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2.1 The Ranking Regulations

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2.1 The Ranking Regulations Empty on Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:13 pm



D-RANK: The beginning of the journey that is ahead of you. You are not that good at your magic yet and can only perform weak and simple spells currently. You are most likely not to be taken very seriously, and the majority of your magic will be used for minor day to day purposes that you may come across. There is hope however, some day you might be able to actually do some damage with your magic. You can only dream of being famous now, as most people probably don't even notice you. Even though you are at the bottom, you shouldn't be discouraged because there is only one direction that you can go and that is up. You are a ball of limitless potential, and it will be important to keep that in mind as you start and continue your journey.

  • Experience Requirement: None
  • Minimum Mana: 200 Mana
  • Max Quest Level: D-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D-rank Spells, 1x C-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 1x C

C-RANK: At this point you have slowly learned to understand your magic. Perhaps your small flame you once used to light cigarettes is now used for combat much more. You are still not good enough to properly use it though which makes your spells still flawed and not powerful enough. You will find yourself stumbling to create more advanced techniques, so you'll just have to focus on improving the basics. You have however gone past a lot of mages in effort to get this far, and this just shows that you are able to put work in to achieve something. If you're able to keep that mindset the whole way through your journey, perhaps you'll be able to eventually reach your dreams. Practice makes perfect, after all. Just keep it up, and good things are sure to come.

  • Experience Requirement: 25,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +300 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 500 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +10 SP
  • Max Quest Level: C-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 4x C-rank Spells, 1x B-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 1x B

B-RANK: You are now no longer considered a weaker mage, but rather a mid-level one. You seem fairly confident, but you still may have much to learn. That being said, you're no pushover when it comes to your skills, and your name is most likely heard throughout the region, in moderation. Perhaps some of the mages you knew when you were D-rank now want to be taught by you. Your magic is leagues ahead now, after all, and is actually decent in a combative situation. You can pull off more advanced moves too, and overall you've just taken so many steps forwards from the beginning. Don't get cocky though, you're not able to pull off the best moves just yet, after all.  There's still so much more to go, but at this point, you've gone a long way and deserve a pat on the back.

  • Experience Requirement: 100,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +400 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 900 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +20 SP
  • Max Quest Level: B-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 4x B-rank Spells, 1x A-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 5x B, 1x A

A-RANK: You've made it to the point that most mages aspire to be. Not many mages make it to this level. You are now recognized as a fairly powerful mage, and perhaps you have even more fame than that. Your skills are advanced, and you should feel very confident in them. Your magic that was decent in combat just a while ago? Now you're good. Pretty good. Your strength is much above average, and you're able to pull off some pretty complex techniques. Some may say this is the point where you have truly hit your stride. That being said, you can do even better than this, so don't stop just yet. From this point on, the path upwards is longer, but you've made it this so far, so you should be able to keep going. After all, there's so much more to magic and it's many mysteries, so why stop here?

  • Experience Requirement: 250,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +500 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 1400 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +30 SP
  • Max Quest Level: A-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 4x A-rank Spells, 1x S-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 5x B, 5x A, 1x S

S-RANK: Most mages can only ever dream of this level. You've gone past everyone's expectations, and are now one of the top mages in the country. Your name is known to most commoners, and mages fear you as either an equal or a greater. Your magic and skills have reached such a level that there will most likely be stories told about you as legends. Seriously, your magic can shatter weaker mages in a single hit, you've learned and adjusted how to handle your magic almost perfectly compared to when you fumbled with it, and your techniques are almost as complex as your brain can handle right now. But, is almost enough? Will you be satisfied with just being a high level, and not the very highest? That being said, is it really possible to achieve something more than this?

  • Experience Requirement: 500,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +600 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 2000 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +40 SP
  • Max Quest Level: S-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 1x S-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 5x B, 5x A, 2x S

X-RANK: The answer is yes. You've reached the top of the mountain, and are a living legend. Mention of your name can bring cheers or trembles. You've gone past what people thought was possible in strength, and become strong enough to perhaps defeat an entire guild by yourself. Your magic is so advanced and complex, not even scholars can understand it. That baby fireball you once shot is now a massive flaming boulder that will wipe out anything in it's path, just like how you wiped out those who said you would never make it this far. However, why aspire to be just a legend? You wonder, perhaps, if there's something even further up then the mountain you're currently on. It wont be an easy task, but chasing it is sure to lead to something extraordinary, for sure.

  • Experience Requirement: 1,000,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +700 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 2700 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +50 SP
  • Max Quest Level: S-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 1x S-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 5x B, 5x A, 3x S

Z-RANK: There was no place higher than the top of the mountain you were standing on but it wasn't enough to satisfy your reach for new heights. That is when you soared up from the mountain and reached beyond the clouds. Your name now is etched in history. You've proved time and time again you are capable of doing the impossible. No army or man dares to stand in your path. You have reached limits beyond the imagination of most mages. At this point you have managed to truly grasp the essence of your magic and create many powerful spells along the way that have strengthened your arsenal. Everyone has heard of your name at this point and mentioning it is enough to make most of your foes shiver, tremble or show some form of disdain. For the rest of time your name will fill mages with fear or hope. Tales will be told about your victories and your losses will be considered a myth. At this point, it defies logic and life itself to become stronger than you currently are.

  • Experience Requirement: 2,000,000 XP
  • Mana Boost: +800 Mana
  • Minimum Mana: 3500 Mana
  • Extra Statistics: +60 SP
  • Max Quest Level: S-rank
  • Spell Slots Unlocked: 1x S-rank Spell
  • Total Spell Slots Unlocked: 5x D, 5x C, 5x B, 5x A, 4x S

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