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The Four Sisters of Alvarez

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#1Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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NAME: [ Insert Chinese Name ] Ysgarlad

AGE: 26 to 29yrs of age.

DESCRIPTION: First daughter, and eldest half-sister, of the four Alvarez sisters. She is known as the child whom is "destined for greatness, power, hope, and fear,". Her words strike fear into the hearts of those she deem beneath her. Incapcitting her foes with nothing more thna a simple gaze. She is the embodiment of not just Alvarez, but the Ysgarlad family.

Her mother, Ming-Hua Chen, was said to have been a woman of power. A mage who was famously known for harnessing not just her first origin, but second as well. It is to which Ming-Hua's daughter, the eldest Ysgarlad sister, inherited her mother's Primary Magic: Territory Magic ( If Territory is not allowed, then you are allowed to go with another magic. But please discuss it with me first! She could possibly go with the magic, "Yakuma Eighteen War Gods," if that is allowed; if not, we'll figure something out. ).

At the age of eighteen she departed upon her journey toward Fiore. Her reason for having left is yet unknown til this day, but Rosemary believes that her sister journeyed off toward the Land of Fiore in search of greater power. Having already placed fear into the hearts of her younger siblings, the eldest Ysgarlad daughter can also be said to be a woman of torture. She enjoys pain and placing those whom are weak in their place. With words that are sharp as knives, she could easily conjure ideas of torture far beyond ones imagination. If you are of no used to her then she shall dispose of you with little effort.

The eldest daughter takes greatly after her mother in personality and her unique ideal way of thinking, which shouldn't be taken lightly. This woman is unpredictable, conniving, dangerous, and a threat. Rosemary's sole reason for coming to Fiore was not to only find her eldest half-sibling, but to also gain an understanding as to why she ran away from home and almost murdered their own father. Wondering what could she even be hoping to gain from her motives?

Her current whereabouts til this day? Well, that is to be decided with the person who desires to claim the Scarlet Empress.

If claimed she will be a great essential asset to plot with not just for villains, but for Rosemary as well. I expect the two to have many fight threads where Rosemary may come to lose many times, depending on the outcome. She is here to stop her sister, but her sister will not hesitate to kill her. But for amusement, she will toy with her beloved younger sister until she grows bored.

FACE CLAIM: TOUHOU, junko [ x ]

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#2Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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NAME: [ Insert Name ] Ysgarlad

AGE: 21 to 25yrs of age.

DESCRIPTION: The second daughter, and second half-sibling, of the four Alvarez sisters. She is practically the prodigal child of the Ysgarlad family ( so her mother would like to believe. ). Daughter to the second wife of their father末Sicari Anastasis The second eldest daughter happens to be an Assassin turned Vampire.

With silver hair that shines as bright as the moon; inheriting the scarlet eyes of an Ysgarlad. The second eldest daughter of the Ysgarlad family is said to be quite a woman of strength. Believing to surpass even the eldest sister's strength physically, she is said to possibly be the dangerous one out of the four sisters.

A kind heart plus an unstable mind are surely both gruesomely a bad combination. Her sister, under the orders of her mother, is loyal to no one but her mother. Although she possesses a deep bond with Rosemary and their youngest sibling, the Fourth Alvarez sister, she has not had contact with them since their days as children.

She has been tasked by her mother, whom is in control of a secret organization for Assassins, to assassinate any member of the Ysgarlad family on sight末especially their eldest sister the Scarlet Empress. Her mother is a nefarious woman with ill intentions, but due to the fact that it's her mother she has no choice but to listen to her orders末or so that is what she believes.

The second eldest sibling is afraid of her abilities; she's so afraid that she fears the day she will have to fight her youngest two siblings; although she may be somewhat seen as an equal by her eldest sister, she desires to never meet the day she will have to do battle with her as it can surely spell great trouble for not just the two, but any bystander within vicinity.

