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4.4 The Companion Regulations

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on Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:40 am


The Companion Regulations

Each user can have a single companion, except for Beastmaster who may have more than one. Sometimes companions come with certain type of requirements of restrictions to be purchased. A companion can be good at battling, supporting, or even supplementing the user.

Purchasing: To purchase a companion, please ensure that you meet the requirements. The topic will be open to post in case it is still available. When the name and personality are filled with question marks, it is up to you what you name the companion and what its personality will be. Sometimes the name and personality are already given though.

Health: Each companion has health which determines how many hits they can take before they pass out. When a companion passes out they do not die (unless the thread is set on Orange or Red), but are simply unusable for the remainder of that thread. The same way users can not get healed to stand up again after being down completely, companions can neither be healed to stand up again once they are down completely.

Elements: Companions can be aligned to one or two elements or none at all. As such, the companion takes on the matching of that element through both attacking and defending, it effecting their body, not just spells. They receive double damage from the element they are weak against, and receive half damage from the element they are aligned to.

Statistics: Similar to users, companions use statistics that are the same. In addition, companions also have mana. When a companion uses a spell, it is reduced from their own mana. Companions can increase their statistics via items in the shops.

Speech and Transformation: Besides being able to power up your companions, users are also capable of giving their companion speech or the ability to have a humanoid transformation via items. Sometimes a companion already possesses speech or a humanoid transformation.

Rarity: Depending on the capabilities of the companion it is sold at the price of a certain rarity. Common

  • Common: 100,000J.
  • Uncommon: 250,000J.
  • Rare: 500,000J.
  • Unique: 1,000,000J.
  • Legendary: 2,500,000J.

Evolution: Certain companions are capable to evolve after meeting certain requirements listed in their template. Some requirements can be shortened via items in the shops. When the requirements are met simply post in the companion topic in the review section. Companions can still use the moves from their previous form when they evolve.

Selling: Companions can be sold the same way as items. Based on the rarity, the user gets 20% back when they sell it in the Resell Items/Companions topic in the Review Section. When companions have multiple stages, the user can sell them at the full rarity worth, meaning a stage 1 unique could still be sold as an unique.

Beastmasters: Beastmaster is a class that relies mainly on companions. Beastmasters obtain an uncommon companion of their choice upon approval, which they may select out of a specific list of companions. Beastmasters gain an extra slot for companions at B-rank, S-rank, and Z-rank. Legendaries take up two slots for Beastmasters.

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