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The Sokolov Family [WIP]

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The Sokolov Family [WIP] Empty on Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:06 am

Konstantin Sokolov

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Family Tree


The Sokolov Family were once a proud and rich family that stretches back through dozens of generations in the Myra town province residing there since itís conception acting as merchants for the land, first arriving there as a survivors of a plague that had killed a majority of the small town they had originated from.

They eventually went into darker roots mix business affairs with those of magic nature as well as doing under the table deals with raider leaders to have them attack other merchants caravans while leaving theirs alone. The familyís influence was one of the reasons that the town expanded into what it is today with multiple sectors for the different classes to reside and was highly praised by the leaders during the peak of their power being able to sway the decisions of the leaders for the better.

The family finally began its decline during the revolt unintentionally caused by the class segregation, and later the supreme leader coming to power taking away most of their riches held in their warehouses and trading duties under the umbrella of the town controlled services, with it turning from a well known and feared name to a name only mentioned in the dark corners of inns by those against the man.

Since the death of Boris Sokolov and Robert Sokolov becoming the head of the family it's ties have grown further entrenched with those in dark guild, as Robert similar to his brothers joined a magical affiliation after he acquired his own form of magic just as the rest of the brothers had.
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The Sokolov Family:
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† †Boris Sokolov:
A very eccentric and devoted short, thin man, with wild wiry brown hair, who once set on a goal would become obsessed with completing it to the point where he would focus on it and nothing else, including his family.

† †Sonja Sokolov:
When she was alive, had been a stunningly attractive woman, as well as a caring and patient mother towards all of her children while always keeping an eye on Robert to ensure he didnít get out of control. Her glowing smile and warming laughter lit up whatever room she was in, which was what first .

† †Robert Sokolov:
Far older than his older siblings at twenty seven years old with dirty blond hair, a very dark individual even when he was a young boy willing and deriving pleasure from inflicting pain on others whether on random people or even his siblings, his sadistic tendencies greatly increased after the death of their mother. He has since taken control of head of the family turning the reputation to even darker place using both dark guilds and rebel factions of Myra town in an attempt to raise their influence.

† †Dmitry Sokolov:
A very tall individual having his motherís blond hair similar to two of his brothers, Konstantin and Aleksandr, and was close to turning twenty four years old prior to his death. He was willing to stand up against Robertís cruel nature along side his other brothers defending those he was trying to hurt more often than not Victor. He would often hanging around Robert reading a book to supervise over him to prevent him from doing anything before he started.

† †Konstantin Sokolov: ???

† †Alek Sokolov: ???

† †Victor Sokolov:
A shy and timid sixteen year old, standing much short than his siblings with brown hair. He handles the home while his two brothers work, most people in town know him. He mostly gives out grocery requests and home stuff such as clean the basement because he's afraid of rats. He is good natured though and talks to everyone nicely and politely.

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