It is unknown as to how she became a vampire, but it is believed her mother had her hands within the doing. It is unknown as to what sort of magic the second eldest sibling has acquired and therefore it even places fear into Rosemary's heart that knowing her sister is already strong as is, the magic power she possesses worries her even far greater.

For those whom dare to claim this character please be aware that her personality is highly unstable. The reason behind this is because of not just the mere fact she is a vampire, but this is also due to her mother. For instance, although she has to fight her sisters due to her mother's orders, she will not hesitate to fight them on sight and will shed tears in the midst of battle for no reason before the beginning of a fight. This has thus earned her the moniker, the Weeping Scarlet Flower. With this being one of her unique traits, it can sometimes confuse her opponents as to why she is crying before the start of a battle. Be it an unknown person, stranger, or whatever, she will cry before the battle even has begun for she despises fighting and killing people. Sadly, she has no choice as she is bounded by the love of her mother and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that she is satisfied末even if it means killing her youngest siblings.

A lot more can be discussed via DISCORD or SKYPE on this character as I find her to be the most interesting, personally, out of the sisters! So if you want to know more or have ideas or opinions, don't hesitate to hit me up. ♥♥♥


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#3Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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NAME: [ Insert Name ] Ysgarlad

AGE: 15 to 16yrs of age.

DESCRIPTION: The fourth and final daughter, as well as fourth half-sibling, of the four Alvarez sisters. Although the youngest, some would say that she is the weakest. This is a farce; it is unknown as to what her magical capabilities are as well as physical abilities, but regardless she has the intelligence of a high-class commander leading an army to war. She is the sister that one should not take lightly for she has been said to be quite calculus, malicious, and even fabulous!

Born to the same father as her fellow half-siblings, she is the daughter of Katherine Amelianda Physici. A scientist who found her way into the arms of their father through a meeting, Katherine married their father for only his power; with a goal in mind, she wanted him not just for his power, but to also to be able to perform her mad experiments under his rule.

Her daughter, the fourth sibling whom has taken after her mother, holsters a love for experiments. One could even say that she would go as so far to even experiment upon herself in order to further her research in search of the "One True Magic" she has heard of. But her goal is not to discover the One True Magic, but to achieve the level and power beyond a God.

Embodying the power of a god, she has yet to fully access the true powers of that said god; she continues everyday to gain a better understanding of God Take Over magic and desires to learn what's so special about them compared to one who possesses Demon Particles. Could there be some sort of ritual perhaps? God Particles? Who knows!

It should be noted that the fourth sibling has a huge obsession with the second Ysgarlad sibling. She even goes so far as, whenever she sees her, she desires to conduct experiments on her. But due to the fact her second eldest sibling has not been seen for quite sometime, the next best thing is the third sibling of the Ysgarlad family, Rosemary Ysgarlad. Rosemary possesses something that just makes her sister so closely attached to where, whenever they're together, they get along quite well. Her sister pegs her so much, playfully, to allow her to conduct experiments upon her which sometimes scares Rosemary; even though she may be joking, she is sometimes serious about wanting to condcut experiments upon Rosemary末but not as much as she wants to conduct them upon her eldest second sibling.

Deep down she holsters fear for the first eldest sibling, the Scarlet Empress and hopes to never run into her.

Currently the reason for why she, the fourth and youngest sibling, happens to be here within Fiore is because she is here for her mother. She is here to gather knowledge on the magic and power here within Fiore. To gather subjects that she may use for experiments, followers who are willing to become subjects for those of not only the Ysgarlad family but Alvarez.

With her own agenda in place, she can also be found doing quite a hefty amount of shopping and enjoying the little things such as stuffed animals and other minimal cute things.

If you want to know anything more about this character or have any ideas/thoughts. Please don't hesitate to reach me on DISCORD or SKYPE, private messaging is okay as well. I think I sorta kinda rushed this one, but if you get the gist of her then yeah!

