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2.3 The Races

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on Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:11 pm



The lycans are one of the many species on Earthland. However, they have always been even fewer in number than the Vampires and lacked their mind control ability. Because they could not wipe human memories they had to hide themselves very carefully. Often times they are feared, usually due to the mystery surrounding them, and the power they possess. Despite some animalistic qualities, they can blend in with humanity with relative ease.

In oppose to many different beings, lycans are relatively the same as humans. However, they have taken a strong sense of pride like a wolf. They are warriors, prideful to the end and always striving to improve their own power. Lycans can choose when to transform and when to change back. Their transformations are not a full body change. Rather, their body takes on more of the characteristics of a wolf, while maintaining a human form.

Lycans are warlike and have superior physical powers compared to many races. They often become renowned warriors, passionate leaders and dedicated subordinates. They are not stupid. They understand the fear that they draw from many. That being said, they often are known to appreciate those who don't see them as monsters.

This is not to say there are not black sheep. There are some who will hide their identity due to shame, or devious plans. There can be some who have conquered their pride, able to brush that overwhelming driving sense of honor away. That being said, one thing can be said for all lycans. If they lose their temper, they can not prevent themselves from transforming, and may even lash out in a rage.

Lycans often stay together in groups called packs. The strongest lycan in their pack becomes their ruler and is known as the Alpha. There are all sorts of packs over the world. Some hide their presence and others operate a bit more openly. Lycans that don't belong to a pack are called Loners and are often shunned by other lycans unless they have proven themselves to be strong and respectable.


The user transform entirely and becomes 1.5x their size. STR, SPE, END increases 100% while transformed. It costs 10% of the user's total base mana per turn. It has a 6 post cooldown after deactivation.


Lycans can transform their body into a larger, more muscular, and overall more wolf-like appearance. STR, SPE, END increases 40% while transformed. It costs 5% of the user's total base mana per turn. It has a 4 post cooldown after deactivation.

Lycans may be ferocious and strong warriors but they really dislike flames. Lycans can never use Fire-type moves. Most stronger lycans don't flinch when facing fire but still suffer the consequences. They take extra damage from Fire-type moves which are increased by two ranks.

Lycans have a great smell and can smell anyone within a 25 meter radius surrounding them. Even if targets try to mask their smell a lycan can distinguish between thousands of smells to still find their target within that range.

ENHANCED ENDURANCE: Lycans are able to withstand impacts strong enough to destroy buildings. What would take down humans instantly merely hurts them. They receive a 20% endurance bonus of their base endurance on top of their base endurance. Stacks with transformations.

Lycans possess a lot of strength compared to humans. Even without transforming they are considerably stronger than most that face them. They receive a 20% strength bonus of their base strength on top of their base strength. Stacks with transformations.

When it comes to speed, Lycans move a lot faster than most humans. Lycans often easily catch up with their prey if they stalk them long enough. They receive a 20% speed bonus of their base speed on top of their base speed. Stacks with transformations.

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on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:11 pm



Whether they are considered terrifying, blood-sucking night-walkers, vicious brutes who steal their victims' lives, or creatures of eternal beauty and haunting allure, vampires need blood to survive. They come from all walks of life—some are civilized, preferring lives of opulence and splendor, amassing wealth as well as influence. Others act more like terrifying savages, feeding upon the local population and causing wanton destruction throughout the area. Vampires can be found anywhere intelligent, living creatures reside. The larger the population, the more potential victims and the more likely it is that vampires can be found there.

In contrast to more grotesque undead, vampires can move among mortal society with relative ease. Vampires can pass themselves off as unusually pale mortals. These vampires present themselves as nobility, criminal overlords, leaders of institutions, or other people of power or influence. But blending into mortal society isn't without risk, as subtle distinctions can give a vampire away. The inability to cast a shadow or show a reflection in a mirror can tip off astute mortals to the vampire's true nature.

Due to these weaknesses, some vampires prefer to operate from the shadows, serving as advisors to those in power, trusted guardians for suspicious leaders, or fences for mortal thieves' guilds. Such vampires draw less attention, but are still able to manipulate the strings of the devious plans they concoct.

Vampires that hide their natures from society and don't want to feed on mortals have some options to help them survive. Magical blood is one, but a more common method is to drink the blood of animals. No one questions when someone purchases an animal, slaughters it, and serves it for dinner. Unlike mortals, a vampire does not eat the animal's remains, so it must take care not to leave carcasses drained of blood where they can be found, since these could point to the vampire's true nature.

