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Hikari Snow

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:00 pm



Name: Snowflake (Real Name: Hikari Snow)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Class: Assassin

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: White, On the back of her left hand

Face: Kiznaiver – Sonozaki Noriko


Height: 5 ft. 2 inch.

Weight: 98 lbs.

Hair: Silver/Light-Blue

Eyes: Bluish-Gray

Overall: Snowflake is a slim and petite young girl with a nicely-toned body and of average height. She has long blue hair that cascades down to the spine of her back and the crown of her head is neatly tied into a french braid. Each strand of her hair is translucent enough to change colour from light blue to silver depending on the lighting. The strands that fall onto her face plays the role of highlighting her delicate features and her silvery irises. Her visage is one of her most interesting features of her apart from her glistening eyes that would occasionally change colour from a light grey tone to an ice cold blue colour. Snow's face displays the most subtle of expressions in which people would compliment on how lively and intelligent her appearance is. She also possesses an insignia of her family tattooed onto the middle of her chest in the colour of white, similar to her guild emblem.

Being not picky or indecisive in fashion, Snow can be seen in different kinds of outfits although her combat outfit is technically the same every time. A dark blue blazer is worn over her long-sleeved white blouse fitted with ruffles. The interior design of her bolero jacket is rich and unique, made of red velvet. The appearance of her skirt is accented with dark blue as well. Despite how every girl seem to struggle wearing heels, Snow apparently does not, seeing how she present herself so comfortably in her wedged boots and thigh-high white socks.

Extra: Snow mostly wears a choker in the shape of black diamonds around her neck.


Personality:  Purity and empowerment dictates the colour white, and so does her personality. Snow possesses a heart as cold and frozen as ice and barely shows any emotions. Her unapproachable demeanor makes it hard for people to engage into conversation with her or to even get to know her. With very little words spoken, she achieves whatever she wishes with her actions. How can she serve her most beloved guild in her life? Snow is a perfectionist and an idealist who works hard to fulfill her goals that she had set for herself. Undeniably, Snow can be as ignorant and arrogant as how pretty she looks. She is filled with overconfidence and firmly believes that she acquires the knowledge no one has and consider that she is better than most people. Behind her silence lies a thousand of secrets she hides within herself and a million of thoughts that occur in her head. She can be known as a huge rebel as well. Her cold attitude towards everyone is a sign that she does not trust anyone easily and is strangely very unused to the concept of a true friend since she grew up in the most unusual way. However, when she does actually befriend someone, it is very effortlessly noticeable that she puts a great deal of trust in her friends and opens up to them, which is a very rare occasion but still remain composed and strict most of the time. Betray her and they’ll regret doing it their entire lives.

Despite her brutal attitude and harsh words, Snow can be a great listener to her friends and can put people at ease. ”I can be nice but very bitchy as well”, is what she would always mention herself among the newbies. Snow has always been confident in her abilities but also concedes to her deficiencies. Her trust in her skills and her intellect often come off as arrogance to others and due to this one trait, Snow receives quite a lot of hate and dislike. Being a type of girl who has a stubborn streak, she is prevented from giving up tasks easily and doesn’t like to admit defeat. She remains calm and collected in every battle but sometimes displays her cruel intentions to her enemy without noticing herself. Thoughtful and precise, Snow's coordination with her members are superb in battle; she is able to assist them with whatever they may need. Due to this, she has a high potential of a great strategist. In unfavourable conditions of a battle, she would retreat rather than being obstinate and encounter someone who is far more stronger than her. Snow does not like being called by her actual name, which is 'Hikari', but prefer being addressed as ’Snowflake’, thus, she prefers not telling her full name to people apart from her close comrades.

Being a leader is something Snow desired of since she consider herself as the most elite compared to any other members. As a perfectionist, Snow takes caution of every little detail she does and wants the best from everything, from getting the highest marks in a classroom to making her guild the best and making herself the strongest.


  • Reading: Most sort of information comes from books. With just lines and lines of words, one could discover a lot about the world and the interesting facts it contains, whether it is just about magic or people and Snow had always loved to discover new things/information which could be useful in perfecting her abilities.
  • Ice Cream: Ice Cream is her favourite dessert of all time. Now who wouldn't like a cone of ice cream?


  • Being Bored: Being a really active person, Snow never likes doing nothing, apart from sleeping. She will always try to keep herself busy.
  • Insects: Insects get on her nerves and make her puke or feel disgusted.
  • Bad Hair Day: Snow is a really sensitive person when it comes to her looks or her appearance. Having a bad hair day ruins the entire day for her, as it would for every other girl.


  • Knowledge: Knowledge is the source of everything. Snow is always seeking out, searching for wisdom whether it is from any place, be it hell or heaven, and having information has always been her expertise.
  • Perfection: Snow wishes her abilities to become flawlessly perfect which is why she always find the need to hone her skills further.
  • Revenge: Her parents were murdered by a group of thieves when she was young and once she is certain that her abilities are strong enough, she desires to kill them for taking a part of her life.


