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5.3 The Team Regulations

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on Thu Sep 08, 2016 8:20 am


The Team Regulations

Teams are composed out of members from the same guild. It is recommended to be in a team with members that are about the same rank as you. The reason for this is because users can't do quests that they have done before and higher ranked members often will have completed most of the quests that you still wish to do making their assistance not possible.

You might wonder why form a team and not try to face all challenges alone? That is because it is going to be difficult to face a lot of challenges on your own. In a lot of cases it's gonna be important to use your mana wisely and perhaps let someone else use their mana on other types of spells that you are lacking in. There are also benefits which you can find below.

When forming a team it is important to think about the classes and spells of the other users. A team mainly composed out of purely offensive users might be able to deal a lot of damage but without a healer they will be helpless when they are damaged too much.

A team can be formed whenever you wish to as long as you are not already in a team. In order for other members to join your team you have to do a roleplay topic with them in which it happens. The link can then be sent in the Team Moderator Request topic in the Team forum after which a mod will post a confirmation. A team needs a minimum of three members and can have a maximum amount of five members in it.

A topic for each team is made in the Team forum by the leader of each team. The leader of the team is responsible for using the template properly and keeping the information in that topic up to date at all times otherwise the benefits can be denied.

To leave a team you are in you have to do it in a roleplay topic with some of the other members in it. The link can then be sent in the Team Moderator Request topic in the Team forum after which a mod will post a confirmation.

When members of a team are taking a quest together they will receive a 10% wordcount reduction for each other member of their team taking the quest with them. So when you are in a team of five (maximum amount) and all your other teammates are present (which is four other users) you can rack up a maximum of 40% wordcount reduction on quests when doing quests together.

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