By contrast, other vampires live openly, making no effort to hide their nature at all. They generally possess such wealth and power that they don't fear angry mobs. A few humans might provide vampires—especially exceptionally charismatic ones—with their blood for the thrill of the experience, but those that do so are rare.

There are many types of vampires out there each with their own unique Bloodline Spells. These spells are specialized Blood Magic spells that can only be used by vampires that possess a certain bloodline. When getting turned by a vampire of a certain bloodline, one becomes part of that bloodline as well.

The frightening power of vampires is offset by their vulnerabilities. Vampires suffer a lot of damage from Light-type attacks, a weakness that condemns them from facing the seraphim. From the typical vampire's perspective, their only equal is another vampire. They see themselves as inherently superior to living creatures, and this hubris extends to most other undead as well. Vampires view most other undead creatures as their inferiors at best, or as servants or slaves at worst. Reality sometimes intrudes on these perceptions, and especially powerful undead such as liches more readily earn the vampires' grudging respect.


In case the user got turned by a non-player they may choose which bloodline turned them, but if they got turned by an user, they automatically fall into the same bloodline as the one whom turned the user. Bloodline spells must be purchased or trained.


Vampires approach their prey with care to ensure they don't escape easily. They produce absolutely no sound when moving at a speed below their rankings. The fastest vampires can therefore even dash around without making noise before they leap into target.

Every vampire has a need for blood. Vampires must drink blood at least once per month. The blood can be from a solo topic or from another user. In case a vampire does not drink at least once per month they will suffer a permanent injury to their body which is decided for them.

Even in total darkness a vampire can hunt down their prey. Vampires possess a monstrous sight that even allows them to see through any spell that hides or disguises something or someone. They can also see anyone that bleeds within a 25 meter radius.

Most vampires use Blood Magic which allows them to learn special vampire bloodline spells. Someone that has become a vampire later in life may choose to keep using their previous magic but will miss out on learning Bloodline Spells through quests later on.

Darkness may hurt you, but a vampire can't be hurt it by it much. Vampires are beings of the night and despite some being good, their nature is always aligned to darkness due to their powers. Darkness-type attacks do two ranks less damage against vampires.

Vampires aren't fond of light. They take extra damage from light-type moves which is increased by two ranks in damage. In topics that take place during daytime the vampires suffer a 20% drop in their endurance. In night time topics however they receive a 20% increase in their endurance.

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on Tue Sep 06, 2016 3:46 pm



Demons exist for one reason—to destroy. Where their more lawful counterparts, the devils of Hell, seek to twist mortal minds and values to remake and reshape them into reflections of their own evil, demons seek only to maim, ruin, and feed. They recruit mortal life only if such cohorts speed along the eventual destruction of hope and goodness. Death is, in some ways, their enemy—for a mortal who dies can often escape a demon's depredations and flee to his just reward in the afterlife. It is the prolonging of mortal pain and suffering that fuels a demon's lusts and desires, for it is partially from mortal sin and cruelty that these monstrous fiends were born.

Demons are the most prolific and among the most destructive of the fiendish races, yet despite what some lore might preach, they were not the first forms of life to rise in the stinking pits of ruin and cruelty known across the world as the Abyss. Before the first fledgling deity gazed upon reality, before mortal life drew its breath, the Abyss was infested with life.

The Abyss is a vast (some say infinite) realm, far larger than any other plane. As befits such a vast and varied realm, the demonic host is likewise diverse. Some carry in their frames humanoid shapes, while others are twisted beasts. Some flop on land while others flap in air or sea. Some are schemers and manipulators of emotion and politics, others are destructive engines of ruin. Yet all demons work to the same goal—pain and suffering for mortal life in all its forms.

Yet despite this, mortals have sought demonic aid since the start. Be it an instinctual draw to self-destruction or a misguided lust for power, conjurers to this day continue to draw forth demons with forbidden magic. Some conjure demons for lore, while others call upon them to serve as assassins or guards. Demons view such summoners with a mix of hatred and thanks, for most demons lack the ability to come to the real world to wreak havoc on their own.

They depend on the mad to call them up from the Abyss, and while they gnash their fangs and rail against the commands and strictures enforced, most demons find ways to twist their summoners' demands so that even the most tightly controlled demonic slave leaves a trace of ruin and despair in its wake. More often than not, a foolish spellcaster makes a fatal mistake in the conjuring and pays for it with blood, unwittingly releasing a terrible blight upon the world as his conjuration breaks free of his control.