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#4Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Family History

History: Guardians of the Vermillion Kingdom; it is governed by the Ysgarlad family, watched and protected by their Vermilion King末Dimidius Basileus Ysgarlad; although, it must be addressed that he is no king, no prince, nor a duke of any sorts or emperor even, but rather a former, yet still to others current, warlord. A man who once fought for power only to be graced with the meaning that there is more to life then power rather than ruling the weak and striking fear into the hearts of everyone whom dared to cross his path. Learning that protection, love, and uplifting the weak were far better representations of what life was truly meant to be.

The Vermillion Kingdom was founded by the four siblings great-great-great-great-grandfather, Arlington Ysgarlad whom passed on, from child to child, with the power and meaning of an Ysgarlad. The Vermillion Kingdom can be found within the southeast region of Alakitasia, Earth Land; far from the empire of Alvarez.

The current head of the family, the Vermilion King, came to be identified as a warlord due to his immense magical prowess; striking fear into those who dare set a single step past the magical boundary field that he has crafted within his Absolute Domain. This boundary field is a magical item that was crafted by non-other than his crafty scientist, Katherine Amelianda Physici. A woman whom had, in secrecy, (but unbeknownst to her that he knew), stolen his bloodline to create an artificial vessel (will be explained more in her section).

It was only but a few years ago that the Vermillion King brought together all of those whom were allies of the Ysgarlad family, be it adopted, apart of the bloodline, married in, etc. Everyone the former warlord thought to be of an ally had been brought together.

It wasn't until upon that dreaded day, Dimidius had been married to the love of his life末her name? Serenity. The woman who changed the ways of the Ysgarlad family, the woman who, during their time together, introduced him to what it meant to truly love and bring forth the desire to wanting to protect something.

Sharing their love upon that day, there also lingered darkness in the backgrounds. Ming-Hua Chen, a woman who bared his first child, had not been there upon that day of celebration末but it was the day he would introduce his eldest daughter that he, himself, had not even learned about until she one day just showed upon his doorstep with a letter from Ming-Hua. This child was his and she had already looked to be almost a preteen just entering her years as a teenager. To where he believed his eldest, second child was the oldest. It would seem his second child was not.

In the midst of the night as all were merry and cheerful, the Vermillion King thought it to be entertaining he would see as to what his eldest daughter and his second eldest child, being his only son, were capable of. This had come to spark interest in Sicri, for this child was the infamous daughter of Ming-Hua Chen. Meaning she must have had physical prowess that far exceeded possibly her child's. But since both she and her son were both almost near the same age, Sicri was confident her son would topple the young maiden with his own physical skills. After all, she is the one who began his training at an early age.

And there they were. With just one clap he would initiate his ability, Absolute Territory. Setting up a boundary to keep outsiders from entering the light scuffle. In the midst of battle both children showed a value of hand-to-hand combat; watching while the other two children would eye the match between their siblings.

The first child, being the eldest, showed an assortment of different Chinese fighting styles; some that not even the Vermillion King had heard of. But he knew that it had to have been her mother, she knew that he would cause the two to fight; she knew her one night stand better than anyone else. She was the only woman who could ever cause the man to intake a fresh breath of fear within her former lover.

The first child, although here for only a short amount of time, had already earned his love just like that. But as for the second sibling? He held his own extremely well even though she dabbled in quite a bit of martial arts, and he surely did not disappoint his watching father. The two held a variety of potential for if they were skilled fighters physically, then they had the chance to become great mages even with or without magic.

With but a simple clap the fight was done. The field was down, and the two were practically worn out. Watching as the two youngest siblings would come to see if their older brother were okay, they would escort him elsewhere to get him all patched up. Eventually, after an hour, Rosemary's mother would come to introduce the siblings to their new, and eldest, sibling of the Ysgarlad family. Welcoming her with open arms.

