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1.1 The Magna Carta

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on Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:32 pm


The Magna Carta

The Behavior Regulations

  • 01. Respect is an essential thing. Even if your partner is not facing you, it does not relieve you of the responsibility to be respectful towards them. Defamatory, racist, sexual and other breaches of the code of ethics will be severely punished.

  • 02. Once again, no sexual images or roleplaying. Upon breaking this rule the moderator does not require to give you a warning before banning you. In some cases another sanction will be given depending on the severity of the case.

The Character Regulations

  • 01. The username must match your character's name. In case you have given yourself a different name such as your alias, staff will change it for you. It doesn't have to be your full name. Your first name is fine if it has not already been taken by someone else.

  • 02. Each character has an unique face claim that belongs to them. Please visit the face claim list in the Character Creation section to find out which ones are already in use. Using different avatars than the face claim you took will result into a sanction. Users may change their face claim with the Physique Potion at any moment. Users may not use GIFs as their avatars. If a character goes inactive over 3 months, their unique face claim will be removed from the list.

  • 03. Users are allowed to have multiple characters, but each character must be made on a different account. There is no limit on the amount of alternative characters you may have. Do note that upon going inactive for a month, your purchases will be removed from your character and placed in the shop again.

  • 04. Each character starts as a human. It is possible to become another race via the Point Shop or through a purchase with jewels. Users may also opt to use their purchase for a new character rather than the character on which they made the purchase on. In this case, it must be character that has not been made yet.

  • 05. When a character dies, the account will get locked immediately. The account will get unlocked when the character has been revived somehow. Other users can revive deceased users sometimes through a tedious quest or with expensive items. The user may not use their alternative accounts to revive themselves.

  • 06. The user may also opt to scoop instead of having their deceased character linger in limbo to get revived. In this case, the deceased character can never get revived anymore. The user will be allowed to create a new character with 0.5x the amount of experience and stats their previous characters had. The amount of stats may be freely distributed by the user on their new character.

  • 07. A deceased character must have at least 100,000 experience to eligible for scooping. A suicide does not count.

  • 08. Users can remove their race and become a human again via a Zero Potion which can be purchased in the Point Shop. In order to switch to another race after, each user must first become a human again.

  • 09. Users can not purchase a Slayer or Take-Over magic unless they are a human.

The Roleplay Regulations

  • 01. A minimum of 200 words excluding dialogues are required for a social roleplay post to be considered as accepted. Remember that you write for yourself, but also for others. So be sure to write the correct way.

  • 02. Characters can only be in five topics at the same time. These topics must be in the same town. So it is possible to be going on a mission in one topic, while having a romantic dinner in another topic as long as it's in the same town. Once you leave a town you must exit all your topics in that town first.

  • 03. It is not allowed to double post. It is only allowed to double post if you have to skip another roleplayer who hasn't posted in 48 hours.

  • 04. You're not allowed to edit your post unless your roleplay partner(s) allow(s) it. If your character is fighting another character, you should not edit your posts without asking your opponent first. This is to ensure that people are not editing their posts after making a mistake to get an advantage. Please think twice before you post.

  • 05. Do not metagame. Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. Roleplay with your character based on the information given in the application.

  • 06. Do not change the personality of your character whenever you see fit. If your character is serious and never makes jokes do not make a topic in which he goes out cracking jokes.

  • 07. It is mandatory that you separate the actions, thoughts and other things for your character, using colors, dashes, quotes, or anything else that serves for this purpose.

  • 08. When doing requests or social topics solo, the user is allowed to spread out their request/social over multiple posts but each post needs a minimum of 500 words. This minimum does not apply when doing requests with others.

  • 09. Users can not use spells or items that they did not have approved before they entered a topic.

The Danger Regulations

  • 01. The forum has three danger modes for topics: green, orange, and red.

  • 02. In general all topics on the forum are considered green danger. Green danger means that there is no chance of death. When your endurance runs out you simply pass out. The same goes for getting placed in a situation in which you'd normally die such as getting stabbed in the neck. Don't be afraid to battle and lose.

  • 03. Orange danger means that permanent damages are possible but there are no chances of death. When a character loses they will have some form of injury applied to their body that will last after the topic. This could be a missing arm or a blinded eye.

  • 04. Red danger means that death is enabled. When a character suffers enough injuries and their endurance drops they will die. The same goes for life threatening situations such as getting stabbed in the heart. Some plot threads might be red but this information will be placed somewhere visible for everyone to read.