The truly mad call upon demons to offer themselves, both body and soul, in the misguided belief that alliance with the demonic can buy salvation and protection when the demonic apocalypse finally comes to call. Tales of desperate kings who sought to engage demons to serve as generals for their armies or of lunatics who seek demonic sires to gift them with horrific children are common enough, yet worst are those mortals who worship the most powerful demons as gods, and who pledge their lives in support of that which would bring destruction to all.


When someone is facing a demon and they are ranked lower than the demon they will suffer from Fear which distorts their vision and makes them tremble while battling the demon. Fear causes Strength, Speed and Endurance to be dropped by 10% per difference in rank level.

While demons may seem really powerful, they still have a big weakness. Since demons are beings from the Abyss they take a lot more damage from light-type moves. The damage of light-type moves are increased by three ranks.

Darkness may hurt you, but a demon can't be hurt it by it much. Demons are beings of the Abyss and their nature is always aligned to darkness due to their powers. Darkness-type moves deal two ranks less damage against demons.

While demons are always aligned to darkness, they are often also aligned to another element. The secondary alignment of a demon can be anything but light. Demons have a two rank reduction resistance against the element of their secondary alignment.

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on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:33 am



They are fast, elegant, and always ready to perform. Nekos appear almost human except for their with cat-like ears, tails, and occasionally whiskers. They are slender and quick with a vast array of hair and eye colors of almost any combination. Many nekos have a cheerful personality, but among them, there are also pessimistic ones, as well as quiet intellectual ones.

The neko society is a matriarchy with a long line of neko queens and princesses. They live in a social system in which females hold primary power, predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property at the specific exclusion of men, at least to a large degree. Their relationships are generally open and the concept of marriage is foreign to them but nekos have married before.

They live in small permanent villages, usually on the fringes of forests where they hunt. Even though nekos are afraid of water, they can bathe when they mentally prepare themselves for a while. These nekos are considered domestic; however, there are some nekos that live deep in the forests and at the base of mountains which are far more barbaric known as wild nekos.

It is not uncommon to see a neko in human societies as they have been generally accepted by the humans. Even though there are troubles with wild nekos, the Council understands that there are also 'wild' humans that cause trouble and that there are more good than bad nekos. Since the settled nekos don't cause trouble for humans, the Council has even permitted nekos to join the orders of the Rune Knight and become a guardian of the realm to serve the country of Fiore.

There is large settlement called Nekomatana in the mountains of West Fiore, which can be considered the largest neko society in Fiore. Most humans that wander to this place come to find the Neko Oracle. The Neko Oracle is the ruler of Nekomatana and has the gift to turn a human into a neko once her trust has been gained.


Nekos move quietly like a cat. They produce absolutely no sound when moving at a speed below their rankings. The fastest nekos can therefore even dash around without making noise before they leap into target.

Felines are often creatures of the night. Nekos are able to see in the dark as though it is completely light out, similar to that of a real cat. This allows for them to be able to hunt their prey, no matter the lighting.

Hunters should not be slowed down by terrain. Nekos are known to be able to walk across any surface, as long as it is a solid. Even a small thread can be walked along, so long as it can support the neko's weight.

Nekos can extend three Wolverine-like claws between their knuckles at will. When they slash with their claws the Strength is increased with 20%. They can't wield any weapon while using their claws however.

Cats aren't very fond of water, and neither are nekos. Not only will water strike fear into the heart of a neko, but they take extra damage from Water-type moves which is increased by two ranks in damage.


on Sun Mar 12, 2017 7:47 pm



They are smart, careful, and magical gifted. Elves appear almost human except for their elven ears, youthfulness and sharp brows. They are slender, tall, hairless save for their head and typically have brown, blonde and rarely platinum hair, only seen on elves that were born as the sun was rising. Elves are all highly invested nature being given a cutting of their families tree to tend to as they grow up into their adulthood.

The elven society is secret largely democracy though are swiftly willing to follow an assigned leader into war. They live in a social system in which little is owned directly by an individual feeling that personal possession takes them away from being one with the environment, each elf is assigned from birth to a tree which will later become their home. Relationships between other races are is considered rare with marriage almost never happening due to the differences in lifespan.

They live in both outposts as well as one large capital city called Galadriel, all of these locations are deep inside forest throughout Earthland with the capital only know by the elves and a select few individuals who have been there.

A strong hatred towards humans is still apparent by the eldest of the elves with the feelings of distrust of the others being felt by their entire culture, this is due to their first interactions with humans that led to war when a Fiorian logging company took down portions of an ancient forest for lumber causing the elves to leave the forests for the first time since they inhabited them. The resulting conflict was a large scale war with many casualties. The need for profit caused many humans to venture against the elves multiple times but their attempts were a lost cause. The seemingly one-sided battle resulted in the Elven-Fiorian treaty which granted them access and land in Fiore without being disturbed.

