up. After that she would pat her dress down and started to walk away. Before she did disappear the other way, she would turn back and wave. ''My name is Areissa. I have to continue traveling sadly. Hopefully we meet again, Shin.'' she spoke softly and sweetly with a happy smile and then looked straight towards her destination and left.


#6Nihil Justus 

on Tue Nov 08, 2016 10:10 am

"Well, I guess I also take my leave." He really wanted to relax here, but he remembered his main objective after the girl walked away from the area. She walked to the left, towards the south; this route is between Worth Woodsea and the Holy Capital of Crocus, also the route he wanted to do after some meditation. Nihil took an interest in that girl, but he didn't intend to tag along with her in order to avoid unwanted attention. The best thing he could do was to leave the young man alone before he takes notice, or Nihil himself would draw his curiosity.


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