  • 05. The orange and red danger level can be used by members if they don't wish to have the topic set on green. If that's the case they must have it in the topic title within brackets such as [Orange] or [Red]. Users may not change the danger level after the topic has been made. This is to prevent users from turning an innocent topic into a massacre.

The Battle Regulations

  • 01. We try to govern the battles with our mana pools and systems but there is another essential key is required which is fair play. It is obvious that characters get tired anyway in their battles. This is why we ask our members to be humble in this process and logical. It is not important to win constantly. Defeat is an integral part of any character development.

  • 02. In those cases that a dispute occurs, the moderators and administrators will serve as arbitrator. Try to be mature, if the mentioned arguments clearly show that you're not right, don't get a moderator or administrator involved. In some cases it might even result into an punishment of yourself for unnecessarily involving moderators.

  • 03. Death is possible if both parties agree that it is a possibility in the thread. Some plot threads might be red but this information will be placed somewhere very visible for the possible visitors to read so that they enter at their own discretion.

The Guild Regulations

  • 01. Each user may select a guild they wish to join when they create their character or they can choose to guildless.

  • 02. Each guild has something that makes them different. Read about them to make right the choice.

  • 03. In case a guild gets too popular it will get temporarily locked so that other guilds may receive members as well. This will be announced in the widgets so please keep an eye on them when making your character.

  • 04. In order to join a guild later on the user needs to do a topic with a member of that guild and get accepted. Masters are allowed to reject you if they don't think you'd fit the guild.

  • 05. When breaking the rules of the guild, the Master is also capable of excommunicating you from the guild.

  • 06. It costs 250,000J to leave a guild. The cost to leave doubles with each following leave meaning the next leave will cost 500,000J. This is to prevent guild hopping.

  • 07. It is currently not possible to create your own guild.

  • 08. In order to become eligible for a title the user must be at least B-rank, a member of their guild for at least 1 month, have done at least 100 roleplay posts while being in the guild, and be active. Titles are not permanent and will be stripped when one of the criteria is no longer met, after which it will be granted to another member of guild who meets the requirements and is more suited for the title.

  • 09. In order to become a Master, the user must be at least B-rank and have done 50 roleplay posts while being a member of the guild. The user needs the recognition and approval of a majority of the guild to be selected as the Master.

  • 10. Guilds are attacked via open topics made at the guild location. Users must give the other party 48 hours before they may post again. The first post may never be an instant attack on the guild.

  • 11. Members of the guild being attacked must be present in the town before the topic was made to enter it. Masters may purchase certain items which allows their member to bypass this via recalls to teleport a members to their guild.

  • 12. Guilds are considered demolished when they have received 10x S-rank damage. Half of that damage means that the guild is half demolished and so on.

  • 13. When a guild is demolished it repairs itself with 20% per week automatically. Members may opt to pay 100,000J per 10% damage to restore it quicker.

  • 14. The amount of destruction (1x S-rank is 10%) is reduced from the statistics of all members as it affects their morale after the war while the guild is being repaired.

The Advertisement Regulations

  • 01. The advertisement forum on the forum is the only section where it is allowed to advertise.

  • 02. In case the advertisement section of the other forum is not guest friendly the advertisement will be removed.

  • 03. Reposting an advertisement or bumping an advertisement can only be done after a month. Other users posting the same advertisement within a month is not allowed and will result in all advertisements getting removed from that forum.

The Ban Regulations

  • 01. The forum reserves the right to ban unwanted users at any time. This includes users who are violating the rules or have another agenda than having fun on this forum.

  • 02. Bans are often character wide. This means that if you get banned on one of your characters, all your characters will get banned. In some cases a single character ban might be considered enough punishment.

  • 03. When you get warned in the chatbox you must have shown certain behavior that was not considered acceptable. Refrain from doing so, continuing will result into a chatbox ban.

  • 04. Do not defend a member when they get banned from the forum or Discord or question a staff member's actions. This is not appreciated and might get you a warning as well. Members who have been banned have the opportunity to appeal their cases themselves. Further drama is not tolerated.

  • 05. Do not start drama or get into an argument. If something happens simply screenshot it and PM it to the founder. If the other person was actually breaking the rules, they'll get banned. If you are trying to get some banned for no reason, you'll get banned. If you both seem to be the cause of trouble, you'll both get banned.

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