During the rest of that night all went smoothly and the party of gathering allies would come to an end. For a year all went well for the newcomer of the family, but Serenity felt an uneasiness by the girls mere appearance. Something wasn't right; she knew little about this girl, but yet held so much love for her regardless and treated her as if she were her own. And upon the night of December all would come to be revealed just as to why she was here.

The young girl would cross paths, during Serenity's nightly walk to watch the moonlit within their family garden behind their large estate. She would come to meet Ming-Hua's daughter within the garden of scarlet colored roses. As the two stood apart from one another, Serenity began to explain to the young maiden that she was happy to have her here. Happy that she got to become apart of not just a family that only just began to build their love for one another, but that she was here to be apart of that building.

"Thank you for existing; without you I don't believe our family could get any bigger! I'm glad...I'm glad that you're my daughter!"

But she wasn't. And although that may have been true, she just didn't have the love she wanted to return toward Serenity. A woman who so kind, so compassionate and considered someone, who wasn't even her own by blood, to be a daughter. It was a shame that she would have to extract the Etherious Demon she so happened to possess; as well as snatch away her book.

As the first sibling readied her fighting stance, Serenity had already foresaw something of this nature coming. Ming-Hua had been a woman of villainy, and she knew that some of Ming-Hua's traits would have to have rubbed off upon the girl. Therefore, this match would both be easy yet hard for Serenity.

Once the fight started it would seem as though the girl very much so did not hold back against Serenity, and where she cornered Serenity with ease she would come to find that her blows were futile. Although the first sibling landed successful blows, Serenity possessed a durability as well as regeneration capabilities. Something she wasn't forewarned about.

But as Rosemary entered the scene sometime after, her mother would be struck directly in the stomach with a strange extraction item that would come to rip out Serenity's devil from her own stomach, snatching away her mother's primary magic whereas her secondary remained intact. Unheard of someone ever being able to extract a Devil Slayer's "demon," it would cause Rosemary to scream in terror as she saw her mother come to harm.

And the second her scream was heard, a bright light would flourish about the entire Vermillion Garden; setting ablaze toward the skies a purification ritual of white flames that would come to disperse in a quick flash.

Upon that night, that was the night Serenity would enter a never awakening coma; whereas her daughter, Rosemary, remained unconscious for at least a month. And just where did the eldest sibling go?

No one knows of her whereabouts.

After that tragic day occurred, the siblings were split apart. And the only person left within the Ysgarlad estate was Rosemary and her mother. Ever since that day, the Vermillion King's heart had become scarce. His love for his children remaining, but his heart toward the outside world; anyone who wasn't a citizen of the Vermillion Kingdom were nothing more than enemies. Believing that he could only trust those of the Ysgarlad clan.

Ysgarlad Family Tree

Dimidius Basileus Ysgarlad: The Vermilion King,

Ming-Hua Chen:

Sicari Anastasis/Ysgarlad:

Serenity Սեր:

Katherine Amelianda Physici.:


#5Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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#6Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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Okay, so, change of plans! I've decided that I am open to the genders being either male or female; so if any males were hoping to get in on this plot but didn't want to make a female. I'm willing to discuss somethings. I may be placing up another Wanted Ad, but PLEASE DO NOT SAY YOU'RE GOING TO BE DOWN FOR THE PLOT IF YOUR JUST GONNA END UP CHANGING YOUR MIND!

No shade, no tea to anyone. But this plot is something I really feel can be a pretty damn amazing plot if I can just get the right people to play the characters, with commitment, and will treat it as their main and not an alt. If you're interested I am willing to rewrite the history, character/discuss a lot and all that jazz with you. But yeah no flakes.

There are two spots left for the plot, I have someone in mind to claim one of the spots so technically there is only one, but if you are interested in becoming the eldest sibling then I am open for discussion. Just reach me through DISCORD or PM.

#7Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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This plot is null and void, cause fuck it. May reopen in the future, may not.

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