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2.2 The Statistics

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on Fri Oct 21, 2016 5:41 am


The Statistics

Statistics play a crucial role on the forum. They determine how much damage you deal physically or with a weapon, how long you can last while taking hits, how fast you move around and how quick you learn spells. Statistics can be increased via Stat Points which are received via quests, events, and games. It is not possible to train your statistics yourself. This is because we want the forum to be interactive.

While most statistics are self-explanatory, Endurance can be a bit tricky. Since most topics are Green, you can't die in them anyway. That along with Endurance, does that mean you're made of rubber? The answer to that would-be no. Even though you have Endurance to determine how long you can last, getting your throat slit, or getting stabbed in the heart, will instantly knock you out. It is important to remember that Endurance is not a health system, but a maximum threshold for what you can potentially take.

Endurance is your pain threshold. Your endurance is the maximum amount of damage that your character can sustain until he is out of the fight in an ideal situation. This should not be mistaken as your character's HP, however, as it is not a uniform determination of whether your character can still fight.

The strength required to knock someone out by punching them on the temple, for example, is a strength value that equal to their total endurance value. This would mean that someone with a Strength of 50 could knock out a user with an Endurance of 50 or less in a single, well placed blow. What if your Strength is less than a person's Endurance? Well, a well-placed blow can still daze or stun an opponent, but it will take multiple hits to knock that person out. A person with 10 Strength, for example, would have to hit a person with 30 Endurance three times in a vital area to ensure a knockout.

With speed, what is the difference between a dash and a run? A dash is a push off in a single direction, taking all the strength that you can muster. It is a sudden and near instantaneous burst of speed in any single direction, allowing you to quickly cover a distance over the period of one second. Run speed is the maximum speed that a person can reach after accelerating, and must be built up towards. On average, it would take three to four seconds to reach (or begin reaching) top running speeds.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Speed only affects a user's movement speed, and has no correlation to attack speed. Attack speed is a purely contextual thing here in FTRP, reliant entirely by how a person explains an attack. A jab would naturally be faster than a hook, for example. A straight sword being stabbed would travel faster than a great sword being swung.

Strength Statistic:

  • 1-10 Points (D-rank Damage)
  • 11-30 Points (C-rank Damage)
  • 31-60 Points (B-rank Damage)
  • 61-120 Points (A-rank Damage)
  • 121-250 Points (S-rank Damage)
  • 251-500 Points (2x S-rank Damage)
  • 501-1000 Points (3x S-rank Damage)
  • 1001+ (4x S-rank Damage)

Speed Statistic:

  • 1-10 Points (5 m/s Dash / 10 m/s Run)
  • 11-30 Points (6 m/s Dash / 15 m/s Run)
  • 31-60 Points (8 m/s Dash / 20 m/s Run)
  • 61-120 Points (10 m/s Dash / 30 m/s Run)
  • 121-250 Points (12 m/s Dash / 40 m/s Run)
  • 251-500 Points (15 m/s Dash / 60 m/s Run)
  • 501-1000 Points (20 m/s Dash / 80 m/s Run)
  • 1001+ (25 m/s Dash / 100 m/s Run)

Endurance Statistic:

  • 1-10 Points (1x S-rank Endurance)
  • 11-30 Points (2x S-rank Endurance)
  • 31-60 Points (3x S-rank Endurance)
  • 61-120 Points (4x S-rank Endurance)
  • 121-250 Points (5x S-rank Endurance)
  • 251-500 Points (6x S-rank Endurance)
  • 501-1000 Points (8x S-rank Endurance)
  • 1001+ (10x S-rank Endurance)

Intelligence Statistic:

  • 1-10 Points (5% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction)
  • 11-30 Points (10% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 10% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 31-60 Points (15% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 20% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 61-120 Points (20% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 30% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 121-250 Points (25% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 40% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 251-500 Points (30% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 50% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 501-1000 Points (40% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 60% Mana Cost Reduction)
  • 1001+ (50% Spell Training Wordcount Reduction and 70% Mana Cost Reduction)

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