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Each user is capable of purchasing magics in here as long as they are not an Adventurer. In order to purchase certain magics in here, the user must meet the requirements listed in the magic description. In general, each magic can only be purchased by users who possess the same element. Also, magics can only be purchased by one person.

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    ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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    ● STAFFS

    In here the staffs are listed that are up for purchase. Staffs are powerful tools utilized by mages which greatly augment their magic. Since staffs are not meant to be used for combat they do not deal much damage when used to physically harm another person. Unlike most of the other weapons listed in the shop, staffs are not capable of being mastered through Weapon Mastery.

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      ● SHOPS 25632-81
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      ● BOWS

      Like the idea of notching and letting arrows fly? Crafted specifically for aiding a user in long-range combat, the bows make for a handy implement. Should the player choose to invest in this type of a weapon, the bows are available for purchase in the shop here. The bows can be trained to attain weapon-mastery and they are two-handed weapons.

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        ● SHOPS 4293-42
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        ● AXES

        In this section the axes available for purchased are listed. Many axes are suitable for one handed use while other larger variations need to be held with two hands for use. Where some variants of axe are simplistic in design with a single sided blade, others may have a dual bladed haft. While they do not have the swiftness of swords they offer a more power oriented style of combat when used.

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          ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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          ● SPEARS

          In this section spears and scythes can be found. A spear is a pole weapon consisting of a shaft and pointed head while a scythe is a similar form of pole weapon with a curving single-edged blade with a cutting edge on the concave end of the blade. Commonly both scythes and spears provide precision and range, sacrificing the power found in axe or the swiftness of lighter sword variants.

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            ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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            ● DAGGERS

            Daggers are nifty tools, what they lack in power and range they make up for by providing the element of surprise. Small blades enable the user to target with accuracy, when engaged in close-combat. Some daggers also possess certain magical properties. If you are the sneaky sort and find the idea of swift slashing and piercing appealing, this shop section is for you.

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              ● SHOPS 25270-94
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              ● SWORDS

              The signature weapon of the times, swords are arguably the most popular weapons in Fiore. Coming in many sizes and shapes, swords are known for their ability to not only do piercing damage but slashing damage as well. Swords can be either one handed or two handed, and are known for their accessibility as they can be used in a wide range of situations.

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                ● SHOPS 23811-8
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                ● FISTS

                Beware the iron fist! Within this category are various different sorts of hand to hand weapons that will aid the user with increasing their physical damage when it comes to martial arts combat. Usually coming in the variant of either knuckles or claws. Nonetheless, weapons in this category are excellent for those who like it up close and personal.

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                  ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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                  ● SHIELDS

                  In this section shields are available for purchased are listed. Shields can only be used in an off-hand slot, and as such are only available to Warriors. While they have little or no offensive capability, their durability is useful for protecting the users and potentially their allies. Like Armours, Shields too come in different weights, where the heavier ones offer more protection, but slows the wielder down.

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                    ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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                    ● ARMORS

                    Fashionista, or just looking for some protection in your next big battle? Either way, the armor section can fill your needs. Magically enhanced robes or steel plated armor, these clothes are made to suit everyone and anyone's needs. No matter what the occasion, you can count that you'll always find something to wear, all made with the utmost of love, effort and care.

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                      ● SHOPS 25632-81
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                      ● HEAD

                      Helmets, hats and any other kind of headgear can be found here. From the pointiest of witch hats to magical eyes, the sky is the limit with what you can put on your head. Many pieces of headgear focus on giving the user special perks, while others simply focus on providing protection for your noggin. No matter if you're looking for style or safety, these hats have got you covered.

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                        ● SHOPS 25632-81
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                        ● RINGS

                        Don't be fooled by the delicate appearances of the ornate rings found in this section of the shop. They can often be the item that offers the user an edge in battle. The section contains a variety of rings, from simple rare metal bands to precious ones with exotic gems. Many of them are engraved with enchantments that can offer the wearer unique boosts and capabilities.

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                          ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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                          ● NECKLACES

                          This is the section to visit if you are seeking to purchase a necklace. The shop offers several options, from pendants that boast priceless gems, to enchanted amulets that offer fortune and fair tidings. The links holding the precious pieces together are typically wrought out of a rare metal. These items possess diverse effects and their value is not to be overlooked.

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                            ● SHOPS 4311-89
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                            ● EARRINGS

                            That shiney piece dangling on the ear of someone could mean more than decoration. Perhaps one of the most interesting piece of jewelry one can wear. Earrings can not be purchased. They can only be obtained through other means such as events and games. What sets them apart as well is that they will not get lost through inactivity, and are even indestructible.

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                              ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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                              ● RELICS

                              Accessories that typically don't fall in the ornamental categories can be found in this section. Even something as simple as a puzzle can prove useful to mages with their beneficial effects. Relics are known for providing their users with different magical effects, such as enhancing the wearer's luck or giving boosts to their statistics.

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                                ● SHOPS KuwZgpN
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                                ● MOUNTS

                                If you need a trusted friend to accompany you on all your adventures, look no further. This section offers to help you find the company you are looking for that will make your journey just a little bit easier. Not only does it play host to all sorts of beasts and creatures, you may even find yourself drawn to enchanted objects to fly through the skies or float across the oceans.

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                                  ● SHOPS YyeqGSD
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                                  ● MISC.

                                  In this section the misc. items available for purchase are listed. Anything you can think of, from stat-enhancing potions to radars to help you pin down a dragon slayer, things that can't be found in the other sections will be here. Please keep in mind that many potions in this section have a limit of purchases per month, so always check how many you've bought so far in a month beforehand.

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                                    ● SHOPS 4311-89
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                                    ● POINT SHOP

                                    Money can’t buy everything! The items in this section of the shop can only be obtained through Points, which can be earned by writing RP posts. The collection ranges from the usual Attribute and Mana Potions to some exclusive items such as Spell Scrolls, Races, and potions that allow you to change your class or magic, obtain locked magics, etc.

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                                      ● SHOPS 4311-89
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                                      ● COUPONS

                                      Have you been a chirpy and positive presence on discord? Kept an eye out for the woo-hoo channel and entered the lotteries? Did lady luck smile upon you, earning you those coveted woo-hoo coupons to claim? Look no further, this is the section where you get to request your returns and cash in those coupons. However, please carefully read the conditions attached to the coupon you wish to turn in.

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                                        ● SHOPS 4311-89
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                                        ● EVENT

                                        In this section the event items are listed. These are items can be obtained or purchased via certain events that are ongoing. When the event concludes, the items can't be obtained or purchased anymore. The things listed in this section vary greatly for it contains weapons, jewelry, and more. The event items have been separated to not clutter the actual shops with things that can no longer be obtained.

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                                          ● SHOPS 4311-89

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