It is not uncommon to see a elves in human societies as they have been generally accepted by the humans now. Though hostility remains on both parties, the Council understands the benefits of having allies. Since the hundred years that past since the war the Council saw the elves were not a threat for humans and now allow elves to join the orders of the Rune Knight and become a guardian of the realm to serve the country of Fiore and their kingdom as one.


Elves are beings that are one with nature and as such can find a paths much easier. This allows them to travel vast distances much faster. Elves receive a natural 20% travel reduction on all their travels on via land. This does not apply on sea travel, trains or flight via companions.

Elves are in harmony with nature which allows them to navigate much faster through forests. This grants elves a 40% increase in their Speed in topics that take place in a forest-type forum. Elves do however suffer a 40% decrease in their Speed when being on a boat.

Because of their nature, elves are inherently limited to a select few elements associated with nature including wind, water, nature, light, or earth. Elves must therefore have a magic with one the previously mentioned elemental types. Other elements are not possible.

Elves are incredibly proficient with the bow, sword, and dagger, allowing them to master these three weapons with a 25% wordcount reduction. They are however unable to use any other weapon. Besides that elves are already proficient with them, they start at Intermediate mastery of these weapons.

Being one with plants and animal life, elves have developed a bond with nature which has made them almost completely immune to Nature-type attacks. Nature-type moves deal two ranks less damage against elves.

Their natural alignment with nature comes with its drawbacks as well. The same way most of nature can't develop without light, elves are affected by it as well. As a result, elves suffer extra damage from Darkness-type moves, which is increased by two ranks in damage.

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on Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:35 pm



Giants are a thuggish, strong, and war-driven race. They looked similar to humans in almost every single way save for their huge size, averaging around three meters. The giant society is tribal-based with pockets of them littered throughout Earthland efforts to culled them have failed in the past. They live under a chieftain, all that is around them they deem is theirs and are quickly willing to fight others to take what they want.

They don't reside in one particular area for long instead choosing to migrate at the will of their leader, this has occasionally led to the demise of a particular tribe when a chieftain misjudged the seasons or started a conflict between another tribe or civilization. Because of their war-like tendencies they favor the use of weapons over words to win their arguments and have difficulty with other races, there have been the rare number of more civilized tribes to make peace with others though which is how giants become a part of the Fiorian community.

Giants are a rare species to find within the Fiorian cities. This is in part due to their sheer size making it difficult to travel in the smaller section as well as the hostile between them and other races causing conflicts within them, despite this the Rune Knights have allowed the most intelligent and law abiding giants to join them.


Because of their large size, giants are capable of wielding all two handed weapons with a single hand with the downside of being unable of using any one-handed weapons. They get a 20% decrease in training their weaponry and start at Intermediate.

Due to their large size, giants suffer a permanent 40% reduction in their Speed statistic. In return, giants receive a 20% increase in both their Strength and Endurance statistic permanently. While they may be slower than most, they are stronger and more durable.

Being one with ground and earth beneath our feet, giants have developed a bond with the earth which has made them almost completely immune to Earth-type attacks. Earth-type moves deal two ranks less damage against giants.

Their natural alignment with Earth comes with its drawbacks as well. The same way Earth receives from damage from Frost, giants are affected by it as well. As a result, giants suffer extra damage from Frost-type moves, which is increased by two ranks in damage.

Giants due to their inherent focus on pure physical conflicts never truly refined their talents with magic. Over time through generations, this has caused them to lose some touch with magic, as such all spells cast by them require 20% more mana.

Giants are so in tuned with the earth that as long as they are touching the ground they are capable of sensing everything around them up to 20 meters, this is in regards to movement meaning if something is not moving it wouldn't be sensed.

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on Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:36 pm



Seraphim appear from a dimensional plane to watch over all life. Some are here to protect, some are here to destroy life to open way for new life. Innocence is their nature to a certain degree. Seraphim are guardian beings, loyal to their home and their power in the material plane are slightly limited but still quite powerful. Their origins are beyond basic knowledge making them a mystery of life.

Seraphim stand taller than the average man. Their hair can range in shades even though they tend to have lighter colors between white and light brown. Seraphim have blue and gold eyes of many shades from light to dark. Other than that, seraphim have large white feathery wings which they can materialize that span equal to their height and can be white. Most seraphim have two wings, but more rare ones can even have four or six wings.

