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1.2 The Chatbox Regulations

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on Sun Jul 24, 2016 3:31 pm



  • No excessive cursing: Plain and simple. We welcome roleplayers of all ages and the way you converse with your friends in private chats might not be the way that is appropriate when it is visible to everyone. Don't say fuck or use racial terms to refer to each other. The first is not appropriate for all ages and the second might not be appreciated by everyone like you do. Mild cursing is allowed as long as it is not part of your regular vocabulary in most of your sentences.

  • No flaming: Do not flame, bash or talk smack about users in the chat. Whether it's about something that happened in the past or something that happened recently.

  • No fighting: Do not start any fights or get yourself involved when someone is provoking you. Behave properly in the chatbox. Everyone involved in the fight will get chatbox banned.

  • No drama: Do not use the chatbox to talk about all the bad stuff going on your side because too often people come up with fake stories to get sympathy from other users and many users don't want to join the chat to hear someone talking again about depressing matters. Wanna talk about that stuff anyway? That's completely fine but do it in a topic.

  • No trolling: Do not troll. Don't log in and out the chatbox. Don't provoke people who have asked you to stop and so on.

  • No images: Do not post images in the chatbox. Even images in spoilers are not allowed.

  • No advertising: Do not advertise in the chatbox. It's difficult to set this bar so any reference to other forums will be considered as advertising. This means no hidden advertising talking about other forums to get someone to ask for a link in a PM. There is a section to advertise.

  • No linking: Don't send links in the chatbox.

  • No chatbox altering: Do not use codes to alter the chatbox. The only options that may be used are bold, italic, strike, underlined and the font color options given next to the chat itself.

  • No whining: Do not whine or complain in the chatbox. Not happy with an update, regulation or verdict? Live with it or send me a PM. Chances are that due to my schedule I won't reply to PMs that take away my time to justify each change that is made on the forum.

  • No sexual conversations: Do not engage into sexual conversations in the chatbox. This goes into the PMs, Skype or other means of communication that is not public to other users.

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