  • Time: Time cannot be wasted, for one cannot stop and replenish it. One cannot go back to return and fix their mistakes again. This is why Snow wouldn't want to spend her life doing worthless activities.
  • Failure: Snow has always been a perfectionist and failing something she was apart of would ruin all her plans.
  • Arachnophobia: Spiders are the most disgusting things in alive. It is a type of insect she can't bear to touch or even look.


Magic Name: Tempest Of Empyreans

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description:  Tempest of the Empyreans is a type of caster magic that enables the user to manipulate wind and control the element around her at her own will, for offensive or supplementary purposes. This type of magic can be both long-range to close-range depending on how the user wishes to utilize it. The user is also able to create inanimate objects, such as weapons by concentrating the wind around her into her palms.

Not only is this type of magic useful to the user, it is able to assist her allies by enhancing their abilities and buffing their strengths or their speed. The user is also able to use this magic to levitate herself and allow herself to travel over long distances. The spells the user summons will fall under the categories of self-buff speed, supplementary, offensive and self-buff strength.


History: Hikari was born on the 24th of May to a young couple; Erwin and Cordilia, who poured out their entire love to their only child. Unlike any other children, Hika spoke very little and interacted with almost no one apart from her parents, but rather buried herself among books since a very young age. Due to her lust of books and knowledge, she grew up as an intelligent young girl, learning much more faster than the other children. She would often spend the entire day reading books about ancient history, the happenings that occurred and studied more and more about the world that she had not known of. Her eyes would glisten every time she reads, her smile broad as she would flip the brown, ruined pages of the books.

During her entire childhood, she barely made any friends, due to locking herself inside the libraries and being engrossed by the pages, yet the thought of feeling lonely never crossed her mind. Hika was unfamiliar of having a friend or someone close to her, since she had never experienced it, not to mention – she is extremely terrible at handling relationships and believes that she needed no one else as long as her parents were there.

Hika loved the winter, despite how little it snowed within the country and thus, she was given the nickname of 'Snowflake' by her mother. She would almost act as a different person, as she would go out more often to either play with the snow or just to feel the cold breeze biting through her skin. Her parents noticed how she smiled more often, her grins growing wider in the colder days as the three of them spent their time together in their cozy house.  

During the year when she turned 10, her parents were murdered by a couple of thieves that broke into the house. That evening, her parents were preparing dinner together until five men barged into the house and demanded the jewels and any other important objects stored inside the house. Hearing the ruckus, Hika almost broke into a run down the stairs until her father gestured her to stay silent and not to approach any closer. Her hands trembled at that moment, her large blue eyes filled with tears that were on the verge of dripping from the corner of her eyes. Everything happened so fast, she could barely find any time to react. The next thing she knew, two shots of bullets flew across the room and pierced through the skin of her parents.

The entire house grew silent, as Hika stifle the sobs that threatened to erupt through her lips and her cheeks, stained with teardrops. The bodies of her parents laid lifelessly on the ground with blood pooling underneath them before the group of thieves exploded into a burst of laughter and departed the house that was left nothing but despair. With hatred and revenge etched deep inside her, the young girl left the house after burying her parents’ bodies and sought revenge more than anything.

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#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Mon Oct 24, 2016 9:07 pm

Done and bump! :3

#3Yoshino Freljord 

Default on Mon Oct 24, 2016 11:58 pm

Alrighty Hikachu, Snowflake, person with the really nice face claim and joining Blue Pegasus. Let's get started!

  • Knowledge is a viable like/motivation, but do not use things you read determine battle information. For example, you do not know from books how strong a person can be nor do you know how their magics or spells work without facing it firsthand. So long as you take note of that, this won't need to be changed.
  • Please add in somewhere that the spells you can use fall under the categories of Self-Buff Speed, Supplementary, Offensive, and Self-buff Strength. If they are not under those four categories, you may not create the said spell. For example, you cannot make a defensive spell. If you wish to change classes, now would be the time to do so.
  • I'm afraid I'm going to have to null the entirety of your history. The reason being is because their is no Wintershield above the land of Fiore in our Fairyverse.

Goodness, you wrote an essay! Anyways, upon completion, please bump the thread. No need to add complete to the title. If I do not reply within 24 hours time, feel free to post this into the Character Review thread so that another moderator can finish grading your character!

#4Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:07 am

Aight, I think I edited everything and re-wrote my entire History ._. Thanks for grading and bump!

#5Yoshino Freljord 

Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 7:55 am

Because you chose the class Sorcerer, you cannot buff your allies or aid them with magic in any way, shape, or form. You can either change your class or you can change the supportive aspects in your magic.

Bump upon completion and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

#6Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 3:51 pm

Oops, I meant to keep it as Assassin, guess I forgot to change that. Bump!


Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:06 pm

-You need to remove the defensive part from your magic application, since Assassin cannot use defensive spells.

After that, this application will be approvable!

#8Hikari Snow 

Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:23 pm

Aye sir, bump!


Default on Tue Oct 25, 2016 4:28 pm

Congratulations, this application has been approved.

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