They try not to interact with mankind as they are such fragile and innocent souls but few in the past have chosen to wander Earthland learning how the beings live. However, there are times when the world below requires the presence of a seraphim to deal with a problem.

Sometimes a mortal receives Grace and ascends into becoming a seraphim, however they lose that Grace partly or entirely. When a seraphim acts in a manner that causes innocent souls to get hurt by those actions, their Grace will falter and fade away. When this happens, their wings become entirely black, along with their magic. They no longer seem to be able to pick up new spells as fast anymore either.

Most seraphim have never seen Illumin, who is considered the Father of their realm. Still, they are incredibly loyal and carry out orders given to them through the hierarchy of their realm without questioning it. It is this intrinsic task to not harm innocent souls that cause most seraphim to lose their Grace when they wander Earthland because they become too human and start to develop emotions.


Seraphim greatly adept with Light-type magic. Their natural alignment to this element comes with great benefits. Seraphim can cast Light-type moves faster than others, which results into a single post cooldown reduction on all Light-type spells from the user.

Besides being able to cast Light-type spells faster, they are also capable of using their mana more efficiently when utilizing Light-type spells. Seraphim receive a 20% mana cost reduction on all Light-type spells from the user.

Not only do seraphim utilize Light-type magic greater than anyone else naturally by casting it faster and paying less mana, but it also because their Light-type spells are naturally stronger. Seraphim receive a single rank increase on all Light-type spells from the user whether it is Offensive or Defensive.

Seraphim are blessed with something called Grace, which is highly affected by their behavior. Seraphim receive a 20% discount on purchasing spells and 20% discount on training spells. Other than that, they're entirely immune to Light-type magic due to their Grace.

Seraphim are capable of materializing white feathered wings on their back. It costs 100 mana per turn and allows the user to soar up to 15 meters. Its cooldown is 3 posts after deactivation. When losing their Grace, these white feathered wings become entirely black.

Their natural alignment with Light comes with its drawbacks as well. The same way Light functions against Nature in battle, it affects them as well. As a result, seraphim suffer extra damage from Nature-type moves, which is increased by two ranks in damage.

When a seraphim acts in a way that causes innocent people to get hurt they lose their Grace perk. The color of their Light-type magic changes color and becomes pitch black. Other than that, the wings they'll materialize will become black as well indicating that they have fallen and lost their Grace.


on Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:27 pm



Few creatures are more feared than the lich. The pinnacle of necromantic art, the lich is a spellcaster who has chosen to shed his life as a method to cheat death by becoming undead. While many who reach such heights of power stop at nothing to achieve immortality, the idea of becoming a lich is abhorrent to most creatures. The process involves the extraction of the spellcaster's life-force and its imprisonment in a specially prepared phylactery—the spellcaster gives up life, but in trapping life he also traps his death, and as long as his phylactery remains intact he can continue on in his research and work without fear of the passage of time.

The quest to become a lich is a lengthy one. While construction of the magical phylactery to contain the spellcaster's soul is a critical component, a prospective lich must also learn the secrets of transferring his soul into the receptacle and of preparing his body for the transformation into undeath, neither of which are simple tasks. Further complicating the ritual is the fact that no two bodies or souls are exactly alike—a ritual that works for one spellcaster might simply kill another or drive him insane.


Liches are greatly adept with Darkness-type magics. They can cast Darkness-type spells faster than others, which results into a single post cooldown reduction on all Darkness-type spells from the user.

Besides being able to cast Darkness-type spells faster, they are also capable of using their mana more efficiently when utilizing Darkness-type spells. Liches receive a 20% mana cost reduction on all Darkness-type spells from the user.

Liches cast more powerful Darkness-type spells. They receive a single rank increase of damage or defensive properties on all Darkness-type spells they cast. This only applies to their own spells, and does not apply to their items or companions.

Liches learn Darkness-type spells very quickly. They only have to pay 50% to purchase Darkness-type spells. In case they wish to train them, they get a flat 20% wordcount reduction their training on top of their intelligence.

Liches lose their skin when they store their soul into a phylactery. They take extra damage from Light-type attacks which are increased by two. Their endurances are also halved. They become full resistant to Darkness-type attacks though.

Liches feed on life and mana. They can deplete 5% of an enemies total base mana per turn. This amount does not get added to the mana of the lich but simply disappears. In order to use this, the lich must be standing within 10 meters of a target.

Liches store their soul into an object which is safely guarded somewhere. When a lich dies, they may resurrect themselves once per 6 months for free. If they die twice in 6 months, the object shatters and their soul disappears permanently resulting into their death.

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